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January 26, 2020

'Chilling': TDS Infected  Liberals Publicly Panic And Whine As Majority Of Democrat Voters Ignore Impeachment Spectacle


By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

The impeachment trial of President Trump might as well be over. Not because the Senate is controlled by Republicans with the majority, but because Democrats have no case and even multiple Democrats are expected to vote to acquit, which will make Adam Schitt.....errrrrr....... Schiff and Jerry Nadler the laughingstock of the democrat party.

How bad is this whole impeachment fiasco for Democrats? Well the daily soap operas received more viewers than the trial did during the first three days of the Democrats making their case for impeachment, according to Nielsen data and reported by NewsBusters and  The Federalist.


We also see Democrat operatives, such as Barack Obama's former Chief Strategist, David Axelrod, sharing on CNN that he attended a focus group of Democrat voters at the Institute of Politics in Chicago, IL, and it was 80 minutes before anyone even mentioned impeachment, which Axelrod described as "chilling." 

While the next piece of data is not a scientific poll, but rather an "instapoll," taken by the local DC Fox5 News channel, but with Fox recieving more viewers than other networks, it is worth mentioning. The instapoll found that by the time Democrats had finished presenting their "case" against President Trump, 63 percent of DC voters said they had watched "none"  of the trial. 22 percent said they have watched "some" of it, and 13 percent said they were "getting updates from the news."

That was reported by the Washington Examiner on Saturday, January 25, 2020

On Saturday, the 25th the lawyers for President Trump started their allotted 24 hours to present their case to acquit the President and as of the 26th, that same poll over at  Fox5 shows a 6 percent drop in those saying they have watched "none," meaning 6 percent more are watching now that the Democrats are finished. Those watching "some" has also risen from 22 percent to thirty.

The point is more are watching the President's team of lawyers than did the Democrats' impeachment managers.

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(Cartoon by Dana Summers)


Perhaps the most telling sign of how badly the Democrats are doing is how after only day one of the president's lawyers starting to make their case, only using 2 of their 24 hours on Saturday to save the bulk of their arguments for Monday, is how Adam Schiff is already panicking and publicly whining about how the defense if going to get the last word.


Much of that stems from how the Trump lawyers immediately highlighted how Schiff read a completely false transcript into the House record, then claimed it was "parody." 

Redstate's Nick Arama makes the following point:

Now, that’s hysterically funny given all his “mischaracterizations.”

He’s upset that they actually played his “parody,” when he lied about the Ukraine call during a hearing in the House. That apparently is a “mischaracterization,” to play his own words. He’s upset that they also presented the facts that completely blew apart his case.

He’s not going to fare well if he’s freaking out after the first two hours.


Social media users reminded Schiff that he is simply being forced to play by his own rules, as Democrats refused to allow Republicans to slate witnesses of their own in defense of the President during the House impeachment disaster.

Last but not least, it is pretty safe to assume the game is totally over when Trump Derangement Syndrome sufferer, the legal analyst for CNN, admits on air that "I just think the Republicans are winning here."

Team Trump still has two more days to make their case, and if Democrats are already panicking and whining after just two hours of arguments made by Trump's lawyers, just imagine the freakfest by liberals after Monday, then Tuesday's evidence presented on behalf of the President.



Since Donald Trump was inaugurated, Democrats have been wanting to impeach him, in fact the liberals at Washington Post were writing about it just 19 minutes after Trump was inaugurated, and everything they have tried to overturn the 2016 election and overthrow the duly elected President has failed.

Most Americans are tuned out, those watching are saw a three day marathon of Democrats yammering on and on, dismantled in just the first two hours, shown below, of Trump's lawyers highlighting all the information that Adam Schiff and his merry band of clowns tried to hide from America.

Stick a fork in this whole thing, because it is done.

For those who missed the President's lawyers starting their rebuttal to the Democrats' case, while shredding Adam Schiff in the process, the entire portion is below.

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