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September 11, 2016

MSM To Expose Hillary Clinton Health Problems! Reporters Request Permission To Use Footage Of Hillary Passing Out At 9/11 Memorial

(Hillary Clinton passes out at 9/11 memorial - September 11, 2016)

By All News PipeLine

While members of the Alternative Media have relentlessly tried to show all the indicators proving that Hillary Clinton has some severe medical issues and the Mainstream Media has completely ignored the issue and attempted to paint Alt News sources as "conspiracy theorists," it appears that the video footage of Hillary Clinton swaying, knees buckling and then fainting on September 11, 2016, may finally be the straw that broke the MSM's back, forcing them to admit there is a seriously problem with Hillary.

The footage will be shown below, which is a massive blockbuster, but more importantly the fact that multiple mainstream news sources are asking the person that captured the video for permission to use it on their platforms, indicating the MSM can no longer keep a lid on this news.

The the following tweets were sent to Zdenek Gazda, who has one of the videos showing Hillary passing out:

Alex Mallin, profile stating -Digital Journalist at @ABC, asks "@zgazda66 hi there, did you take this video? Can ABC News use this on all platforms/purposes? Please follow/DM me if you have qs."


James Valles, profile stating "Co-founder and global anchor @bnonews, " asks "@zgazda66 Hi there. I am a reporter with @bnonews . Did you shoot this? If so, can we use this video with credit to you?"


A version of that same question is being asked by Cody Derespina, Reporter/Editor for Fox News, Keely Lockhart, Video News Producer @Telegraph and 2016 Webby Award Honouree,  Kelsey Gore from CBS News, Emily Thomas,  Senior Trends & Politics Journalist @Storyful / Former News Editor @huffingtonpost /,  and many others, with CNN's Donie O'Sullivan being a tad more circumspect and not requesting permission to use the video pubicly, but rather asking @zgasda66 "hi Zdenek. Donie here at CNN. Can you follow me to DM?"





I have to admit the Washington Post headline has got to be the most hysterical of the news coverage so far, with a piece titled "Hillary Clinton's health just became a real issue in the presidential campaign."


Just became a real issue, no no no no.... it has been an issue, the headline should be the MSM JUST decides they can no longer hide Hillary Clinton's health problems!!

Here is one of the videos showing Hillary Clinton standing, waiting for the Secret Service to open the door of her vehicle, where she can be seen swaying at first, then it appears her knees buckle more than one, with the SS agents holding her upright, then she simply starts to fall forward flat on her face but the SS agents prevent her from hitting the ground and start to lift her body into the vehicle while other SS agents for a wall to prevent futher coverage of being taken.

It doesn't matter, if enough people see this, the general populace that the MSM has been hiding Hillary's health problems from will finally know the truth.

The spin coming out from the Clinton News Netwoork (CNN) is claiming that Clinton was "overheated"  yet no one else around her seemed to suffer any effects of the heat.

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