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December 1, 2015

Islam: The Truth From Woman That Grew Up Muslim - 'Mohammed Was Rapist, Pedophile, Mass Murderer' And All Muslims Are Taught To Emulate Him


By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

In the video below, Farrah Prudence,†a woman that was raised in the Middle East as a Muslim, by moderate parents, has basically had it with those telling the truth about Islam being labeled racists.

An epic rant that every single person in America and across the world, especially countries taking in Muslim refugees without vetting them properly so that ISIS jihadists are slipping in as well, needs to listen to this video. This should be shared with friends, family, and on every social media outlet, because the hard hitting truth is one that is not being taught in schools when they teach about the Muslim heritage, something she addresses as well.

Her beginning point is that Islam is not a race of people, but is a religion, a belief system and in that belief system those raised as Muslim, reading the Koran, are taught to emulate the Prophet Mohammed..... then she proceeds to explain the brutal truth of exactly who Mohammed really was.

Farrah states Mohammed was a "rapist, pedophile, mass murderer, war monger, liar, thief, and adulterer" that owned hundreds of sex slaves.

She explains exactly what the Koran teaches, specifically to kill those that do not believe in Mohammed/Allah, to fight them and to cut off their heads. She speaks to the slavery and rape happening right now, in the name of Jihad, in the name of Islam, to Christians in Syria and in Iraq.

Towards the end she has a message for blacks as well.... stating that millions upon millions of black slaves are still being kept in Muslim countries, yet no one is talking about it.

She points to the LGBT community arguing over the refusal of someone to bake a "cake," while homosexuals are being tossed off of buildings by Jihadists, calling the entire LGBT community hypocrites.

The same is said about feminists, fighting for "equal rights" here, but not standing up for hundreds of thousands of women wjo are being are brutalized, raped and kept as sex slaves today... calling the feminists hypocrites as well.

Farrah encourages schools to teach about Islam and Muslims, but not the politically correct, watered down "sugar coated" version, but the truth about Mohammed. As she states, you can't teach about Christianity with teaching about Christ, cannot teach Judaism with talking about Moses, Buddhism with talking about Buddha, so how can they teach about Islam without telling the truth about Mohammed and his 11 wives, specifically his most favorite... the nine year old.

She also has a message for someone that said "saying all Muslims are terrorists is like saying all Italians are in the mafia"...... her response to them is "You're A Dimwit! - Italians are a race, a country, they come from a country, †they are not a religion, they're not a belief system, †so get over yourselves and start educating yourselves."

Below is the original video from Farrah Prudence, but another mirrored version, found here, has garnered over 460,000 hits since November 7, 2015.

[Update] Via Carrl Hunt:†

"This woman, based on her YouTube profile, has an impressive resume:

Farrah Prudence is a freelance writer, linguist and expert on Middle Eastern culture and Islamic religion. She lived in the Middle East for over 10 years and worked with the American military through JTF for 13 consecutive months in TSF DOCEX in Iraq. Farrah Attended McMaster University in Canada and is currently an Act! for America chapter leader. Born to a Muslim father and Catholic mother, who later converted, Farrah, despite of a fatwa on her head, is determined to educate people about the dangers of Islam and Shari'a Law.
God bless (and protect) Farrah for speaking the truth."



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