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June 24, 2020

Former 'Slave To Communism' Has Urgent Warning For Americans: 'Defend Your Country Or It Will Be Destroyed' - America Is Well Worth Fighting For As Liberals Try To 'Cancel' It Out!

- Just In Time, Democrats Start 'Eating Their Own' And 'Cutting Their Own Throats'

By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

With leftist insanity exploding across America as 'cancel culture' seeks to 'cancel out America' yet is instead leading to Democrats 'eating their own' as perfectly seen in Democrat state senator Tim Carpenter from Wisconsin being kicked in the head by protesters at the state capitol Tuesday night, most leftists pushing 'cancel culture' upon America are lost to the fact that their attempting to do away with the 1st Amendment could one day explode in their own faces and be used against them as we've seen through history in communist nations.

And with the left's war upon truth and free speech perfectly seen in this recent story over at the Daily Mail reporting a high school principal is being investigated for what they call a 'racist facebook post', it's long been warned that 'truth is treason in the empire of lies' and we're watching that now playing out before our very eyes.

So while this Daily Mail story and 'school investigators' are trying to destroy 'Deborah Morse-Cunningham' for sharing her opinion, which is still quite legal in America and the 1st Amendment well worth fighting for if push comes to shove, the Daily Mail readers ripped the 'investigators' to shreds as shared in their own 'opinions/comments' we've also republished below. So from this Daily Mail story before we continue. Her entire post can be seen in the screenshot below.

The New York City Department of Education has launched an investigation into a troubling Facebook post penned by an employee of a Staten Island high school. 

Deborah Morse-Cunningham, who serves as the assistant principal of New Dorp High School, is still at work despite sharing a lengthy status update in which she pondered the nature of privilege by referring to a number of racial stereotypes. 

'What is privilege?' Morse-Cunningham asked in the post, which has now been deleted.

The commenters on the Daily Mail story ripped into little bits and pieces those who'd choose to 'censor' mere opinions and those who called her opinions 'racist' when she was actually only speaking truth to those who don't want to hear it. Some of the top-voted comments included:  

Itsbeenbetter, Somewhere, United States: Good for her. Speak up and don't be afraid of the mob! 

Nixliberalis, Newtown, United States: Yesss ! Alelujah ! No one deserves to have protected status from their values being critiqued. I don't even pay $200 for my best leather dress shoes. Nothing racist about it. Privilege knows no race or religion! 

CoachFinstock, Seattle, United States: I did not see one word that would be consider inappropriate. The lady was just sharing her opinion. 

The worst rated comment from Array, Manhasset, United States: Privilege is her teacher job for life. Now she can go on unemployment. She deserves To be fired. Did she really think no one would notice her FB rant? 

Yet while Americans are being punished for their opinions, as Zero Hedge reported in this recent story, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and other 'big tech platforms' are busy allowing Communist party disinformation on their platforms while aggressively censoring Conservatives and Christians. With the left now protesting against Facebook for allowing what they call 'hate' on their website, and 'hate' being ANYTHING that President Trump supporters say in the leftists insane eyes, imagine America in 2021 if Democrats win the presidency, completely cave to their out of control mobs and try to BAN the 1st Amendment in America!

Of course, any such actions would be the final straw in the eyes of tens of millions of well-armed American citizens, with even America's Founding Fathers warning of such a possibility 200+ years ago and preparing Americans then for just such a possibility.

With a 'war upon free speech' and the 1st Amendment ultimately an 'act of war upon freedom and America', as we hear in the final video at the bottom of this story from NTD, everything about America is now under all-out Communist attack, with Democrats going happily along with the plan, and that sinister match made in hell pushing us towards complete destruction.

There is an invisible war raging in the world. Not a war fought with bullets and guns, but a war of manipulation. 

It’s a war fought by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) against the free world using the full force of its propaganda and influence apparatus. 

Not only does the CCP actively spread its propaganda to the West, it has even succeeded in dictating what can and cannot be said in free societies. 

However, this growing influence has gone largely unnoticed. And by now, it has penetrated all levels of American society.

In this new age of information warfare, where a hostile foreign power is waging a war for our minds, what can be done? 

In this new in-depth report, we explore China’s “Grand External Propaganda” campaign against America and the rest of the free world and reveal the playbook it uses. 

According to this new story over at Breitbart that Steve Quayle linked to on his website recently titled Bush National Security Officials to Launch Group Backing Biden, we're now watching the unraveling of what has been long hidden with some former Bush officials supporting Biden clearly being nothing but 'globalist rats' wearing pro-America clothing.

As Steve mentioned in an SQnote while linking to the Breitbart story, "In my opinion, 'the hidden communist Sympatico's' are being revealed for who they really are - nothing hidden that won't be made known! Weasels and 'sleazels' SQ new word!"

And as we've long been warned, those Democrats and Republicans long working to tear down America to bring in their totalitarian 'one world government' will stop at nothing. As author J.R. Nyquist recently warned on his blog, it's very important to call the Democrat agenda what it is, communism.

With the destruction of monuments across America another warning sign of America's rapid descent into Communism (and the Civil War that would come with any fall into a totalitarian government), as Bible Prophecy Tracker had reported in this recent story, a woman from Venezuela recently warned America where destroying statues leads. You can hear her warning in the 1st video below.

And while many Democrats truly believe that 'cancel culture', black lives matter and antifa will lead them back to 'the promised land', as even Piers Morgan warns in this new story over at the Daily Mail, Democrats kneeling to radicals and bowing to communism could lead President Trump right back to the White House as Democrats once again set out to cut their own throats ahead of November. From that story before our conclusion and video reports.

Donald Trump should be preparing to pack his bags at the White House. It’s hard to imagine a worse scenario for any incumbent President trying to secure re-election than his terrible handling of a global pandemic resulting in America suffering the world’s worst coronavirus death toll and the US economy crashing to its worst levels since the Great Depression with 40 million job losses. 

Yet somehow, unbelievably, Trump’s opponents are once again doing everything in their power to wrestle another defeat from the jaws of seemingly inevitable victory. 

If you were scripting an escape route for Trump it would involve liberal protesters tearing down statues of America’s greatest icons, liberal leaders allowing virtual anarchy on the streets to go unpunished, and a dramatic intensifying of the absurdly self-defeating culture war nonsense that makes many Americans fear the very soul of their nation is being dismantled. 

From a position of unprecedented weakness, Trump is now fighting back with his clunky but undeniably effective triple whammy ‘America first’ fist of patriotism, toughness and common sense. Or rather, he’s being hauled off the ropes by his opponents losing their minds. 

This insanity has reached its peak over the past few days as protesters set about destroying monuments to some of America’s most beloved historical figures. 

The craziness has got so demented that author and activist Shaun King has even called for statues of Jesus Christ to be removed. ‘I think the statues of the white European they claim is Jesus should also come down,’ he tweeted. ‘They are a form of white supremacy. Always have been.’ 

 All of this, set against the backdrop of widespread looting and rioting during otherwise predominantly peaceful George Floyd protests, will have the opposite effect to the one the protesters claim to want. It won’t persuade people to join their movement, it will turn them against it.

So with the Summer of 2020 heating up to the boiling point and leftist madness driven by leftist politicians and the mainstream media, as Susan Duclos warned in this June 23rd ANP story titled "Lock, Load & Prepare For America Becoming The Most Volatile Nation In The World With 4 Months Till The Election With Blood Already Flowing In The Streets", we should all get ourselves well prepared to defend our families, loved ones and country in the days, weeks and months ahead.

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