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January 28, 2017

UN Put On Notice By Trump Admin: 'Don't Have Our Backs? We're Taking Names' And Will 'Respond Accordingly'


By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

President Trump has made no attempt to downplay his less-than-favorable opinion of the United Nations in the past, calling it "just a club for people to get together, talk and have a good time," in a tweet back on December 26, 2016, as well as calling for a pared-down version of it [NATO] in comments made back in April 2016, while calling NATO obsolete, he also referenced the UN as a "political game."

"Where do you ever see the United Nations?" Mr. Trump continued. "Do they ever settle anything? It’s just like a political game. The United Nations — I mean the money we spend on the United Nations."


The U.S. gives approximately $8 billion to the U.N. and its associated organizations annually in mandatory payments and voluntary contributions, to which Fox News explained in July 2015, is far more than any other member state pays.

If that seems like a lot, it is—far more than anyone else pays And it’s also, in some cases, bad value for money.

The U.N. system for calculating member nations’ "fair share" payment toward its regular and peacekeeping budgets has increasingly shifted the burden away from the vast majority of the 193 members and onto a relative handful of high-income nations, especially the U.S. Indeed some nations pay next to nothing.

Over the last six decades, the share of the U.N. expenses borne by poor or small member states has steadily ratcheted downward to near- microscopic levels. From 1974 to 1998, the minimum mandatory payment for the regular budget for example, fell from 0.04 percent to 0.001 percent. For the peacekeeping budget, the minimum is 0.0001 percent.

President Trump's prior statements on the United Nations, was nothing short of a warning that things were going to change, which caused hand-wringing from globalist UN promoters, panicked by those upcoming changes, with a high-ranking globalist with the global government-promoting Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), saying the United Nation was going to be "hammered" by a Trump administration and a GOP controlled Congress.

While many Trump supporters took a "wait and see" attitude when he decided to nominate Nikki Haley as the US Ambassador to the UN, her very first statement at the UN headquarters, should offer some much-needed assurance that she is undoubtedly going to promote the "America First"  agenda Trump promised throughout his campaign.

Haley stated "Our goal with the administration is to show value at the UN, and the way to show value is to show our strength, show our full voice. Have the backs of our allies and make sure our allies have our backs as well."

Then, on behalf of the Trump administration, she put the UN and our allies on notice, stating "For those that don't have our back? We're taking names, we will make points to respond to that accordingly...."

I would also like to point to her specific terminology of stating, more than once, the US UN, which in my mind serves as reminder to them that their headquarters is in the United States, something they shouldn't forget because that could change under the new administration.

Haley also told reporters "There is a new US UN," saying that "you are going to see a change in the way we do business."


With approximately $3 billion a year, going directly to the U.N.’s regular and peacekeeping budget, along with the rampant rape and brutality by UN peacekeepers in the world’s poorest nations, as well as corruption scandals associated with the UN, it is no wonder that there has been a "renewed drive" for the U.S. to exit the United Nations totally as reported by the American Policy Center on January 17.

Alabama Congressman Mike Rogers has introduced a new bill (H.R. 193) to end U.S. membership in the United Nations. The bill is the reintroduction of his American Sovereignty Restoration Act (H.R. 1205) from the last Congress. And of course, that was basically the same bill introduced year after year by former Congressman Ron Paul.

In the past, both Paul’s and Roger’s bills have been ignored by Congress, but things are changing. Americans are beginning to understand the UN threat. Obama has actually stood before the UN General Assembly and called for Americans to surrender our national sovereignty to this world body.

Within that bill, H.R 193,  in Section 2, titled "REPEAL OF UNITED NATIONS PARTICIPATION ACT OF 1945," it calls for the president to "terminate all membership by the United States in the United Nations, and in any organ, specialized agency, commission, or other formally affiliated body of the United Nations," as well as the "Closure of United States Mission to United Nations."

Section 3 calls for the "REPEAL OF UNITED NATIONS HEADQUARTERS AGREEMENT ACT." In less diplomatic terminology, it calls for the U.S. to boot the UN out of America!

The whole H.R. 193 bill text can be read here.

There is no other way to spin Haley's statements as anything other that the Trump administration putting the UN on notice that things are going to change or the UN is going to be tossed out of the US, and they can say goodbye to U.S. funds, which are being used to facilitate rape and brutality against those they are supposed to be helping.


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