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August 14, 2020

The Liberal Fear Is Palpable Now - MSM Meltdowns Show That President Trump Has Broken The Entire Industry And The Media Holds No Confidence In The Biden-Harris Ticket

By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

The liberal establishment media is constantly screeching about polls, polls, polls, that claim that Dem candidate for president, Joe Biden, is leading President Trump. Of course many of them do not acknowledge the demographics of the respondents, which usually consists of more Democrat respondents than Republicans, nor the organization that funds and/or conducts the poll, which are mainly liberal leaning outlets or orgs.

With that said, in 2016, almost all the same polling groups and papers, and liberal cable news outlets, all breathlessly reported how Hillary Clinton was assured the win in the 2016 presidential election, because the "polls" said so.

How did that work out for them?


One would think with all the salivating the liberal establishment media has been doing over the polls, over Joe Biden and now his running mate Kamala Harris, they would be very happy campers right about now, yet what we are seeing is fear, panic, and in some cases, complete online meltdowns as the 2020 presidential election nears.

There are a variety of logical reasons why they are freaking out, at the same times as claiming they are sure Biden is ahead.

One: There internal numbers are showing something very different than what is being reported, which has them hyperventilating about not being able to control the masses anymore with their lies and skewed polls.

Two: They remember, painfully, how their hopes were annihilated in 2016 on election night, as media pundits cried on air, and liberals across the nation screamed "NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!"

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Sorry, couldn't help it. That video cracks me up every time, right before I take a deep breath and somberly hope that someone got her some serious mental health help.

Three: They know Joe Biden is a losing proposition, and are using poor "dementia Joe" for his name recognition and trying to prop him up with soft-ball questions, excuses, justifications for his extreme screw-ups, and attempting to find a reason for him to never, ever get on a debate stage with the President.

That is one of the reasons they selected Kamala Harris as his running mate. They think she can take on the "speaking" portion of the campaign in the last weeks of the campaign season since Biden cannot seem to speak properly anymore, and they are using her "color" and gender as shield with claims that any criticism against her is SEXIST and RACIST!

If they think for one minute that their fake claims of sexism and racism against Harris criticism will stop us from criticizing her, I have only one answer for them.

Need I say more on that front? Didn't think so.

Moving right along now.


The beauty of the internet is that when media personalities lie, cheat, and meltdown, it is forever documented and often captured on video for posterity.

The most recent on-air freak-out, described as the "Best unhinged lefty TDS meltdown of the year," comes from MSNBC's Mika Brzezinski, who went on a three-plus minute public meltdown, which has also been dubbed "comedy gold." (H/T Twitchy)

If the media was so sure that the polling this time is accurate, and they aren't undercounting Trump supporters yet again, why the meltdown? Why the literal screaming and screeching by Mika?

She seems pretty scared of a Trump reelection.

Not only are the media meltdowns happening, but the media, who has been busted dozens of times over the last few years publishing outright fake news, (think Russian collusion hoax), has decided to triple down on "fake news," as evidenced by CNN's Jim Acosta, who is still trying to claim that "spying" on the Trump campaign by the Obama administration, "did not happen."

The Inspector General in his own words to Congress stated "its illegal surveillance. Its not court-authorized surveillance."

In April 2019, Attorney General Bill Barr sent Democrat congress members and liberals all across the internet into a tizzy when he told congress that Trump was "spied" on.

Apologies for so many short video clips, but unlike the MSM we like to provide the proof, visually and via audio when available, to confirm that we are not misrepresenting what was said.

Unsurprisingly Acosta has no problem lying to his audience to slam ORANGE MAN BAD, and to attempt to help Biden by trying to put all focus on President Trump.

Other media antics from just this week, includes CNN absolutely freaking out over Tucker Carlson mispronouncing Kamala, and Tucker getting the last hysterical laugh by showing that Joe Biden pronounced it the exact same way, but isn't called out by CNN or any other MSM outlet for that matter.

LOL at the end where Tucker states "Rescued again by Joe Biden. Thank you Joe."

The website NewsBusters documents the liberal media malpractice that occurs every day, and they update frequently for those that want to keep track of the antics of the media.

MSNBC's Donny Deutsch, declares that 1/3 of Americans are racist (Hint- Because they like Trump).

CBSs Biden Camp Reporter Fawns Over How They Would Lead in Pandemic


The one question every single American should be asking themselves is why the media is acting so scared and having these meltdowns, directly lying to the public, when they "claim" that the polls all show Biden ahead......yes, just like they did in 2016.

In my opinion, they are petrified because they know that Biden-Harris is not an exciting, energizing ticket and Biden has publicly shown he doesn't have the mental capacity to be President.

They're scared...... and they should be.

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