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October 31, 2018

Days Away From An Election That Will Help Decide The Future Of America, This Long History Of Voter Fraud Proves The Demonrats Will Resort To Crime In Attempt To Steal Back Their Lost Power


By John C. Velisek - USN Ret - All News Pipeline 

In a few days there will an election in our country and once again cries of “voter suppression” have been plying throughout the progressive socialist Democrats on Capitol Hill and the media. The leftists in the media such as little Jimmy Acosta tweeted: voter fraud in this country is actually very rare. Glenn Thrush, another leftist sycophant declared there is virtually no voter fraud in this country. These statements, along with the diatribe of voter suppression are nonsensical and patronizing to those whose votes should actually count. The progressive socialists working with their academic friends on studies with no basis, in fact, continue to allow the Leftists to push fraudulent voters to maintain what little power they have left.

It is the constant refrain from the progressive socialists is a racial implication that minorities can’t figure out how to gain verifiable ID, and is used for no other reason to keep the progressive socialists viable. Once again they are clutching their pearls about forcing voters to actually be able to prove who they are. Having verification of who you are is as simple as a drivers’ license or a state ID with a photo, in many cases free from the state. As stated by Candace Owens, a black conservative:

Are the Democrats saying that black people don’t need to follow the law to vote because they are too stupid to figure out how to get the proper identification?” Blacks are no different than anyone else. They need to show a verified ID to open a checking account, buy a plane ticket, get a car, and if young to buy alcohol, but we are supposed to believe that they have no ID to vote."


The reason for requiring and verified ID to vote is to contain fraud, something the progressive socialist’s state never happens. Heritage Foundation has details proving 1132 proven instances of fraud in 47 states. Yet they continue to file sham lawsuits to stop voter ID. In New Hampshire, a judge halted Senate Bill 3 requiring that voters provide proof of residency. The lawsuit, filed by the New Hampshire Democrat Party, the League of Women Voters and individuals who claim that providing verifiable proof of residency is an obstacle to the constitutional right to vote. SB3 was initially filed to prevent fraud by residents of Massachusetts from voting once in the home state and voting once in New Hampshire. In 2026, and without voter fraud protection, Kelly Ayotte lost the Senate Race to Progressive socialist Maggie Hassan by 1017 votes even though it has been documented that there were 5000 fraudulent voters. The nullification of SB3 was overturned by the NH Supreme Court making fraudulent voting more difficult.

In Texas, at this time, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton has filed criminal charges of criminal electoral fraud against a group funded by the Democrats. Leticia Sanchez and three other votes “harvesters” allegedly submitted fraudulent absentee ballot applications. The state Democratic Party also sent mailers to noncitizens that already had the box declaring citizenship marked. 

California, the state with a “motor voter” law has admitted to through the DMV that over 25,000 non- citizens have been registered to vote. Al Franken, since removed from office, won by 312 voted in an election that has documented that 1099 convicted felons voted in that election.

In Georgia, we have Stacey Abrams the progressive socialist nominee for governor stating that the “Blue Wave” would include those not documented. She has since attempted to walk back the statement but still refuses to explain that there are 75,000 pending voters in Georgia and almost 25% came from the “New Georgia Project” a group founded by the same Stacey Abrams.

In Pennsylvania along with California, New Jersey, and Illinois, all progressive socialist strongholds, refuse to follow federal disclosure laws and withheld documents from the Public Interest Legal Foundation when even the state legislators tasked with oversight for purging the voter rolls conceal information allowing thousands of noncitizens to vote.


In Texas, Direct Action Texas is attempting to clean up voter rolls. The investigations done by this group have come to two conclusions: 

280,000 legal-resident noncitizens are on the Texas voter rolls and,

Over 4 million registered voters cannot be verified as required by law in the database of the Texas Department of Public Safety.

It is sobering to think that 30% of all registered voters in the state may be voting illegally. Perhaps that is how the progressive socialists plan on turning Texas blue.

Even absent the assistance of many states, the Pew Research Council have found 24 million registrations invalid or inaccurate making the systems in the country vulnerable to fraud. The Justice Department under Obama refused to take any action on any level to require states to maintain accurate voter rolls by removing ineligible voters.

In 2008 blacks voted at a higher rate than whites. In Indiana by a majority 6-3 opinion of the Supreme Court, it was agreed that the showing of a verifiable ID to vote is not suppression. In Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens decision it was shown that the additional burdens on voters are more than offset by the state’s interest in counting only the votes of eligible voters.

Studies that have been done for the leftist’s organizations have gone so far as to question the integrity of the Attorney General for enforcing the Voting Rights Act over the objection of hardline Democrats. The National Voter Registration Act of 1993 requires States to accept and use a federal voter registration form but the federal form does not require proof of citizenship and the States do not require it. This study, done by Zoltan Hajnal , from the University of California.


A more recent study by Justin Grimmer from the University of Chicago found that the Hajnal study was so flawed that the conclusions cannot carry any weight and may lead to conclusions that are outright false.

A follow-up study by Yale, Stanford and the University of Pennsylvania found no evidence that Voter ID laws have any impact on voter turnout. In the words of the study:

Widespread concern that voter identification laws suppress turnout amongst racial and ethnic minorities has made empirical evaluations of these laws crucial.

Being that the studies being splashed across the media by Democrat sycophants have been proven to be unworthy of consideration, and that, in 2013, in a ruling by the Supreme Court ruling that states no longer would be required to seek permission to clean up voter rolls, the progressive socialist position is now that blacks and Hispanics have been systematically purged from voter rolls.

It is highly informative that it has been the Democrats who have been denying blacks the right to vote. The poll taxes in the South coupled with the origination of the KuKluxKlan are the people who were the Democrat party of the past who now cry the loudest of “voter suppression.” Progressive socialist Democrats understand that the only way to regain power is to allow illegal immigrants and other noncitizens to vote. They do not care that those votes diminish the actual voters who vote in this country or that the votes of legal citizens will be compromised.

Project 21 Black leadership recommends voter identification and proof of citizenship. It recommends the purging of voter rolls. Co-Chairman of Project 21 Horace Cooper states that black voters are drowned out by the voting of illegal aliens, convicts, and noncitizens.

The Federalist papers, in Federalist 60, Hamilton speaks of the fundamental privilege of citizens to vote. Throughout the Federalist papers talks of the right of the citizen to vote.

Even the previous Obama administration weighed in on the subject. When during the debate candidate Trump said that he would like to see the results before being willing to concede. It was the Messiah-in-chief who declared Trump is “talking down our democracy” (something Obama has down to an art form) “and I for one am appalled that somebody who is a nominee of one of our two major parties would take that position.” Attorney General Loretta Lynch, she of Clinton tarmac meeting fame declared: "we don’t see ballot fraud as an actual threat.” The evidence was piling up proving the underhanded movements of progressive groups to get the illegal noncitizens the right to vote even before her statement. I don’t think she discussed the problem with anyone, it was just another leftist talking point. Of course, neither of these paragons of virtue could explain inaccurate voting lists, elimination of poll watchers, especially Republican, same-day voter registration, lack of any paper trails, not making precinct election results available, and the miscounting of absentee ballots.

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