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July 24, 2019

Wednesday Was An All Day Long Democrat Disaster!! Mueller Testimony Showed He Did Not Write Nor Read His Own Report Before Signing It!

- This Story Was Updated Live Throughout The Democrats Disastrous Wednesday


By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

By attempting to keep the "Russian Collusion Delusion" alive after Special Counsel Robert Mueller disappointed Democrats by stating in his report that they "did not find that the Trump campaign, or anyone associated with it, conspired or coordinated with the Russian government......," Democrats subpoenaed Robert Mueller to testify on Wednesday, July 24, 2019.

Big mistake, as Robert Mueller, stuttering at times, and unable to comprehend even simpe questions, showed during the first round of committee questioning by Republican Representative Collins, that not only did he not write his own report, but that he obviously never read the entire report either before signing off on it.

Rep. Collins highlighted that "Collusion" is not a "specific offense or a term of art in the federal criminal law, conspiracy is." Mueller states "yes." Then Collins continued by asking "in the colloquial context, known public context, collusion and conspiracy are essentially synonymous terms, correct? 

Mueller clearly states "No." 

The problem as Collins points out, is that on page 180 of Volume one of the Mueller report, "you wrote 'as defined in legal dictionaries, collusion is largely synonymous with conspiracy as that crime is set forth in the general federal conspiracy statute 18 U.S.C. 371."  Collins went on to ask Mueller if he is testifying to something different than what was in the report. Mueller responded by asking for the citation, so he could look at it.

Collins explained he was citing Mueller's own report, then said, I asked you if collusion and conspiracy was synonymous, and you said no..... Mueller responds "correct." Collins again highlighted Page 180 of Volume one, so that Mueller can look at it for himself.  Collins then repeated Mueller's statements, and asked him if he was contradicting his own report right now. 

Mueller says "not when I read it." After a little back and forth, Mueller stutters a bit, then simply states, "I leave it with the report."

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As of this writing the Mueller testimony is still going on live and the live stream is embedded at the bottom of this article. (Note - When the live stream ends the video will revert to playback as a normal video)

That initial round of questioning set the tone of what we have seen already multiple times. Mueller seems unaware of what is written in "his" own report, and when questioned why his original mandate was to investigate Russian interference and "collusion" aka conspiracy, why he did not include in his report the fact that Russia interfered by A) Proving Chistopher Steele false information, or B) Steele himself providing false information, Mueller punted by claiming: 1) Others were investigating that aspect and; 2) It wasn't under his "purview."

Even Fox News' Chris Wallace, definitely not a "fan" of President Trump and more often than not sounds like a NeverTrumper, referred to this Mueller spectacle as "A disaster for the Democrats," and highlights that Mueller appears to have not written any of the report, unaware of what is in the report and possibly didn't even control the investigation itself.

In another line of questioning by Republican Rep. Jim Jordan, he is asked why so many in the Trump atmosphere were charged with lying to investigators, but the man that kicked of the entire investigation itself, Joseph Misfud, had been caught lying to investigators multiple times, which was detailed in the Mueller report, but was not charged by Mueller.

When asked why Mueller did not charge Misfud with a crime, Mueller astoundingly responded "I can't get into internal deliberations."

I find it extremely interesting that Jordan seems to be indicating that Misud was not charged because he was a member and/or source of some foreign intelligence agency. To me that would be indicative of America's intelligence agencies using foreign agencies to frame a sitting President.

Republican Rep. Gohmert directly asked Robert Mueller who wrote his comments that he read during his May 29th press conference, and Mueller refused to answer saying "I'm not going to get into that." Gohmert then sarcastically said "That's what I thought, you didn't write it."  Gohmert then went into Mueller's friendship with former FBI Director James Comey, as well as his hiring of anti-Trump intelligence officials, specifically Peter Strzok and Lisa Page. (Reminder- Strzok played key roles in both the Hillary Clinton investigation and her exoneration, and the instigation of the investigation into president Trump)

As of writing this, Mueller has been excused from this committee, where he will then return for another committee to grill him. If the second round goes anything like the first, this whole dog and pony show will go down as an unmitigated disaster for Democrats that simply cannot let go of the "Russian Collusion Delusion."

Live updates and additional clips will be added  below, throughout the day.

[Update] When they lose CNN, Dems have really messed up! CNN's Jake Tapper admits that it appears that Mueller is unfamiliar with parts of the investigation. (Video)

[Update] Clip of Rep. Ratcliffe is finally available as he specificies that Mueller, in writing Volume two, detailing items that he was not charging anyone with, he violated his own mandate and prosecutorial guidelines, before Ratcliffe gives the quote of the day, saying he agrees that President Trump is not above the law but that "Trump damn sure should not be below the law," which means he automatically enjoys the presumption of innocence until proven guilty.

Related: Mueller gave Dems a wdgie at the start of round two.

[Update] Even Trump-Hating #resistance members are calling this circus a "disaster" for Democrats:


[Update] ABC News’ Moran After Mueller Hearing: “Impeachment’s Over”

[Update] Offering a little levity to this Mueller circus is Donald Trump Jr.: "Serious question: Has Mueller even heard of Mueller?"


The livestream below will revert to a regular video at the conclusion of the livestream.

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