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January 2, 2018

Two Plane Crashes Take The Lives Of Business Executives Who Had Ties To Hillary Clinton And The 'Deep State' As Julian Assange's Cryptic Tweet Hints At Bombshell Story Ahead 

By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

Back on October 16th of 2017, Susan Duclos published a story on ANP in which she reported that Wikileaks founder Julian Assange had recently tweeted out a mysterious code on twitter, leading Fox News' Sean Hannity to himself putting out a tweet stating "Wow!!!!! Tick Tock". As Susan reported in her story, Hannity had also highlighted another message from Assange which stated: "Evidence emerges of a conspiracy to take down the DNC as far back as 2010," with a link to this Breitbart article from 2010 on Assanges belief's about conspiracies.

Well Julian Assange appears to be at it again for as this story over at RT reports, on New Years day at 3 a.m., Assange sent out another cryptic 60 character tweet while linking to the final video at the bottom of this story, a popular rap song called 'Paper Airplanes' that 'has sparked a frenzy of speculation about the meaning of the message and the wellbeing of the Wikileaks founder'.

And while maybe not coincidentally, as we learn in much more detail below, after two recent plane crashes that took the lives of two US business executives and their entire families over the last several days, we're not the least bit surprised to learn that both had ties to Hillary Clinton, the Clinton Foundation and the 'deep state' as heard in the 3rd video below. Is the 'Clinton body count' still growing? 


With some on twitter very concerned that Assange had died and his released code was a 'dead man's switch', others claimed the code he'd released was setting up the next Wikileaks bombshell, possibly an encryption key signalling a fresh batch of leaked files will soon be on the way as is also discussed in the first two videos below.


And with this latest mysterious tweet by Assange coming soon after the US Navy itself sent out a mysterious two word tweet back on Christmas Day, the tweet simply reading "Julian Assange", speculation as to what is really going on is rampant.


As Infowars reported, the Navy blamed an 'inadvertent keystroke' for the tweet of Assange's name and while they deleted the tweet within seconds, the speculation into why they'd have tweeted out just Assange's name is huge, especially considering what he and Wikileaks likely know about Hillary Clinton, the DNC and Seth Rich. 

With Wikileaks recently dropping proof that the NY Times colluded with Hillary Clinton while she was Secretary of State as reported in this new story over at Now The End Begins which Steve Quayle linked to on his website Tuesday morning, the US Navy's 'Julian Assange' tweet was even more mysterious considering Assange’s twitter account briefly vanished Christmas Eve, only to be reinstated later Christmas Day.

So what is going on behind the scenes with Wikileaks and Julian Assange? Has the 'deep state' co-opted him as some have warned, his twitter account taken over by the CIA or other shadowy govt alphabet soup agencies as some have suggested?


Also of interest, earlier this morning, Wikileaks put out the tweet seen above in which they reference a new tweet from President Trump in which he once again called out 'crooked Hillary' and the 'deep state', specifically referencing corruption at the Department of Justice. 

As we've learned over the past several weeks, with the 'top of the food chain' at the FBI having sold away their souls to Hillary Clinton while the Department of Justice proved that they were in the tank for Hillary too, as Susan Duclos reports today in her new story here at ANP, is President Trump sending signals to the DOJ to 'bring down Hillary and the corrupted deep state' or else? 

Or, have the DOJ and FBI been corrupted beyond repair by Barack Obama and the 'Clinton Crime Family'? 


If James Comey and the FBI know about the 'Clinton body count', the seemingly never-ending list of dead bodies that follow Bill and Hill wherever they go, might there have been an alternative reason for them not to pursue Hillary?

Certainly we can understand Comey not wanting to have his name be the latest added to the still-growing list of mysteriously dead bodies that already includes Seth Rich, Shawn Lucas, John Ashe and the list goes on and on and on and on. Why do so many people meet their untimely end who had ties to the Clinton's? And why prior to the 2016 election did Google bury 'the Clinton body count' as this story from the Daily Mail reported back in August of 2016?

And now, as we learn in this new story from Zero Hedge, the recent plane crash in Costa Rica that killed 10 Americans had on it one Bruce Steinberg and his entire family. As ZH reports, Steinberg was an executive at a company called Bridgewater Associates, a company which James Comey spent three years as an executive at.

Bridgewater Associates, a $150 billion hedge fund founded by Ray Dalio that the New Yorker has labeled “the world’s richest and strangest hedge fund", as NY Mag reported back in June of 2016, Dalio was a prominent 'never Trumper'. 

As the Zero Hedge story also reported, in another crash involving a small aircraft, Compass Group Plc Chief Executive Officer Richard Cousins and four members of his close family were killed when a seaplane crashed into the Hawkesbury River in Sydney. As one wise commenter pointed out on that ZH story, the Compass Group built the Clinton Presidential Library in Little Rock, Arkansas. Just another strange coincidence or another piece of the still unfolding puzzle? 


Are people who know too much once again being 'knocked off' by those who don't want the world to know the truth? The ties between the Clinton's and the 'deep state' that go back decades are deeply disturbing, especially considering this same 'deep state' has been attempting to take down President Trump, and thus, overthrow the will of the American people. 

In the final video below which Assange linked to in his cryptic New Year's tweet, a rapper named 'M.I.A.' sings a song called 'Paper Planes' and as we see in the excerpt below of her songs lyrics, a message may be being sent. Calling out 'skull and bones' in her song, there are also dozens of gunshots and cash register noises on the track. Many wondered who exactly Assange could be targeting with such references. And what about these lyrics below? An answer to a threat? 

With America having been rapidly descending into a 3rd world nation under Barack Obama and the Clinton crime family, combined with Wikileaks having a possible bombshell story on the horizon, we should read between the lines.

Third world democracy.

Yeah, I've got more records than the K.G.B.

So, uh, no funny business.

The discussion of the two recent plane crashes and their possible ties to Hillary Clinton and the 'deep state' begins at the 14 minute 35 second mark of this video. As our videographer points out, while there is at this moment no absolute proof that these plane crashes were tied to the Clinton's and the 'deep state', the 'coincidences' we're witnessing are impossible to overlook.

Our videographer also references this quote from former President Franklin D. Roosevelt: "In politics, nothing happens by accident. If it happens, you can bet it was planned that way."


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