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September 21, 2018

As A Woman I Am Infuriated By What The Liberal Lynch Mobs Are Doing To Judge Brett Kavanaugh And His Family - Death Threats Against Kavanaugh Family Being Investigated

By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

As an American citizen I was appalled while watching the liberal antics during the Senate Judiciary Committees Brett Kavanaugh confirmation hearings to become a Supreme Court Justice. The constant rude and obnoxious interruptions, the posturing, and that was just from the Democrat Senators sitting on the committee.

As an observer of the entire multi-day hearings I was astounded at the sheer disrespect for the Senate committee, and Judge Kavanaugh, by the heckling protesters, screaming in the middle of the chamber, lying down on the floor like a child when being escorted out for the disruption, then having to be dragged on the ground simply to remove them. 

The planned disruptions, the delaying tactics and the general blatant display by liberals in doing everything and anything possible to delay the proceedings was an embarrassment to the nation, but helped to expose the level of insanity we are witnessing on the far left these days.


As a person I was disgusted by images of women looking like clowns as they dramatically dressed up in "hand maiden" costumes, by a man dressed as a woman with a bright red substance down the front of his groin and legs, by a group of women with black tape over their mouths and black veils over their heads, along with images of crazed and unhinged women and men screaming bloody murder inside the chamber day in and day out.


If I was appalled, astounded and disgusted by the hearings, I can tell readers right now, I am completely and utterly infuriated over what has occurred since, as a liberal activist, Christine Blasey Ford, has crawled out from under some rock and leveled a sexual misconduct accusation against Judge Kavanaugh, claiming that 35 or 36 years ago, when they were both teenagers, he pinned her to a bed and tried to remove her clothes.

Ford claims she doesn't know what year it occurred, or how she got to the party she claimed the event happened at, or where the party was held, or any details that could in any way be investigated to confirm or debunk. She also claims she never mentioned the incident to anyone until 2012.

The liberal media, Democratic politicians, and liberals across the internet demand that her accusations, absent any evidence at all, should be automatically believed, despite three people she named as being witnesses, Kavanaugh and two other men, vehemently denying the event ever happened, yet liberals want to; 1) Delay Kavanaugh's confirmation vote to the Supreme Court; 2) Demand an investigation by the FBI, despite no federal crime or national security issue being in play; and 3) Call for his name to be withdrawn.

Kavanaugh has denied the event ever occurred and is reportedly "chomping at the bit" to testify to clear his name.


The accuser, Ford, claims she wants to "be heard," yet refuses to testify at a hearing scheduled for Monday, claiming, along with liberals and Democrat politicians, that the Senate Republicans are "rushing."

Note -Senator Dianne Feinstein was in possession of a letter written by Ford since July, yet did not inform the committee until just days before the Judiciary committee was set to vote to recommend Kavanaugh to the full Senate for a vote to confirm him to the Supreme Court. The liberal activist, Ford, wants the hearing where she can be "heard" pushed to Thursday, claiming she can't be ready by Monday, yet she was the one that contacted Washington Post to make her claims and was more than ready to tell her "story."

Ford's attorney's are trying to "negotiate" with the Judiciary Chairman Chuck Grassley, making demands, some reasonable and some that do not even make sense, as she claimed she wanted to be heard and Grassley immediately moved to make that possible by scheduling the hearing.

Her reasonable demands include  guarantee of safety, and that she and Kavanaugh not be in the same room while testifying. Her strange demands according to her attorney letter, includes wanting Kavanaugh to testify first.

Errrrr.... he is not the one making accusations, and his testimony is to rebut her accusations, to which as of now, we only know from the Washington Post. How does someone rebut an account before she testifies under oath about what she is claiming?

That doesn't even make sense.

Her attorney also thought she could tell the committee who to subpoena, wanting one of the other men she named as being present to testify as well, yet that man has already publicly denied her allegations that he was present for any such incident.

Another strange demand as reported by The Daily Caller is "Ford’s team would like no questions to come from an outside counsel, only committee members."

That is strange because liberals have been howling how it would be unfair of Republicans to have a bunch of "old white men" questioning an alleged sexual abuse victim, which they are automatically giving her the label of, again, in the absence of any evidence, or any details of when it occurred, where or even how she got to the "party"  she claims they were all at.

So Republicans have floated the idea to have a female outside of the committee question Ford.

Obviously Ford's attorney's would rather have the optics of a bunch of men browbeating a woman that claims she was assaulted.


