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May 25, 2016

Secret Midnight Military Drill Near 'Amtrak Death Camp' In Indiana Raises Concerns - From A 2009 Warning: 'Under Martial Law, This Camp Will Terminate 26,000 Religious And Political Prisoners Every 24 Hours'


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

Back on February 28th, 2009, a story was published on the American Holocaust Coming blog in which a 'confirmed Amtrak deathcamp' in Beech Grove, Indiana, outside of Indianapolis was exposed. We were told then that much controversy surrounded the massive facility, used for many years then closed and vacated. Suddenly, strange rebuilding activities began again as also documented in the 2nd video below from Hal Graves, who also visited this site back in 2009.

Why are we bringing this up now you might ask? As we learn in the 1st video below from Gary Franchi and the Next News Network and these linked stories, a highly secretive late night military drill was held on Monday night into Tuesday morning that reportedly frightened nearby residents and woke up many with gunshots fired and explosions Beech Grove, Indiana, home of this alleged 'Amtrak deathcamp' that we further document below.

We also look below at a frightening prophecy that could very well be coming true before our eyes as the globalists look towards a dictatorship for America and more signs coming out that Barack Obama "is not going anywhere after his presidency ends in 2017" as well as the final video from Michael and Miranda Snyder called "5 End Times FEMA Camp Dreams and Visions - Martial Law In America". 


Why were all of these drills, that frightened residents, recently held in Beech Grove? Were the sounds that were heard during this massive military drill tied to this alleged FEMA camp in Beech Grove? As we're told in the American Holocaust Coming story excerpted below, if what we were being told back in 2009 is true, this alleged 'FEMA camp' could soon be getting an awful lot of use... we pray that this information is incorrect yet unfortunately, we know that much of it is true.:

The US government is continually spending millions of dollars annually in their efforts to continue to brainwash the American people, especially denying the NWO agenda even exists. They often use COINTELPRO, government misinformation specialists for such deceptive operations. Investigative journalists like myself are constantly battling such government disinformation, in the quest to TELL THE AMERICAN PEOPLE THE TRUTH in this critical hour.

Later, my friend AL Cuppett, former NWO exposer from Pentagon background, visited this facility, and left feeling it was indeed being set up for a future termination facility under martial law. He wrote extensively about this facility.

While I was in Jerusalem, Israel, during FEAST OF TABERNACLES one year to lecture and investigate, I met one night with a CIA link, Michael, a Messianic Jew from Tulsa. While standing in Ben Yehuda Square, we discussed the COMING AMERICAN HOLOCAUST. I asked Michael if he knew about the AMTRAK DEATHCAMP in IN. He replied,

"I know all about it. My CIA contact George comes over to our house to talk about this all the time. He told us that UNDER MARTIAL LAW, this facility will TERMINATE 26,000 RELIGIOUS and POLITICAL PRISONERS every 24 hours...."


Were the military drills that were held in the Beech Grove, Indiana area tied to the alleged 'Amtrak death camp' that we hear more about in the 2nd video below? We find it very, very interesting that warnings given long ago by people such as Steve Quayle, Alex Jones and Infowars and other 'Watchmen' about an unfolding 'new world order' based upon a global totalitarian government are now unfolding before our very eyes.

On ANP we have documented over and over again the signs that they are preparing to bring this country down. Between financial collapse on the doorstep and the continuous and seemingly endless executive orders signed by Barack Obama, specifically EO13603 giving him complete control of all resources across the country at a time of his choosing, we have to ask if these military drills so close to a 'fema death camp' are more signs of coming 'dictatorship'? Will Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton if (s)elected put these alleged FEMA (fun) camps that are all across America to use? It's clear that they do not build these just for kicks.

According to a new story from Mac Slavo over at SHTFPlan, a chilling prophecy predicts that "Obama Will Be The Last US President and Europe Will Be A Total Wasteland By The End Of 2016". With Europe now falling to Islam and a totalitarian govt there and the rise of the Islamic anti-Christ now happening in the Middle East while here in America, Valerie Jarrett is saying that "Obama is not going anywhere after his presidency", are these all more signs of the end?  

While we told you recently about a prophecy from Pastor David Wilkerson about the fall of Venezuela being another sign of the forthcoming fall of America, Susan Duclos proved to us just two days ago that 'something big is being planned by govt' as US Patriots, survivalists, 2nd Amendment supporters and religious groups had just been targeted again by govt.

In the final video below we hear 5 'End Times Visions and Dreams' from Michael Snyder of the Economic Collapse Blog along with Meranda who discuss these FEMA camps with us in some of the most detailed visions and dreams about what may be happening inside of these death camps in future days.  


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