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July 25, 2016

Hillary Flips Middle Finger To Bernie Supporters - Brings Disgraced Debbie Into Her Campaign As 'Surrogate'


By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

As outrage among Bernie Sanders supporters, already protesting outside the DNC, saying "Bernie or Bust," and "Hell No, DNC, We Won't Vote For Hillary,"  while chanting "Lock Her Up," continues to grow, as more become aware of the WikiLeaks leaked emails showing the Democratic National Committee actively worked with and for Hillary Clinton during the primaries, Hillary Clinton just sent all Sanders' supporters a very loud message.... the middle finger.

As we noted on Sunday, thousands of voters are joining in a class action lawsuit against the DNC for violation of Article 5 Section 4 of the Democratic Party charter and bylaws, which requires the chair of the DNC to remain impartial during the primary campaign as well as being responsible "for ensuring that the national officers and staff of the Democratic National Committee maintain impartiality and evenhandedness during the Democratic Party Presidential nominating process."

That chair was Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, who was first banned from her major speaking role at the DNC Convention, (although she is still being allowed to gavel the convention in and out) which kicked off Monday, July 25, 2016, to appease Bernie Sanders' voters, followed by a public announcement that she would be resigning from her position as DNC chair.

Sanders had stated Wasserman-Schultz should resign and after her announcement that she would be stepping down, many Sanders' supporters cheered, with some saying it wasn't enough, but Hillary Clinton's response to all Sanders' supporters was made very clear in an email she sent out from her campaign... as she announces that she has brought Wasserman-Schultz into her own campaign as the "honorary chair" of her "50-state program to gain ground and elect Democrats in every part of the country, and will continue to serve as a surrogate for my campaign nationally, in Florida, and in other key states."


Needless to say, those aware of the middle finger Hillary just gave to all Sanders' supporters who are outraged that their claims of a rigged primary process in favor of Clinton against Sanders, was proven true by the leaked emails from WikiLeaks, are expressing how furious they are, via social media.

"Hillary Clinton immediately hiring Debbie is such a slap in the face of sanders voters, and democracy. God she is disgusting," says Twitter user Cassandra Fairbanks. Ms. Fairbanks followed up with "Hillary Clinton is so f**ing tone deaf holy shit. Chelsea needs to put her in a home ASAP."

See more reactions at Twitchy.

As Democrats miss the irony of castigating the GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump for his expressed desire to build a border wall to protect the country, while they build a 4-miles wide, 8-foot, 'border wall' to keep undesirables out of their convention, with protests already being hailed in the media as "much bigger demonstrations than the Republican convention" saw last week, one has to wonder what Democrtic insiders of making of this latest announcement by Hillary in giving 'Disgraced Debbie' a prominent position within her campaign.

It does however explain why Wasserman-Schultz told  Florida's delegation at the convention,"You will see me every day between now and Nov. 8 on the campaign trail and we will lock arms and we will not stand down," before she was booed off the stage.

The placement into Hillary Clinton's campaign just hours after being forced to resign as DNC chair also explains why Debbie was all smiles and smirks while touring the DNC convention stage, because ultimately, she has gotten the last laugh at Bernie Sanders and his supporters.


Exit Question: What is going to happen when all those Bernie supporters protesting against Hillary in Philadelphia are made aware of her email, and that Debbie is now part of her campaign after rigging the entire primary process in Clinton's favor?


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