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October 4, 2014

Dr. Jim Willie On Caravan To Midnight With John B. Wells: “It’s Only Gotten Uglier!”

By Live Free or Die

Providing an escape from Ebola, Ebola, Ebola, Dr. Jim Willie joins John B. Wells on Caravan To Midnight in this brand new video to have a Eco-geopolitical discussion unlike anything else we’ve ever heard before. As Wells clearly points out, Dr. Willie pulls another rabbit out of his hat in this hour long discussion and promptly warns us that “it’s only gotten uglier”.

Wells asks Willie “when the sky is going to fall?” as we close in on our collective doom, leaving Dr. Willie to explain the ‘goings on’ in our world today including WHY we haven’t yet seen a ‘global currency reset’ and answers all the questions that we now have regarding the how’s and why’s of war, the economy and much, much more…”The United States is running out of dirty cards to throw on the table” Dr. Willie warns.


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