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August 3, 2021

It Gets Worse - Largest Food & Beverage Company Spiking Prices As Renewed COVID Restrictions Threaten To Starve More Americans

By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

We've seen visual proof of what has been dubbed "shrinkflation" where companies are producing products in smaller sizes and quantities, while keep the same, or raising the prices on said product.

We have verified and reported on the limitations of certain products as companies limit their selections by suspending, or terminating the manufacturing of a portion of their products.

Inflation has been skyrocketing on top of the previous price hikes, and now, we see the largest food and beverage manufacturer, Nestlé, has announced they will be raising their prices in the second half of the year.

While many think the word "Nestlé" and automatically associate it with chocolate, their website shows their products also include:

(Note - Each of the product categories are linked so readers can stock up on their favorites before the prices go through the roof.)

Baby foods
Bottled water
Chocolate & confectionery

The list on their website allows one to click over to see which brands will be effected, such as Cheerios cereal, Nesquick, KitKats, Toll House, multiple different brands of coffee, and Coffee mate creamer, Gerber and other baby foods, Stouffers, Hot Pockets, DiGiorno, Tombstone, just to name just a small sample of the foods and beverages that will see these price hikes.

Nestlé is not alone.

Via Daily Wire, citing quotes to CNN business:

Nestlé is not the only company to raise prices. CNN Business adds that General Electric, Unilever, and other large firms in a variety of industries are seeking to hedge against an increasingly salient inflation risk. 

Meanwhile, many businesses are selling their items in smaller packages while maintaining the same price, a phenomenon known as “shrinkflation.” For instance, Walmart’s Great Value Paper Towels did not alter prices while reducing the number of sheets per roll from 168 to 120; Frito-Lay cut the typical bag of Doritos from 9.75 ounces to 9.25 ounces; General Mills shrank its “family size” boxes from 19.3 ounces to 18.1 ounces.

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Post lock down and the renewed business is being blamed for much of the inflation, as is the lack of critical parts and products used to make other products.

As they claim that the post lock down inflation should "slow down" in 2022, we note that liberal state leaders, as well as the Biden regime, are planning vaccine restrictions, mask mandates, and as Biden said, then backtracked, "door-to-door" vaccine pushes.

In order to put this issue into some type of perspective and context, lets look to New York City's new decrees by the Mayor, Bill De blasio, which requires vaccine proof for indoor dining, gyms, and performances.

New York City Councilman, Joe Borelli took to Twitter to explain the breakdown of who would be most effected by this new order:

Mayor de Blasio is announcing that 69% of Blacks, 58% of Latinos, and the majority of Bronx residents are ineligible to eat in a restaurant or go to a gym.

The vaccination rates for those he mentioned are lower than others in NYC.

Now, think of what losing the businesses of 69% of Blacks, and 58% of Latinos, not mention any Asians, and Whites that are unvaccinated, will do to the economy of not just NYC, but New York State itself.

Inflation will not slow down, no matter how many times the MSM repeats the lie. 

Since Joe Biden started occupying the White House, inflation has continued to rise at a far higher pace than American's paychecks, which in turn is causing more hungry Americans.

Due to the pandemic, food prices around the country have been on the incline affecting both chain and local grocery stores.

Director of Chow Les Aylesworth told 12 News said the rising prices have been difficult for those who are in need of food.

He said people using SNAP benefits have been receiving more money, however, it is not enough. Aylesworth said people have more money to purchase the food, however, with the cost of food going up, that money hasn't stretched nearly as far.

For Down to Earth Whole Foods President" Johan Bergfjord, the store has seen the rising prices and are doing what they can on a local level to keep them low for their customers.

"We try to mitigate price increases as much as we can," Bergfjord said. "It's unavoidable that we have to raise our prices just because our wholesale prices continue to rise."

It has been dubbed "Biden-Flation" which is a spot on nickname for the hardships not only being seen now, but which will continue into the foreseeable future.

Again a little bit of context as to Dementia Joes policies directly causing the chaos of COVID.

Illegal immigrants are being allowed into the country, many with COVID, which raises the COVID numbers within America. Due to the rising number of cases, which correlate with the Biden open border policies, more states are reinitiating COVID restrictions.

More restrictions, more economic downturn and more eventual inflation.

It is like a viscous merry-go-round.



As we see more and more reports of shortages, price increases, and shrinkflation, we offer linkage to products that can be delivered, in bulk if needed, so that readers can be as prepared as possible and not end up suffering for the inflation.

This time it is the cornucopia of products that Nestlé produces.

Messing with our chocolate is completely unacceptable, especially for those that have had to budget away some of their favorites foods and drinks.


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