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January 7, 2022

The WAR Upon YOU Keeps Getting Worse - Imagine Being Forbidden From Leaving Home To Go Buy Food As Is Already Happening Elsewhere! More Proof This Is All By Design

By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

With American companies practicing China-style censorship, social credit scores being rolled out just like in China, and big corporations bending over backwards for China by ignoring humanitarian crises perpetrated by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), along with "China Joe" now occupying the White House,  we find it prudent to watch them for situations and actions that  liberal leaders here in America might say "Hey, we LIKE that idea!"

So we will start with the latest news from China's city Xi'an, where the population is begging for help because they have been forbidden from leaving their homes, unless it is for testing, even from going grocery shopping.

More than 13 million were ordered to stay at home last week as authorities sought to battle a Covid outbreak.

But compared to other lockdowns globally, locals cannot go out even for essential reasons like buying food.

The government is delivering supplies but many on social media say they are yet to receive them and are struggling.

If some brain-dead liberal state leaders here in America or even the Biden regime did that here (which could cause an uprising like they have never seen before) how long would you be able to survive?

We aren't just talking about food, although without food and water you die, but cut off from other basics like paper goods, condiments, spices, and a large variety of other products used weekly in your home. There is no doubt after watching the great panic shopping run on stores of 2020 causing massive shortages, that the majority of Americans wouldn't make it a week, or even two. Preppers would no doubt fare better and last longer.

With all that said, the more reports we are seeing, the faster we are realizing that despite Independent Media warnings, which came before the MSM caught up, it all might not be enough to survive what is coming. 

There are a number of issues effecting the food supply here in America, whether they are decisions regarding food production, processing, growing or manufacturing, expected to cause either food shortages or extreme price hikes, on top of the price increases we have already seen during 2021, 


Labor shortages are being blamed for food supply issues, delivery issues, businesses being forced to close and shelves unable to be restocked at a reasonable rate, because stores are receiving less that half of what they order to restock in many cases.

There are a number of issues with the "labor shortage" claim because there would be no labor shortages had a certain things not happened in 2021:

• Businesses deemed "non-essential" were forcefully shut down, putting millions of Americans out of work.

• Companies have started terminating employees that have refused to allow themselves to be intimidated into taking the experimental vaccines, to which are so new, no long term studies on side effects have been conducted.

• There is an untold number of working aged Americans that have taken the vaccine and died or became unable to work, which again, limits the supply of workers available.

Each and every one of those examples are unforced errors, but even knowing the ramifications beforehand, the U.S. government under Biden, and liberal state leaders, continued anyway. There is no other way to describe it other than "by design."

If you are aware of what will happen, and you continue on with the plan, you are purposely causing these issues.

Many small businesses operate on extremely thin margins, and so they just can’t afford to dramatically raise wages all of a sudden.  In Nebraska, one restaurant that has been around for 46 years has been forced to close for good “because they simply can’t find enough people to work”…

This week, Wilkinson and his wife, Kathy, decided to close the restaurant after a nearly five-decade run because they simply can’t find enough people to work.

“That was the final straw,” said Jim Wilkinson, 71.

Thousands of other small businesses find themselves in the same situation.

But it isn’t just small businesses that are suffering.

At this point, even some of the biggest corporations in the U.S. can’t find enough workers.  At the end of December, I was absolutely shocked to learn that Apple had closed every single one of their stores in New York “due to a staffing shortage”…

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How the labor shortages affect the food supply chain is succinctly explained by Market Realist, who states "As farms and factories can’t get enough workers to operate at full capacity, food production isn’t keeping up with demand. Rising shipping costs and the cost of farm inputs such as fertilizer is another problem. Further complicating the situation is bad weather and the need for agricultural products in biofuel production.

As people fear that there may not be enough food to purchase, they’re stockpiling goods. As a result, supplies at supermarkets are running out quickly."

Over the past week we have seen reports about a continued shortage of pet food, warnings of food prices expected to continue rising, along with the prices of other products, including housing, food, clothing, heating costs, gas, dining out, cars, computers and electronics and furniture. (Source - CNBC)

While chicken and cereal have been an issue over the past year, with higher prices and limited supplies, apparently experts are predicting those items will continue to have issues and prices will rise even more.

Now they are adding steaks, eggs, mayonnaise, and vegetables to the list, according to Eat This, which has been keeping track of not only shortages but price spikes.

ABC 15 on January 2, 2022 reported that "major brands known for their snacks, condiments, and other popular products on store shelves have announced their prices are going up in 2022."

STOCK UP......

As freeze dried and powdered products are still an easy way to get the food you need, to be used incrementally as needed, with the ability to create meals with a handful of vegetables, some meat, with some buying full entrees, with meat or without, we will list a few products below, but we also want to highlight something else I have been researching, which I will explain after the following links.

