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March 9, 2017

China Warns US And North Korea Are 'Two Trains Racing Towards A Head-On Collision' As 'Brand New Level Of Threat' Is Reached - Will Pacific Region Become A 'Nuclear War Zone'?

Suicide Submarines And Super-EMP's, North Korea Is Aiming At America


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

Back on March 2nd, Ambassador R. James Woolsey and Dr. Peter Vincent Pry submitted a story to All News Pipeline in which they asked if the most dangerous weapons known to mankind were now aimed at America. Warning us within their story that Americans who were unconcerned about the nuclear weapons program of North Korea were 'living dangerous delusions', only days later we learn from this new story at The Washington Free Beacon that North Korea could soon have (or already has!) the capacity to launch an attack upon Hawaii that could completely devastate our Pacific military bases.†

As Ambassador Woolsey and Dr. Pry argued in their story, North Korea's nuclear weapons program is a 'game changer' and while we are happy to see that President Donald Trump is taking NKorea much more seriously than his predecessor, proven by his recent decision to send B-52 nuclear bombers after NKorea fired missiles at Japan, it's clear to everyone paying attention that NKorea's latest missile launch provocation represents a 'brand new level of threat'. In the 1st video below, Christopher Greene of AMTV talks with us about Trump's move sending nuclear-armed B-52's to the region.

Ambassador Woolsey and Dr. Pry's story, originally published at the Wall Street Journal back on February 27th, warned us then that 'NKorea's nuclear weapons were far more dangerous and far more advanced' than many experts had thought while also claiming the Korean dictator was also in possession of Super-EMP nukes, warning us: "A single Super-EMP warhead detonated over North America could permanently black out the U.S. and Canada and kill up to 90% of the population through starvation and societal collapse."


With NKorea's 'game changing' missiles "more stable, more efficient, and harder to detect" than those they had previously, their recent warning that they were drilling for strikes upon US bases in Japan proves to us the widely condemned hermit kingdom regime is approaching 'national suicide'. Does anybody believe that NKorea would still be standing afterwards if they were to do something as insane as striking US military bases with nuclear weapons?

And now with THAAD, a controversial US missile defense system, arriving in South Korea, while Kim Jong Un continues to level suicidal threats, the Pentagon has recently warned of more missile launches possible in the near future by NKorea.

According to this new story from ABCNews, North Korea may be President Trump's greatest foreign policy challenge in the years ahead. Calling the threat of North Korea to the US even greater than 'Russia's cyber hacking' or ISIS, the ABCNews story correctly reports that North Korea poses an 'existential threat' to the US - a threat which Ambassador Woolsey and Dr. Pry warn far too many people have overlooked.

The fact that Kim and NKorea have threatened to nuke America, our allies in Europe and our military bases over and over and over again over the last several years shows us that this madman may one day attempt to do so. And knowing that he has the ABILITY to carry out such a nuclear strike, especially the EMP strike that Dr. Pry and Ambassador Woolsey warn us about that could send America back to the 'dark ages', should be reason enough for NKorea to be considered America's 'public enemy #1'. And meanwhile, the MSM, Democrats and Neocons still push for war with Russia.


While China recently proposed a deal to ease tensions over NKorea missile tests, warning the two sides may be approaching a 'head-on collision', the Wall Street Journal had previously reported that "NKorea mocked China for dancing to the US tune". And as Dr. Pry previously reported in a story on ANP, the US surely can't rely upon China to put pressure on Kim and NKorea, especially considering China's state-run-TV had run a broadcast depicting a Chinese nuclear strike upon America as recently as January of 2017.

The stakes for America are extremely high in the Pacific region with our Pacific Missile Range Facility at Barking Sands in Hawaii the 'cerebral cortex' of the region along with Pearl Harbor. As this 2015 study from the Congressional Research Service states, Hawaii, South Korea and Japan make up a sort of 'iron triangle' in the Pacific region for US defense, and NKorea can now strike all three. The US military also has a missile defense facility in Guam that is said to 'help the locals sleep well at night' but is also well within range of NKorean missiles.


As Steve Quayle mentioned in a recent email to us, while they may be firing missiles now, there are a full range of options available to NKorea, from 'suicide submarines' to using shipping containers en route. And as Ambassador Woolsey and Dr. Pry previously warned, a super-EMP could take out America all at once and NKorea has two satellites that pass over the US daily, and experts have warned there is nothing we can do to stop them. There is a very real reason that many experts now warn NKorea is the most dangerous potential adversary that America faces.

Are you prepared to spend the next 6 months to a year or more without electricity and all of the modern amenities that come with it? How long could you and your family survive without being able to access money from your bank/ATM's? What if you have cash on hand but no food? An EMP would instantly send America back to the dark ages, rendering grocery stores unable to process credit/debit payments and most of them likely out of food within 24 hours, if that.

In the 2nd video below we learn why North Korea and the US may be on a collision course according to China, each missile test and US drill with South Korea escalating tensions in the region. Will it soon turn hot?

In the final video below we learn that the Trump administration is working on a complete strategy review in the Pacific region, with Kim Jong Un and North Korea clearly not willing to 'play by the rules' and tensions escalating daily.†

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