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November 8, 2016

President Elect Donald J. Trump!!!! - Elections Day Results, Polls And Controversy - Live Stream Presidential Election Day Coverage - OPEN THREAD


By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

[UPDATE] Donald Trump wins the 2016 Presidential election!!! Congratulations President Elect Donald Trump!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



[Update} Hillary Clinton never showed up for her "victory speech." Instead she senf John Podesta out to tell everyone the race was "too close to call" and to go home, leaving the stage for her supporters to watch a large screen TV with news of how Donald Trump was ahead and winning the states not officially called yet. 

Original Article below:

One of the most contentious campaign seasons has ended and today voters head to the polls and cast their votes to determine who the next President of the United States will be.... GOP Candidate Donald Trump or Democratic Candidate Hillary Clinton.

Politico's Live 2016 Presidential Election Results page will be tracking results as they come in, with Electoral votes show on top, an election map and then election results by state. NYT results page here - CNN results page here.

There are a number of livestreams embedded below so readers have their choice of which networks coverage they wish to follow. As election news come in throughout the day this article will be updated as well as readers from one end of the country to the other adding their insights, local reports and anything they deem relevant to the comment section below the article.


Breaking with decades of tradition where journalists from the largest outlets hold back exit polling data in a self-imposed embargo, under the theory that early news on election day could depress turnout, Slate and Vice have teamed up to create VoteCastr, which goes live at 11:00 am:

Via Slate:

Here’s how the VoteCastr system operates. By combining proprietary, large-sample polls taken prior to Election Day with targeted, real-time tracking of voter turnout on Tuesday, VoteCastr will make rolling projections of how many ballots have been cast for each candidate in each of the states we’re tracking: Florida, Iowa, New Hampshire, Nevada, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin. If you visit Slate at 11 a.m. EST on Tuesday, you’ll see projections for how many votes have been cast for Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump in each of those states as of 11 a.m. (VoteCastr will also analyze the vote in Colorado, albeit using a different technique.)

It’s crucial to remember these projections are being made in real time. Even if we were to assume the VoteCastr models are perfect—and we won’t—they can’t tell us who will win a particular state, only who is winning that state at a specific moment in time and who might win if current trends continue. When it comes to who might win, the emphasis should be on might. There are too many unknowns for us to be able say with confidence that what we think is happening in the present will continue to happen in the future. It’s entirely possible, for instance, that Trump voters will be more likely to cast their ballots in the morning and that Clinton voters will be more likely to cast theirs in the evening—or vice versa. There just isn’t enough historical data to give us meaningful insight on that type of voter behavior. Over the course of the day, we expect Clinton’s and Trump’s respective shares of the total vote in each state to shift as turnout waxes in some areas and wanes in others.

Heading into election day the national polling averages at Real Clear Politics have Clinton in the lead by 3.2 percent with 46.8 percent and Trump with 43.6 percent, although the latest IBD poll conducted has Trump leading Clinton by 2 points and the LA Times tracking poll has Trump up by 3 percentage points.

Updated election related news links below:

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INTERESTING Affidavit from a witness to voter fraud in Broward County, Florida.

11 03 2016 Chelsey Smith SOE Affidavit uploaded by Susan Duclos on Scribd

Voters Want a Strong Leader More Than Anything Else, Exit Poll Shows

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Voting Machine "Irregularities" Reported in Utah, Tennessee, Pennsylvania, & North Carolina


A number of livestreams are embedded below, some live all day, other starting at different times, giving readers a variety of choices to choose from.

The NBC News livestream below begins at 6:30 pm:




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