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May 12, 2017

Did You See These Viral 'News' Stories? Three Days, Three MSM 'Fake News' Stories Get Debunked

By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

The establishment media aka the MSM appears to be attempting to break their own record of how many "fake news" stories they can get to go viral over the course of three days since the firing of FBI Director James Comey.


The Washington Post, New York Times, CNN , LA Times, Reuters, The Hill, AOL News, Wall Street Journal and MSNBC, all blared headlines, after the termination of Comey, stating "Comey sought more resources for Russia probe" before he was fired. The majority of them using almost the exact same wording, as shown in the search screen shot below:


The only one not linked above was the MSNBC report, which is shown in the short clip below, where Rachel Maddow dramatically reported on the reports of additional resources being sought for the Russia probe. Also provided in the video below is the congressional testimony by the new acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe, when he is asked if additional funds had been requested for the Russia investigation, to which his answer shows that all those reports above, were completely "fake news."

McCabe was asked by Senate Intelligence Committee member Susan Collins, after referencing the the press reports, "Are you aware of that request, can you confirm that that request was in fact made?"

McCabe's response: "I cannot confirm that request was made. As you know ma'am, when we need resources, we make those requests here. So I -- I don't -- I'm not aware of that request and it's not consistent with my understanding of how we request additional resources.

That said, we don't typically request resources for an individual case. And as I mentioned, I strongly believe that the Russian investigation is adequately resourced."

McCabe's response confirms the DOJ's assertion, made by DOJ spokeswoman Sarah Isgur Flores, who categorically denied those reports and called them "totally false," after she spoke directly to Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, to whom the original NYT  report claimed Comey requested the resources from.

The New York Times, citing three anonymous sources, reported Wednesday that Mr. Comey had met with Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein and asked for an increase in personnel and funding for the bureau’s ongoing investigation into Russian meddling in the November presidential election.

After speaking with Mr. Rosenstein on Wednesday, DOJ spokeswoman Sarah Isgur Flores flatly denied The New York Times report.

Note - It is very interesting that the original NYT report that all the other MSM outlets repeated almost verbatim, used "anonymous sources" for their fake news report, yet the DOJ spoke openly with a named spokesperson that actually spoke to the man in question, Mr. Rosenstein, which obviously was too difficult for the lazy MSM to bother doing, to you know, confirm their reports!

Conclusion -  MSM FAKE NEWS!


Fake item number two goes hand-in-hand with number one, where the unanimous implication by the aforementioned reports were that Comey was fired in order to impede the investigation into Russia in regards to the 2016 election. Outlets like Chicago Tribune took the ball and ran with it, with headlines like "If Trump fired Comey over Russia, he must be impeached."  AOL pushed the same narrative with the headline "Why did Trump fire FBI Director James Comey? Cover-up of Russia investigation suspected." CNN took it a step further calling Comey's firing the "nuclear option on Russian probe," while attempting to associate it with Nixon and Watergate.

This, of course, pushed the narrative the MSM wanted, leading to top liberal writers push the same false narrative, such as the following from popular liberal website Mother Jones, just as an example:

If Trump fired Comey to impede the Russia investigation, he possibly engaged in obstruction of justice. That is a crime. That is a case for impeachment. In fact, the first of the three articles of impeachment filed by the House judiciary committee against Richard Nixon in 1974 was for obstruction of justice. That article listed as one reason for impeachment: "interfering or endeavouring to interfere with the conduct of investigations by the Department of Justice of the United States, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the office of Watergate Special Prosecution Force, and Congressional Committees."

Trump certainly appears to have tried to interfere with the Russia investigation by dismissing Comey.

Liberal talking heads over at  VOX ran with the "Watergate" storyline, headline with "Why the Comey firing could be Trump’s Watergate moment."

As a quick point of reference on how fast the liberals ran to follow the marching orders they were given by the MSM, a Google search for "Trump, Comey, Watergate," now brings up over 550,000 results.


Did the firing of Comey equal a Watergate moment, a cover-up to impede and prevent any further investigation into Russia..... ummmmmmmmm, NOPE.

This was addressed in an article from May 11, 2017, by ANP, with a short one-minute clip of McCabe's testimony, where he was asked point blank whether Comey's dismissal had impeded or negatively affected their Russia investigations, where he stated "As you know, Senator, the work of the men and women of the FBI continues despite any changes in circumstance, any decisions. So there has been no effort to impede our investigation to date."

Conclusion - MSM FAKE NEWS!


The next fake news item was started by the Washington Post, where they cited .... you guessed it, an "unnamed person" close to the White House, that claimed that Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, who had written a three-page memorandum detailing the reasons behind his recommendation for Comey's dismissal, had "threatened to quit" because his letter had been used as a basis to terminate Comey.

Off and running went the media establishment and liberal talking heads, once again, with Huffingtion Post headlining "Deputy Attorney General Reportedly Threatened To Quit Over Comey Backlash," and US News and World Report with "Report: Rosenstein Threatened to Resign After White House Said He Was Behind Comey Firing," and The Daily Beast titled theirs "Rosenstein Threatened to Resign After Comey’s Firing," and ABC News "Deputy AG Rosenstein was on the verge of resigning, upset over WH pinning Comey firing on him," and Talking Points Memo with "WaPo: Deputy AG Threatened To Quit When WH Pinned Comey Firing On Him."

Are we starting to see the pattern of "unnamed sources," cited by the MSM, then all the other establishment media repeating those reports by anonymous sources, followed up by popular liberal bloggers repeating the same things?

What did all the above and the dozens upon dozens of others reporting Rosenstein threatened to quit, neglect to do?  Ask Rosenstein, like Sinclair Broadcast Group did.

WASHINGTON (Sinclair Broadcast Group) - Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein said he's not quitting, nor did he threaten to quit over his role in the firing of FBI Director James Comey.

When asked by Sinclair Broadcast Group's Michelle Macaluso about reports that claim otherwise, he stated "no, I'm not quitting."

Macaluso: Did you threaten to quit?

Rosenstein: No.

Conclusion - MSM FAKE NEWS!



We did run across one from CNN, the "news" segment, shown below,  where we have to admit, the MSM  finally got something right. This has been mentioned by BuzzFeed, the UK's Independent, NY Magazine, MSN News, Mashable, Yahoo News, and a whole host of others.

The huge, blockbuster bombshell that they wasted a television news segment and a ton of ink on? President Donald Trump likes two scoops of ice cream on his pie, uses Russian salad dressing and likes extra sauce with his chicken.

I. KID. YOU. NOT. This is what journalism from the MSM has become and worse yet, these are the  "news" stories they manage to get right!

Perhaps the best response to the CNN 'news" story above came from President Trump's son, Donald Trump Jr., when he tweeted "How ridiculous is this headline from The Clinton News Network??? Is this really a network dedicated to journalism anymore? #icecream"


Over just the last three days, there have been three outright fake news stories and storylines provided by the MSM, quoting anonymous sources, that have all been proven as false, by congressional testimony and the  person that was the topic of the fake reports, as the media proves once again, that they cannot be trusted, they do not confirm their stories with the original subjects, they lay out a storyline with the sole purpose of others jumping on that fake news, then give little or no coverage to the truth when it is revealed.

The moral of showing those MSM fake news stories and then the one they got correct, is that maybe it is time for them to focus on what Trump eats, because that is all they seem to be able to get right these days.

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