Nutristore Freeze-Dried Ground Beef | Emergency Survival Bulk Food Storage | Premium Quality Meat | Perfect for Lightweight Backpacking, Camping, or Home Meals | USDA Inspected | 25-Year Shelf Life

Nutristore Freeze-Dried Beef Dices | Emergency Survival Bulk Food Storage | Premium Quality Meat | Perfect for Lightweight Backpacking, Camping, or Home Meals | USDA Inspected | 25-Year Shelf Life

Nutristore Freeze-Dried Chicken | Emergency Survival Bulk Food Storage Meat | Perfect for Lightweight Backpacking, Camping & Home Meals | USDA Inspected | 25-Year Shelf Life

Hoosier Hill Farm All American Dairy Whole Milk Powder 1 lb

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Eggylicious Whole Egg Powder, Dried Natural Protein Powder, Made from Fresh Eggs, White & Yolk mixed, Pasteurized, Non-GMO, No Additives, Used for Baking Icing,1lbs(16oz)

ReadyWise Emergency Food Supply, Freeze Dried Vegetables, 120 Servings, Vegetables

Wise Company Long Term Emergency Freeze-Dried Food Supply, Breakfast and Entree Variety

Long Term Dehydrated Food Storage - 120 Large Entree Servings - 29 Lbs- Disaster Prepper Freeze Dried Supply Kit

Wise Company ReadyWise, Emergency Food Supply, Emergency Freeze Dried Fruit Bucket, 120 Servings

Wise Company Emergency Food Supply, Freeze Dried Meat Variety, 15-Year Shelf Life, 60 Servings

Wise Company Emergency Food Supply, Variety Pack, 25-Year Shelf Life, 104 Servings

Wise Company ReadyWise, Emergency Food Supply, Freeze Dried Vegetables, 120 Servings

Mountain House Classic Bucket | Freeze Dried Backpacking & Camping Food | 24 Servings

Mountain House Diced Beef #10 Can Freeze Dried Food - 6 Cans Per Case

Mountain House Cooked Diced Chicken #10 Can

Augason Farms Lunch and Dinner Variety Pail Emergency Food Supply 4-Gallon Pail

Augason Farms Breakfast Emergency Food Supply 11 lbs 1.8 oz 4 Gallon Pail


I have finally gotten around to deep diving into the world of MREs. I'll admit to assuming (always a bad move) that freeze dried is always far less expensive and easier to use to make stews, casseroles, soups, salads and other comfort food type meals.

What I didn't realize until I started researching them, is it isn't just the meat and vegetables, or even entrees, but MREs provide everything, including the meat and vegetables and other side dishes, but most also cover dessert, fruits, energy drinks, coffee, tea or hot chocolate, energy bars, napkins, matches in some cases, heating elements to warm food, utensils, and more.

Unless you are already in your "bug out" place, if one needed to pack up the vehicle and get out fast, shoving a few boxes of MREs in your trunk, with multiple meal packets in each box, you have more space because it is all in one package.

The Steve1989MREInfo channel at Youtube has been doing videos on MREs for years, and shows everything in the meal packs, whether single meals or 24 hour rations, all packed into one space-saving bag, and provides a good look at what you get, especially in comparison to all separate buckets of freeze dried. Steve does test these MREs from all different countries to compare with each other, but no matter what country it is from, the basic point is the same, it provides everything a soldier would need in each meal, whether individual or a 24 hour ration.  

Personally, I think the freeze dried is great, but that a few boxes of MREs  may come in handy in surviving some emergency.

Watch below, and decide for yourself if this is something you may need or not. (Note- I chose these videos to show proper examples, not by date, so some videos are older, but capture the point nonetheless)

If that type of product appeals to you for the limited amount of space needed, the inclusions of everything from drinks to meals to desserts and crackers and energy cars, etc.....or for the ability to grab a few boxes fast and run, there are some links to MREs below.

MREs (Meals Ready-to-Eat) Box B, Genuine U.S. Military Surplus, Menus 13-24   

MRE (Meals-Ready-To-Eat) Case – Inspection 2/2023 or Better – Ammo Can Man Military MRE Cases (A, B or AB Combo) (A and B Combo)

MRE 2020 Inspection Date Case, 24 Meals with 2020 Inspection Date, 2017 Pack Date. Military Surplus Meal Ready to Eat. (A and B Bundle)

MRE 2019 Inspection Date Case, 12 Meals with 2019 Military Surplus Meal Ready to Eat. (B-Case)

Ozark Outdoorz 01/2018 Pack, 01/2021 Inspection US Military MRE A OR B Case (A and B Case) With US Flag Patch

MRE Meals - 124-Serving Freeze Dried Emergency Food Supply


We have seen a lot of talk about space, some live in apartments, condos, smaller houses, and simply do not have the space for more than a few buckets of product, so we thought it would at least be handy to offer another type of option for survival foods.

Also, if one needs to bug out fast, grabbing a couple of boxes are far easier than lugging a dozen buckets out of pack up the vehicle.


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