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July 27, 2021

As Joe Biden Implodes, More Signs Of Impending Medical Tyranny Continue To Emerge With 'Yellow Wrist Bands' For 'The Unvaxxed' The Latest Sign We're Being Herded Into Slavery And Segregation

- Keep 'Loading For Bear' As Democrats Try To Turn America Into Nazi Germany

By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

Back on July 19th, we'd reported in this ANP story titled "Americans Are Avoiding 'Biden's Shots' As If They Are 'The Plague' Itself Because Most Americans No Longer Trust The Media, Congress, Biden Or Our Medical And Education Systems - You Want To Regain Americans Trust? Then Quit Lying To Us!" that the US Presidency had the confidence of only 38% of Americans. 

And that horrific number actually trounced the confidence level Americans have in the mainstream media of only 16%, and destroyed the confidence level Americans have in Congress of only 12% according to a new Gallup poll.

So while Democrats and Republican traitors in Congress are attempting to push the most draconian laws upon Americans in 2021, our lawmakers are almost universally hated and distrusted, with the first video that we've embedded directly below showing just one of the reasons why, Joe Biden is a walking, babbling disaster. 

With this video exposing Biden for who he really is as Joe meets up with CNN talking head Don Lemon who tells him he'd been 'vaxxed', the mumbling, jumbling Joe responds first with a look of bewilderment and the words 'you got the vaccination, and you're ok?' before breaking out into a series of "or or or or or or or or or or or" and "I..I...I...I...I....I...I", garnering the following top-voted comments on that video.: 

For Lemon to stand there and act like nothing is wrong. I can see him trying to cover for him but you know after it was done Lemon told people personally that guy is.... (censored by ANP, you can fill in the blank!)

This guy has the voice of a man, but the words of a confused 7 year old.

Lemons body language said 'no I didn't get it'. They are all liars.

I predicted he'd be president for less than a year. Looks like I'm gonna be right.

The video that we speak of before we continue.:

With any attempt to mandate vaccinations for Americans for us simply to go to the grocery store or a restaurant or other locations another push towards not only tyranny but pushing Americans toward starvation, we can learn a lot by what's happening now in Europe and in California.

With this Fortune story titled "Europe shows U.S. what measures may come next in COVID-19 fight" the latest huge hint of the globalists now working on some kind of labeling and categorization system of free human beings, both Hawaii and California now working on some kind of a 'passport system' are more signs of what's coming to America if the far-left led by 'babbling Biden' gets their way. 

And while Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene is being chastised by the mainstream media for comparing new attempts to force unwanted vaxxes on people to what they did in Nazi Germany, all we need to do is look at what's already happening in parts of America to see that she isn't far off, at all! 

So while some are fighting back, with one California restaurant posting a 'proof of being UN-vaccinated' sign to their doors for admittance, as the Liberty Daily had reported in this July 26th story, the 'fully woke' and 'fully failing' NFL is now pushing yellow wrist bands for the unvaxxed. Trying to turn America into Nazi Germany, NFL? From that story before we go on. 

Nazi Germany forced Jews to wear yellow patches with the Star of David on them so everyone could easily spot them in a crowd. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are forcing unvaccinated players to wear yellow wristbands so journalists can spot them on the practice field. Irony is lost on the NFL. 

Players who are vaccinated get to wear the red wristbands of honor while yellow wristbands will denote which players need to be pressured by press, fans, and sponsors. It is intended as a mark of shame; there is no other way to describe it. Claims by the organization that they’re doing it for the safety of players is absolutely ludicrous. 

According to NBC Sports: 

The Buccaneers have informed PFT that the Super Bowl LV champions will be using two different wristbands at practice to distinguish vaccinated players from unvaccinated players. According to the team, vaccinate players will wear red wristbands and unvaccinated players will wear yellow wristbands. 

As the Bucs begin practicing today, photos inevitably will emerge from the session — and many will be looking for the yellow wristbands. (It’s hard to spot them, if they’re even there, in practice videos posted by the team on social media.) 

Running back Leonard Fournette surely will have one. Via Rick Stroud of the Tampa Bay Times, Fournette said on Sunday that he’s still deciding whether to get vaccinated. 

As can be clearly seen in this article, attempts by the press to single out and expose unvaccinated players has already started. This is going to get ugly. Shame on the Buccaneers for embracing this Nazi tactic.

So with what's happening in the NFL a sign of what's coming to America, how long before we're seeing scenes like the photograph below on the streets of America? One thing that anyone attempting to impose full-scale tyranny in America needs to remember, Americans thankfully have 450 million+ guns to defend themselves from tyrants thanks to the amazing wisdom of America's Founding Fathers. And take note of the 'yellow star' this poor man was forced to wear. A look at America's future? 

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So with the Presidency, Congress, the mainstream media, the US education system and many more of Americans biggest institutions completely failing the American people in 2021, proving they deserve their absolutely horrifically failing 'trust grades', what are Americans to do when we're still being fed lies on a massive scale by those who nobody trusts? 

And with any attempts to institute mandatory vaccines (that we get more proof don't work in this story out of Cape Cod, Mass reporting a new Covid cluster is breaking out among the fully vaxxed), as this story over at Tulsa World reports, what we're now witnessing is nothing less than the globalists latest attempts to 'segregate society'.

But with hugely lower vaccination rates among black Americans than white Americans according to the CDC, can you imagine what will happen in America's inner cities should they mandate vaccine passports just for Americans to go into grocery stores?! With one Democrat-run-city after another already imploding in crime and violence, as this new Fox News story reported, the MSM continues to cover-up those huge failings of leftist mayors; so what happens in the inner cities when people who want to eat cannot get food simply because they haven't gotten 'vaxxed' yet? 

We should all continue to pay very close attention to what's happening in America's inner cities because they're an 'early warning system' for the rest of the country. 

So as we had warned in this July 15th ANP story titled "This Explains The Orwellian Rush Into Medical Tyranny: Dangerous Polls Show Americans Agree, The MSM, Biden, Congress And Medical System Have Failed America Horribly" we should all expect and prepare for the rush to despotism to be kicked into overdrive in America as Americans 'awaken en masse' to 'woke', and the globalists continue to lose their influence as more and more turn away from the MSM. 

Each of the videos below take a look at what's now happening to America as the globalists takeover we've long been warned about is kicked into high gear in 2021, with 'Covid' being the 'trojan horse' they're pushing to help rush us into something that we absolutely must avoid if we're going to be free people in the future. As Mike Adams warns in the 2nd video below, even cool-headed experts in various fields are now warning of what's to come, giving everybody more reasons to stock up and arm up and prepare for the end game that they are now heavily pushing to fully usher in medical tyranny and their 'new world order'

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Thank you and God Bless. Susan and Stefan.


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