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July 17, 2021†

Is There Truth Behind Almost Every 'Conspiracy Theory'? Taking A Look Back At The Bizarre Oddities Surrounding The Space Shuttle Challenger Disaster†

By Kalbo†for ANP

Spread the Word. Stay Informed. Be Prepared. Remain Vigilant. Stay Ahead of the Curve. Remain Flexible. Have a Backup Plan. Follow the Money. Donít fall for the Narrative. Determine Who Benefits. Resistance is Always Greater When You are over The Target. To Reveal Your Controller, Discover Who You Cannot Criticize.†

(ANP: Is almost everything that we've been taught about history wrong, a series of coverups of gigantic proportions? In this series of stories exploring what the globalists love to call 'conspiracy theories', Kalbo breaks down those 'conspiracy theories', with this story part 4 of that series. Part 1 can be found here,†part 2 can be found here†and part 3 of this series can be seen here.)†

The term "Conspiracy Theory" is used as by those in power to malign and denigrate any questioning of their criminal activity. It is the equivalent of shutting down debate by calling the opposition party a racist. When a person is caught cheating on their spouse, or on a work assignment, they often try to conceal their guilt with rage at or ridicule of the revealer. To discover the truth of anything, search where you receive the most resistance.... you are now over the target.†

Below are secrets, crimes, and coverups that have been dismissed as Conspiracy Theories. I offer up a counter theory to each event, supported by facts revealed slowly over time by those involved, declassified documents, suppressed or deleted witness statements, and little known or hidden evidence.†

Conspiracy Theories Debunked†

Space Shuttle Challenger: STS-51-L was The was the 25th mission of the United States Space Shuttle program. There were 7 astronauts onboard. January 28, 1986.†

Official Version: The Challenger orbiter broke apart 72 seconds after launch due to the explosion of the fuel tank, which was caused by a leaky O-ring on the starboard solid fuel booster. The astronauts, Scobee, Resnik, Onizuka, McNair, Smith, McAuliffe, and Jarvis died upon impact with the ocean at 245 MPH.†

The Truth: The Space Shuttle program was sold to the public in the 1970s as a civilian program by NASA. When the first shuttles were under construction, it became apparent that the $3 billion dollar program was going to run into $8 billion or more. NASA debated cancelling the project. The Defense Department agreed to fund much of the construction of the first 4 orbiters. The program became a military project, masquerading as a civilian project.†

Note, that on many missions, there were "mission specialists" that only flew once, or twice. The mission specialists were military personnel or military contractors who were performing testing, experiments, photography, or observations for the military. There were several publicized military missions for the purpose of placing classified payloads in orbit (KH spy satellites).†

When astronauts train for a flight, a simulator is used, and the flight is rehearsed ad nauseam and recorded. The recordings can then be played for the public and represented as "live", when in fact the astronauts are conducting other activities, or not even aboard the orbiter. Live TV interviews would be shot in the simulator at NASA.†

This was the plan for STS-51-L. The 7 person crew that was publicly presented as the flight crew, including the "Teacher in Space" Christa McAuliffe, were window dressing. The real crew was a classified military crew, 6 men or women, and Gregory Jarvis. Jarvis was military, and the original mission specialist assigned with the proxy crew.†

When the orbiter broke up and landed in the ocean, NASA had to either come clean on the proxy crew, or cover it up. Naturally, the Defense Department insisted on maintaining the secret of their deep involvement. But what to do with the 6 crew still alive? Capricorn 1 them?†

I assume that the families of the proxy astronauts knew of the swap before hand, so unless NASA or DOD was prepared to off the entire families of the proxies, they had no choice but to keep them alive. I bet there were some tense moments among the proxy crew when they saw the disaster, a combination of relief at not being on the orbiter, as well as apprehension about what would happen to them.†

Well, the 6 astronauts are not listed on the Social Security Death Data Base. So, believe it or not, they are still alive:†

Ellison Onizuka now presents himself as his "identical twin brother" Claud. does not have any entry for anyone with this name. Here is a YouTube of "Claude Onizuka":

Michael J Smith is now Professor Smith, and was teaching at the Univ of Wisconsin as late as 2018. Reportedly his email address is†

Christa McAuliffe, who used her middle name, is now using her real name: Sharon A. McAuliffe. She is a law professor at Syracuse U. of Law.†

Francis Richard Scobee, the commander, is now going by Richard Scobee, the CEO of Cows to Trees, Ltd. IT has something to do with the Photosynthesis-Respiration/CO2 cycle. Here is his linkedIn profile.

Judith Resnik is a Professor at Yale Law.†

Ronald McNair is now living as his "identical twin brother" Carl. His profile lists him as: Author/Inspirational Speaker/ Diversity in the Space Program Presenter (NASA)/ STEM Education Advocate.†

This YouTube video has pictures of the astronauts then and now.

What was the real mission of STS 51-L? Perhaps we will never know. The mission was supposed to deploy a NASA relay/communication satellite and deploy another for observation of Halley's Comet. Seems innocuous enough. The military mission would have had to deploy these sats, as their absence would have been obvious. Neither sat is very large, and the orbiter would have had physical storage space in the cargo bay, and additional mass allowance for more cargo.†

There are three possibilities for a covert military mission:†

1) At the time, the Soviets had an active military space station, Salyut 7, in orbit. It was unoccupied at that time having been vacated on Nov 21, 1985; and would not be reoccupied until May 6, 1986. The US and the USSR were still in the Cold War. It would have been an excellent opportunity for a spy mission, sabotage mission, or sending over a friendly little space mine.†

2) President Reagan's SDI program was now two years old. Testing is an important part of any new project. The orbiter may have carried components that were to be tested while exposed to the rigors of launch, space and space travel; or to be used as a target and/or observer for a land based weapon.†

3) The orbiter could have been setup to service or repair one of the KH-11 spy satellites. These are billion dollar satellites. There were two previous DOD missions with classified cargo, and a prior mission to service a satellite. The second mission launched after the 2 year shutdown, was a classified DOD mission. Was this to perform whatever task this mission did not perform? In subsequent missions, the orbiter is used to deploy the KH-12.†

Maybe the "identical twin brother" of Onizuka or McNair will post in the comments below and let us know. It has been 35 years, so surely there are no remaining facts worth keeping secret. The USSR is gone, as is the SDI program.†

While it may be possible that all 6 of these astronauts had identical twins, or doppelgangers with the same or similar names, if only one of these astronauts turns out to be alive and not killed in the disaster, it proves the deception of DOD and NASA. The American people deserve an explanation.†

Who Benefited: DOD would have benefited if the flight was successful, with pretty TV interviews of "The Teacher in Space", while the real crew conducted a covert military mission. NASA had benefited from the massive funding that DOD provided for the shuttle program, and needed those funds to continue. NASA had no alternative, but to go along with DOD.

The opinions expressed in this story are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of ANP.

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