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January 10, 2015

Dr. Jim Willie - The Coming End - The Final Chapter - It Cannot Be Stopped


By Live Free Or Die - All News Pipeline

The story excerpted below from and Dr. Jim Willie as well as the two videos below from† and Mephistopheles Lux with Dr. Willie's 2015 New Years special offer us a look at what's coming in 2015 from the standpoint of financial/geopolitical experts who share their wisdom about what we† expect to see as the new year unfolds. According to Dr. Willie, the main 'theme' of 2015 will be the coming 'end of the American empire' and the 'global urgency' of the entire world to put the US dollar into a cement coffin for eternity.

Warning us that the 'fascist business model' we have been living under for more than two decades now would "soon suffer a closed final chapter", Dr. Willie also tells us that a 'powerful end game' is now underway using deception and a 'hall of mirrors' to trick the still-sleeping American people while we better prepare ourselves now for some 'concluding events' that will be accompanied by 'fireworks' as the US dollar is put to rest for all of time.†

As 2014 leaves off and 2015 begins anew, the main theme seems to be the end of the American Empire, the demise of the Petro-Dollar, the blunt of USMilitary over-reach, and the global urgency of putting the King Dollar into a cement casing coffin. The global movement will gain strong momentum to end the dollarized terrorized nightmare. The entire world is coming to realize that the USDollar is wrecking the financial structures, ruining economies, forcing colossal debt abuses, while its defense is a grand threat to world peace.

"Many are the deceptions as features to the diverse and powerful End Game underway and in progress. It is like a pathogenesis for the cancer which has become the USDollar."

People had better prepare themselves for some conclusion events, certain to occur with fireworks. The USDollar is soon to go away, put to rest, killed off. Its rise signals its demise. The hidden dismantle of the Petro-Dollar mechanism has been eerie, mysterious, and full of intrigue. The Gold Standard will return, but through the trade window. The solution to the untreated Global Financial Crisis is the gold route. The Eurasian Trade Zone will be built upon the gold route, and see a revival of the Silk Road. It cannot be stopped, not even by war. The safe haven is not the USDollar, but rather Gold & Silver bars & coins, otherwise defined as money.

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