The good news according to Senate sources, is that Grassley's staffers say two of those requests by Ford's attorneys are non-starters.  1) Kavanaugh will testify after Ford so that he can respond to her accusations. 2) They will not allow witnesses to dictate who does or doesn't get subpoenaed.  They will hold the hearing on Wednesday rather than Monday as it was originally scheduled, giving her two extra days rather than the three she requested. According to one Republican Senator, they are also leaning towards having an outside counsel do the questioning. They have agreed to her request for only one camera and that she and Kavanuagh not be in the same room.

Sounds reasonable.

Of course Democrats are complaining and already attempting to offer Ford cover to refuse the committee's counter-offer, stating "They’re making this disingenuous counter-offer knowing she won’t be here."

They have also given her to the end of Friday to work out the testimony details.

Good for Grassley. He has bent over backwards to accommodate Ford so that she could "be heard," offering to have her testify in public or private, whatever makes her more comfortable. He offered to even fly staffers to her to obtain her sworn testimony, and he is prepared to pull in outside counsel, a woman, to question her for her comfort.

Compare Kavanaugh's willingness, in fact, eagerness to go before the committee to clear his name, to Ford's unwillingness to cooperate and consistent attempts to stall and delay, despite the fact that she is the one that started this whole circus act by contacting the Washington Post tip line, months after sending her letter to Feinstein.

Enough is enough.

I am not the only woman tired of Ford's circus act, as Katie Pavlich from Townhall states "Committee staff has been in negotiations with Ford's attorney, Democrat operative Debra Katz, for days about receiving testimony. They've offered to fly staff to California for a private interview, in addition to offering a public or private hearing in front of the Committee on Capitol Hill. At this time all options have been refused, despite Katz saying in multiple media interviews this week her client was prepared to testify publicly and wanted to do "whatever it takes" to be heard. Further, in a Washington Post story nearly a week ago, Blasey Ford begged to "be heard." Chairman Chuck Grassley obliged by setting up a hearing for Monday. Blasey Ford is now refusing to show up. "

Elizabethe Vaughn over at RedState succinctly gets to the bottom line, stating "Without a shred of evidence, a highly qualified judge, with no other blemish on his record, is being smeared on the national stage by a political lynch mob out for blood."

Judge Jeanine Pirro weighs in below with Sean Hannity and legal analyst Greg Jarrett, and by the end it is apparent that Judge Jeanine is as infuriated as I am over this whole clown show.

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I have said from the beginning of the #MeToo movement that the way liberals conflated sexual assault with awkward attempts at flirting, willing to ruin any man and their careers with nothing more than an accusation without any type of proof or corroboration,  was a dangerously slippery slope, and I am more convinced of that now as we see that Judge Kavanaugh and his wife are being physically threatened and being sent death wishes.

GRAPHIC LANGUAGE WARNING, on these examples via Fox News:

"Please tell your rapist, lying, cheating, corrupt b---h of a husband to put a bullet in his ugly f-----g skull," one email to Kavanaugh’s wife read. "My condolences to you for being married to a rapist. Although you probably deserve it."

Another email, with the subject line, "Did your know your husband is a rapist?????" stated: "Hey b---h, did you know your husband was a rapist before you married him? F--k you and your f-----g family."

A third email, typed entirely in capital letters, read, "F--K YOU AND YOUR RAPIST HUSBAND."


According to Breitbart, the U.S. Marshals Service is investigating the violent threats being sent to Mrs. Kavanaugh.

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Democrats, the media and liberals across the board, are all attacking Kavanaugh and his family and acting like any allegation (against a conservative, while ignoring allegations against the DNC Deputy chair Keith Ellison of physical, verbal and emotional abuse - with proof and corroboration!), should automatically be believed despite the accuser not remembering any relevant details like what year it happened, what house it happened in or even how she got there.

The rest of us have had enough of this nonsense. Ford should put up, show up and testify, or shut up. If Ford does not show up to testify next week, after Senate Republicans have bent over backwards to accommodate her requests, at least the reasonable ones, then Grassley should have the vote to send Kavanaugh's nomination to the full Senate, and be confirmed without further delay.

It appears Senate Republicans have had enough as well, as we see at the 13:20 minute mark below, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, apparently after his wife lent him back his "boys" for the day," tell the attendees at the Value Voter Summit, "You’ve watched the fight. You’ve watched the tactics, But here’s what I want to tell you: In the very near future, Judge Kavanaugh will be on the United States Supreme Court… Don’t get rattled by all of this. We’re gonna plow right through it and do our job."

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