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June 11, 2018

Has The World Gone Mad? A 'Future Of Male Pregnancy,' The #Resistance Culture Of Hate Fanatics, & Other Strange And Unusual Trends

- There Is Seriously Something Wrong Here

By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

There is not a day that goes by that while browsing headlines, reading articles and watching what people are talking about, focused on across the Internet, that I don't ask myself, what the heck is going on, has the world gone mad?

There are some very disturbing trends happening right now and below I will touch on just a few of them.



The image above is a man, despite the long flowing hair and the apparent "baby bump," which thankfully is fake, although the Chinese designer that featured this look at the London Men's Fashion Week, actually stated in an Instagram post "We're prepared to welcome a future of male pregnancy."

Yeah, NO. We are not prepared for that and where are the feminists out there screaming "appropriation!!!??

This is all part of the "gender fluidity" movement that seems to have infected the minds of the LGBT community and their liberal supporters, where turning little boys into girls and confusing genders, is apparently their sole goal. They want everyone to think that masculinity is "toxic," and beta males are all the rage, despite the fact that no real women, even the feminists themselves that are supportive of this nonsense, want to date them. 

No wonder birth rates are hitting all time lows.

Does any woman in their right mind really want to date the "men" shown below? 

(Male models wear evening dresses and mini-skirts)

I admit I am not a fashion guru, nor a fashion writer, but as a woman, let me say: That is never a good look for a man.... ever. Those outfits aren't even attractive for women to wear.

The emasculation of men is on the rise.


Here is something else that is on the rise.... hate and rage.

Everywhere we turn we see liberals and the so-called #Resistance members of the Democratic party spewing hate and rage, with Robert DeNiro going on live television, raising his fists and screaming F*ck Trump, then the other disconnected celebrities sitting in the room giving him a standing ovation for making a spectacle of himself. Bill Maher is praying for a complete economic collapse for no other reason that he hates President Trump. Unfunny comedian Samantha Bee calling Ivanka Trump a "feckless c---." Has-been actor Jim Carrey seems to be mentally disturbed as he is constantly sharing his hate and rage which he puts on canvas.


The examples coming out of Hollywood of hate and vitriol are never-ending, and it is getting worse. Spreading their "message of hate" like a disease is the Mockingbird Media, that falls all over itself to amplify it on to other liberals, which in turn infects social media users.

For example: The so-called #Resistance, where liberals are determined to "resist" anything and everything that President Trump does. These people  claim the President is "racist," despite the fact that black unemployment is at all time lows, and that the President has posthumously pardoned boxer Jack Johnson, and just commuted the sentence of Alice Johnson, a 63 year old African American woman that was sentenced to life in prison for a first time, non-violent drug offence and had spent nearly 22 years in prison.

They accuse President Trump of being racist, yet send messages to black Trump supporters threatening to kill them, while calling them niggers and coons.


That is not an isolated incident either. I have noted African Americans and gay conservatives being harassed, vilified, demonized, attacked and threatened on a daily basis. The name calling, the death threats, the accusations that by being a conservative or (GASP) a Trump supporter, they are traitors that deserve to die or be beaten.

By the very same people that call President Trump a racist or a homophobe.

The #Resistance is quite literally the culture of hate, and they are fanatics.



Strange and unusual "news" is another concerning pattern we are seeing, where things like Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's eyebrows, quite literally dominated a whole news cycle with people wondering if he wore fake eyebrows or just had very unusual ones, after a clip of his face where it appeared one eyebrow was falling off, instantly went viral. Buzzfeed, Fox News, BBC, and a whole host of other news outlets published whole articles about it.

I am seeing headlines about road rage, with an angry person pooping on someone during a incident. PETA is mad because someone put lipstick on a whale.  Bill Clinton is back in the news for saying the "norms of ‘what you can do to someone against their will’ have changed." Nancy Pelosi is upset over low unemployment.Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey has been harassed by his liberal brethren for daring to eat at Chick-fil- A during "pride month."

Topping it all off, it appears to be "news" that Kim Jong Un travels with his own portable toilet so that no one can obtain and analyze his "stool."


The world truly has gone mad.


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