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October 7, 2016

Why America's Annihilation Is Assured Even If We Defeat Russia In World War 3 - Is That Why They're Prepared To Move The US Capitol To Denver?


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

The 'flashback' story from Whiteout Press that Steve Quayle linked to on his website this morning reminds us that our 'continuity of government' requires an 'alternative capitol' be in place just in case Washington DC is destroyed. Giving us a great deal of evidence that the US's 'alternative capitol' is indeed hidden underneath the 57 square miles that make up the Denver International Airport in Colorado, we pray that all of the recent talk of World War 3 and swift and sudden destruction doesn't soon materialize, leading to the confirmation of another long-held 'conspiracy theory'.

With shills coming out of the woodwork ever since serious talk of a possible World War 3 and nuclear annihilation for much of America and the world went viral earlier this week, claiming all of the statements coming directly out of the mouths of US military leaders, the Russian Embassy and Russian military leaders is just 'bogus fearmongering', we take a look below at more signs that we might soon witness those experts warnings coming true and the US capitol moved to Denver in the process.

As the note Quayle left on the Whiteout Press story tells us, THIS IS WHY SO MANY FOREIGN AND U.N. TROOPS ARE IN COLORADO, WHOSE MISSION IS TO TAKE OUT ALL RESISTERS TO THE NWO IN THE COLORADO MOUNTAINS. We also take a look below at why America's annihilation would be guaranteed even if we were to somehow 'win' World War 3.


While US Army Chief of Staff General Mark Milley recently warned an outright war between the US and Russia in the future is 'almost guaranteed' and a 'fast and lethal' war against Russia 'is likely', Milley doesn't tell Americans that such a war could eventually lead to 90% of Americans living here now being dead and our entire country laying in complete ruins.

Would it be worth it to YOU to go to war with Russia if 90% of the people YOU know now were dead within a short period of time afterwards and any survivors left no longer have electricity, an internet, any public utilities, any public transportation system, any banking system and a coating of radioactive ash covering YOUR front yard?

Even if Milley is absolutely correct and the US completely destroys Russia, killing ALL of their leaders, their 'dead hand system' would launch a series of nuclear attacks upon our country that would completely destroy us anyways and send us back to the stone ages as Susan Duclos previously reported in this story.:


Perhaps now would be a good time to remind all of Russia's "Dead Hand" system also known as he "Russian Doomsday Device," which insiders allege is still in use. Via Wiki: "An example of fail-deadly deterrence, it can automatically trigger the launch of the Russian intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBMs) if a nuclear strike is detected by seismic, light, radioactivity and overpressure sensors."

From September 2014, via Business Insider:

After Dead Hand was activated by Soviet military officials, "the first thing it does is check the communication lines to work out if there's anyone alive and in charge of the Soviet military," Alok Jha, author of "The Doomsday Handbook," told National Geographic. "If they're not alive, it takes over."

If Dead Hand did not detect signs of a preserved military hierarchy, the system would perform a check for signals of a nuclear attack, such as a change in air pressure, extreme light, and radioactivity.

If the system concluded that a nuclear strike had taken place, Dead Hand would proceed to launch all of the remaining nuclear weapons from all of the silos throughout the Soviet Union at targets across the Northern Hemisphere.


While many would describe the civil war in Syria as a powder keg, the addition of Russia, the UK, China and the US into the mix, all nuclear powers, brings us to the point where just one spark could ignite an even more deadly powder keg, ending in global annihilation.

General Milley, is that what YOU want? Just imagine, General Milley and any other warmongering Generals and politicians who might be reading this now: 90% or more of your family and friends dead because of some ridiculous war that YOU and the globalists want against Russia because they're standing up to globalist tyranny. Would it be worth it to YOU, General Milley, to see America completely destroyed by a Russian EMP or a series of 'Satan' bombs launched upon every major city in America just so you can replace Assad in Syria?

If so, we have 100% PROOF you folks are TOTALLY insane.


If there's anyone reading this who thinks that Washington DC wouldn't be a likely nuclear target strike if war breaks out between Russia and the United States, we've still got some prime real estate available to sell you at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington DC. Better take advantage of our sarcastic offer now though, for if some reason the warmongers launch an attack on Russia, that 'prime real estate' will likely be nothing more than 'toast' soon afterwards.

We reported yesterday on ANP that Steve Quayle was very close to putting up his red screen, a sign that nuclear war was imminent and it was time to 'hunker and bunker down'. As most sane people know, the very last thing our planet needs is nuclear war 71 years after Nagasaki and Hiroshima were completely destroyed by us. To say that nuclear weapons have become much more devastating in 2016 than 1945 would be an understatement.

As we reported back on September 25th, according to former Reagan Cabinet Member Paul Craig Roberts, an American attack upon Russia or Syrian government military forces could lead to Russia dropping 5 or 6 'satan' nukes upon the East coast and all of our major population hubs would be reduced to smoldering ash.


We know for a fact that a mysterious group long ago built the Denver International Airport and between the shocking artwork throughout the airport showing massive death and destruction to the swastika shaped runways, the fact that the US government brought over 1,500 Nazi mad-scientists and engineers over to the United States after the end of World War 2 in Project Paperclip should have long ago been a dire warning that something was going terribly wrong.

However, with many Americans still 'asleep at the wheel', Watchmen such as Steve Quayle, the Hagmann's and Alex Jones among others have been reporting America's mad rush into tyranny ever since. A 3rd World War that turns nuclear upon American soil would absolutely allow those seeking tyranny over America to complete their evil goals for the world.

Reaching a point now here in America and the world where everything is suddenly ratcheting up rather than ratcheting down as was aptly pointed out by Quayle, we continue to watch for his 'red screen alert' and pray cooler heads emerge.

In the 1st video below we hear that Russia has 'gently reminded the US' that it's missiles are ready to fire while they also take a look at the recent remarks made by US General Milley. In the 2nd video below we hear about a very strange event that happened at DIA back in September that has been watched by more than 440,000 people while the 3rd video below is an outstanding look at the 'secret doomsday base' under the the Denver International Airport that has over 470,000 views and was picked up by the Mirror in a story called "Secret apocalypse bunker buried beneath Denver airport as US government prepares for end of days".

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