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July 6, 2017

Foreboding President Trump Tweets Hint Of Danger Ahead After North Korea's 'Game Changer' 

- Insider Warns Of More Trouble For Our World Hurtling Towards Destruction: 'We Are In Big, Big Trouble'


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

With North Korea on the minds of many after their recent intercontinental ballistic missile launch led to President Donald Trump calling for emergency meetings, we take a look below at an email sent to ANP that helps explain why this latest launch was definitely a 'game changer' as also heard in the 1st video below. With the launch confirming that North Korea is now a world nuclear power with full delivery capability, recent stories with titles such as the ones below help detail the dangers the world faces. We thank Steve Quayle for the 'heads up' on this story.:

China Issues Dire Warning On North Korea: “Sooner Or Later It Will Get Out Of Control And The Consequences Would Be Disastrous”
"It's a LOT Worse Than Anyone Thought" North Koreans Have Missiles to Reach ALL of USA 
'Messy, Bloody' Military Action Probably Required in North Korea
Defining Trump's 4 Bad Options For Dealing With North Korea
North Korea isn’t crazy. It’s insecure, poor, and extremely dangerous.

While President Trump and his administration had hoped that China would apply the 'needed pressure' to North Korea, as we see in President Trump's foreboding tweets seen in the screenshots below, it's clear that even President Trump knows that the 'China' angle isn't working out as well as they had hoped. We also see that China understands that a war between the US and North Korea would be an absolute disaster and bring with it huge human carnage and loss of life.

The first two tweets from July 3rd announce the missile launch and show that Trump had hope of China working to help the US stop them. The final tweet from July 5th shows 'reality'. We hear that 'reality' in the 2nd video below from Fox News called "Why China is resistant to helping Trump in stopping the North Korea threat".


As we read in this story, North Korea's recent launch used a 'new kind of missile'. While Pyongyang claimed this new 2-stage missile could "reach anywhere in the world", Kim Jong Un also claimed these "gift packages to the Yankees" could carry nuclear warheads, a claim backed by this recent Reuters story.  And while some are saying a missile that flew less than 600 miles could never hit Alaska or the US, they forget it also flew to an altitude of 1700+ miles. 

North Korean state media said the missile reached an altitude of more than 2,800 kilometers (1,741 miles), before it splashed down in the sea off the Korean Peninsula 930 kilometers (578 miles) from the launch site.

According to this new story from the Wall Street Journal that the Drudge Report linked to on Wednesday, even the US and Russia are now sparring over the North Korea threat. While U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley told an emergency meeting the US first prefers economic sanctions against North Korea to going to war, such sanctions would also hurt China and Haley warned "if Russia and China did not support the move, then we will go our own path.”  

US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson recently stated the latest missile launch by North Korea poses a significant escalation to the threat which is posed to the US and the world with Tillerson calling for global action. However, as we read in this story from Mac Slavo over at SHTFPlan and hear in the 3rd video below, China is sternly warning against any more 'provocative' actions, saying "the consequences could be disastrous".  


As we hear in the 4th video below, while we now have proof that NKorea could hit Alaska, other military experts are warning that they could now deliver a nuclear strike to anywhere in the world. Warning us that the world may be closer to a full-scale nuclear war than at any point in history, we see in the email sent to ANP republished below why some believe "we are in big, big trouble".

Although some ignorant shills are saying it wasn’t an ICBM because it came down only 600 miles away, actually it did go even higher in space, lauched and controlled to be an almost up and down flight so as to not appear as a long distance at the time. If it had been an angled flight it would have been determined as a threat and response would have occurred. If the US or Russia or China does a test, they alert the others to know that it is such and the determined landing zone. That avoids nuclear response due to an “unknown” threat. The NKoreans were smart to not place it on a path that would have caused a response. The height it attained did show that they now have the capability to launch a “MIRV”. Now, the NKoreans are fully recognized as a nuclear power with delivery capability. Just more trouble for “this world”, hurtling towards destruction. Jesus is Lord.


In this new story over at the Guardian called "North Korea Nuclear Threat: Should California Start Panicking?" they answer their question with: "the answer is tricky". While in Japan, more and more cities are holding evacuation drills in preparation of a North Korean attack, as the NY Times reports, the stakes facing the world over North Korea have never been more high and the military options for President Trump are more grim now than ever. The final video below looks at how prepared, or unprepared, the West coast of the US is for a nuclear strike. 

Even the most limited strike risks staggering casualties, because North Korea could retaliate with the thousands of artillery pieces it has positioned along its border with the South. Though the arsenal is of limited range and could be destroyed in days, the United States defense secretary, Jim Mattis, recently warned that if North Korea used it, it “would be probably the worst kind of fighting in most people’s lifetimes.”

North Korea has positioned as many as 8,000 artillery cannons and rocket launchers on its side of the Demilitarized Zone, analysts say, an arsenal capable of raining up to 300,000 rounds on the South in the first hour of a counterattack. That means it can inflict tremendous damage without resorting to weapons of mass destruction.

Mr. Kim could order a limited response, by hitting a base near the Demilitarized Zone, for example, and then pausing before doing more. But most analysts expect the North would escalate quickly if attacked, to inflict as much damage as possible in case the United States and South Korea were preparing an invasion.

“North Korea knows it is the end game and will not go down without a fight,” said Jeffrey W. Hornung of the RAND Corporation, adding, “I think it is going to be a barrage.”


While South Korea and Japan would be among the obvious 1st targets of Kim should real fighting break out with the North, often threatening to turn Seoul into a “sea of fire,” the story also warned of the possibility of war going global and Kim using chemical, biological and nuclear weapons or anything at his disposal.

And while any such attack upon South Korea, Japan or the US would quickly turn into a suicide mission for Kim and most of his poor and disgracefully abused and beaten-down people, the damage that could be done by only one successful EMP attack against the United States prior to him and his nation being taken down would forever change our country.

As we've also warned on ANP, who knows how many 'sleeper agents' of North Korea are now within this country, possibly armed with chemical or biological weapons and here for decades or more, just waiting for the word and their 'assignment'. As we reported on ANP back on April 28th of 2017, North Korea had commando units on US soil, trained to attack nuclear power stations and terrorize US cities should war break out according to this declassified report.

We reported then that's just one of the reasons why war with NKorea could lead to the 'opening of Pandora's Box' and hell being unleashed upon the Earth. With tensions across the planet now at 'fever pitch', we pray God gives President Trump and his people the strength and wisdom that will be needed to avoid such potentially disastrous results in the days, weeks, and months ahead. 

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