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March 8, 2021 

With Kamala Harris Stalking Joe Biden As If She's The Grim Reaper, All Indications Are Biden Is 'Out The Door' As The Globalists Prop Up And Censor America's White House Squatter  

- Get Ready For 'President Kamala Harris' To Be 'Installed' 

By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

While over nearly the past two weeks, and in two different stories dating back to February 26th, Susan Duclos got to have all the fun ripping Joe Biden and the 'legitimacy' of his presidency into little bits and pieces, I knew that I had to join in the festivities after what I've learned over the past few days.

With Susan's February 26th story titled "'Worst Kept Secret In The White House': Secret Service Chatter Outs How Bad Biden's Mental Health Really Is - The Lights Are On, But Nobody Is Home," and her March 1st story titled "Consider This A Gauntlet Thrown Down: 'Joe Biden Is An Illegitimate President' - In America's Tech Oppressed Society That Statement Will Get You Cancelled", both warning us of Biden's awful mental health and the loss of his 'faculties', none other than the Washington Times recently put out this story titled "Will the real president of the United States please stand up? There's no evidence that Joe Biden is actually serving as president".

And with Steve Bannon recently sounding a major alarm, warning that it's already time for America to prepare for a transition from Biden to a 'President Kamala Harris', we've got a question to ask that Democrats will never, ever answer: Why has Joe Biden been cut off by his aides from answering audience questions following 'virtual meetings', when Biden has said he was happy to answer them? TWICE!

While we'll never get a straight answer to that question from Democrats nor the mainstream media, former White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany recently revealed why she thinks Biden is not only 'hiding from the press' but also 'not doing any solo press conferences' or taking questions from the audience; and it's the same reason why Biden hid in his basement for most of the 2020 election campaign: his staff is afraid to put him out there, worrying about what might happen, and they’re trying to protect him from the inevitable problems that would result.

So with America now being run by a brain-dead, 'presidential imposter' who is being hidden from America by his own staff so that the masses don't find out what they 'put into office', how long will it be before 'Kamala' is 'installed', with her clearly being the far-left's 'first choice', anyways? From this Trending Politics story.: 

While speaking with Author Mike McCormick, and National Pulse Editor-in-Chief Raheem Kassam on The War Room, host of the show Steve Bannon said it is time to get ready for the transition from President Joe Biden to Kamala Harris. 

Bannon pointed to Biden’s current well being, saying that his “eyes are now dead,” also noting that Harris has had a relatively large roll compared to previous vice presidents. 

"Kamala Harris is printed up in playbooks, always there for these meetings,” Bannon said as he explained how Harris is involved with a large amount of meetings. “Pence was never that. That’s not the roll of the vice president.” 

Steve Bannon isn’t the only one who is sounding the alarm about Biden’s health. 

During a recent interview with Fox News host Sean Hannity, conservative podcast host and former Secret Service member Dan Bongino dropped a bomb when discussed conversations he has had with Secret Service members working closer with President Joe Biden.

So with Democrats also wanting to take the 'nuclear access codes' away from Biden, while 'big tech' censors anyone calling out Biden's mental health, America is headed towards a disaster of epic proportions with other foreign nations also questioning Biden's mental health while around the world, he's looked at as someone who is supposed to be the 'Commander in Chief' of the 'free world'

With Biden also recently acting extremely 'meekly' according to his own Secret Service, let's take an extended look at this Washington Times story before we continue.:

Can anyone just tell us who the hell is running our federal government right now? 

You literally get censored out of existence for suggesting that anyone other than Joe Biden won the election last November. Yet there is no evidence today — four months later — that Mr. Biden is actually serving as president

A weird Tron video this week appeared to show Mr. Biden — looking every bit the part of Max Headroom — interfacing with House Democrats in Congress. Digitally, of course. 

He droned on for a few minutes using scripted psycho-pablum, sitting alone at a table. The table was empty except for his instruction manual. As he spoke haltingly, he looked up at a giant screen from which House Speaker Nancy Pelosi stared awkwardly, fake smiling. 

One could imagine the Dem droids watching from somewhere in the cybersphere nodding along obediently. 

The digital president then opened the floor for questions. “I’m happy to take questions,” he said, pretending for a moment to actually be the leader of the free world. Then he remembered. “If that’s what I’m supposed to do, Nance,” Mr. Biden added, using his bizarre nickname for the smiling droid staring down at him. 

Her face twitched. Mr. Biden, apparently, had failed to display proper subservience. 

“Whatever you want me to do,” he added meekly. 

Even more alarming than his failure to display proper subservience was the notion that Mr. Biden had offered to allow questions and possibly even answer them. The Overlords were not pleased. 

They immediately issued a long censorship “beep.” Then the Overlords cut away from the video of the man claiming to be the leader of the free world and replaced it with a test pattern of colored bars.

There would be no questions. And certainly no answers.

And while there was definitely a bit of 'tongue in cheek' in that story, as Red State had reported in this recent story, it seems that whenever Biden's 'handlers' allow him 'out of the cage', things fall to pieces for them. From that story about the video we've embedded directly below. That story first referenced the 'Covid relief bill' that Democrats in the US Senate had recently passed. :

For some reason, all this led to Joe Biden’s handlers seeing fit to let him out of his bedroom. What followed was yet more proof that this is a man who isn’t fit to be a dog walker, much less the President of the United States. 

Biden truly looks barely alive at this point. His skin is taut, his eyes are squinty, and he once again shows an inability to articulate even the most basic points. None of his verbal fumbles are due to any supposed stutter. Keep in mind, there’s a teleprompter feeding him lines in a massive font right in front of him. How in the world is this guy ever going to do a State of the Union address if he can’t operate for ten minutes in an environment built to prop him up?

I think the answer is that he won’t. He’s already skipped the traditional first address to Congress, something no president in modern history has done. Given he and almost every (if not every) member of Congress have been vaccinated from the coronavirus, there’s zero justification for that decision aside from a physical inability to perform his duties. Clearly, this is a man who would be incapable of delivering a lengthy speech, reading off written notes at an hour that also happens to be well past his bedtime. Unlike the myriad of “joint interviews” he keeps doing, he wouldn’t be able to have his wife by his side to interject and help him out. 

 Does Joe Biden have dementia? Or is are we just witnessing his natural descent into senility? People do simply get old, after all. I can’t say for sure. What I can tell you is that none of this normal.

If you can 'interpret' Joe Biden in this video, please feel more than free to do so in our comment section below!

In the next video below from Rumble, we hear from Bannon in his War Room and his advice to Americans that we now prepare ourselves mentally for a 'President Kamala Harris' in our futures. 

Warning that Biden's eyes are dead and there is 'definitely something not right there', Bannon also asks why Biden is never available to the press and to the American people while putting it out there that Kamala Harris definitely is.

With the left clearly 'grooming' Harris to soon take Biden's spot, what happens in this country when someone who would have never won the election against President Trump is 'installed' into the highest office in the land?

Also warning that we're now witnessing nothing less than the carrying out of the 'political obituary' of Biden, and the mental process that Americans will soon go through of a switch from Biden to Harris must be thought out and dealt with, the video also sternly warns that Harris has seemingly been following Biden around, NOT like a 'little puppy' but like the 'grim reaper', so what is going on in the minds of Harris and Democrats in 2021? Certainly nothing good! 

So with Biden definitely NOT up to the task of being America's Commander in Chief and seemingly 'lost in the White House', shuffling around in a bathrobe and slippers while the mainstream media covers for him as is also pointed out within this video, please pray for America and our future with something in Washington DC stinking to high heaven. 

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