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October 10, 2021

Now A Shortage Of Survival Foods Hit America - Augason Farms First Company To Announce Suspension Of New Orders Until At Least January 2022 Due To Supply Shortages

By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

A quick reminder that in 2020 when the lockdowns first started causing shortages, survival food companies, those that make freeze dried foods and powders, all started offering notifications on their websites explaining that due to high volume of orders there would be massive delays in arrival of any orders made.

Those were the ones that continued to accept orders rather than just stop taking orders at all.

Jump forward to 2021, as we have been observing and documenting (thanks to our readers images) the depletion of foods and selections at the stores, we now note, as some have been talking about, the first of the survival food companies, Augason Farms, has suspended taking website orders.

A letter was sent out, shown below:

The letter states they are "suspending business" for the next 90 days, but their websites changes that wording slightly:

Due to an extremely high order volume through all sales channels we are currently not able to receive any orders through our web site. All orders previously placed will still be shipped.

Augason Farms Products are still available through other national sales channels both on line and in-store and also through other reputable on-line vendors. We expect to turn this site back on just as soon as possible.

As a manufacturer we are intent on making sure our vendors inventory is top priority. 

Thank-you for choosing Augason Farms.

On one hand the website appears to be right, as we can still find the Augason Farms brand at Amazon for delivery, although some items are "temporarily out of stock,"  but we have seen conflicting testimonials as to the brand being sold at Walmart, another "vendor," with some stating they are no longer able to find the Augason products they use to stock up with, at Walmart.

Since the letter is dated October 7, 2021, this leads us to believe that, as happened in 2020, even the vendors will start showing the Augason brand out of stock, or showing months delays in delivery, while claiming "in stock."

 Again, using 2020 as an example, even though the situation is worse now because the supply chain issues have not recovered and are getting worse, we also expect to see the same type of issues start to affect other survival food companies.

What this means is those that have put off stocking up, or restocking, or topping of their supplies, now have less time to do so before the emergency survival food chain starts drying up again.

For those that prefer Augason Farms brand, there are some still at Amazon as stated earlier, but the delivery dates state that they "usually ship within 1 to 3 weeks."

Others appear to be available until you click the actual product and then we seen the notice below:

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We will list the few we found of Augason Farms buckets, those that do not later say "out of stock," and please be clear, we have no idea how long these specific items will be available now that the news of Augason's suspension of orders is becoming more known.

Please note, I am not listing those that estimate delivery as 1 to 2 months, rather than weeks.

Augason Farms Lunch and Dinner Variety Pail Emergency Food Supply 4-Gallon Pail

Augason Farms Breakfast Emergency Food Supply 4 Gallon Pail

Augason Farms 72-Hour 1-Person Emergency Food Supply Kit 4 lbs 1 oz - (Note - This one ships within 9 days)

Augason Farms 2-Week 1-Person Emergency Food Supply Kit 14 lbs 5 oz - 15 left in stock  



While many become accustomed or simply favor a specific brand like Augason Farms, when it comes down to the choice of whether to have a stock of survival foods or not have, brands are not the overriding determination.

Once again, the only ones listed below are those "in stock" and with reasonable delivery dates.

ReadyWise Emergency Food Supply, Freeze-Dried Survival-Food Disaster Kit for Hurricane Preparedness, Camping Food, Prepper Supplies, Emergency Supplies Variety Pack, 25-Year Shelf Life, 104 Servings

ReadyWise Emergency Food Supply, Freeze-Dried Survival-Food Disaster Kit, Camping Food, Prepper Supplies, Emergency Supplies, Freeze-Dried Fruit Bucket, 20-Year Shelf Life, 120 Servings

ReadyWise Emergency Food Supply, Freeze-Dried Meat, Survival-Food Disaster Kit for Hurricane Preparedness, Camping Food, Prepper Supplies, Emergency Supplies, Entrée Variety-Pack Bucket, 60 Servings

30-Day Emergency Food Supply | 2 Buckets | 1,800 Calories Per Day | 50G Protein Per Day

Wise Company ReadyWise, Emergency Food Supply, 124 Servings

Wise Company Long Term Emergency Food Supply, Breakfast and Entree Variety, Twelve-120 Serving Buckets (1440 Total Servings)

ReadyWise 124 Serving Ultimate Preparedness Pack, 25 Year Shelf Life

ReadyWise Emergency Food Supply, Freeze Dried Vegetables, 120 Servings

ReadyWise Long Term Emergency Food Supply, Breakfast and Entree Variety (3 Buckets- Total of 360 Servings)

EasyPrep Fruit Fest Emergency Food Storage Kit, Freeze-Dried Fruit, Variety (1-Pack | 168 Total Servings)

EasyPrep Fruit Fest Emergency Food Storage Kit, Freeze-Dried Fruit, Variety (1-Pack | 168 Total Servings)

EasyPrep Meals & More 1-Month Emergency Food Storage Kit, Freeze-Dried Entrees/Sides, Variety (1-Pack | 227 Total Servings)

EasyPrep Instant Favorites Emergency Food Supply, Freeze-Dried Meals for Disaster Preparedness Supplies, 9 Different Entrees

EasyPrep Very Veggie 1-Month Emergency Food Storage Supply, Freeze-Dried Vegetables, Variety (156 total Servings)


NuManna 204 Meals, Emergency Survival Food Storage Kit, Separate Rations, In A Bucket, 25+ Year Shelf Life, GMO-Free

NuManna Family Pack w/ Meat 146 Servings, Emergency Survival Food Storage Kit, Separate Rations, in a Bucket, 25 Plus Year Shelf Life, GMO-Free

NuManna INT-NMGNG 76 Meals, 25 Plus Year Shelf Life

NUMANNA SEARCH PAGE - There are a large number of products available and their delivery estimates seem to be the best so far. 

Cereal section - ANP reader image


We have been getting emails and tips regarding some serious "grain" issues, breakfast foods, and things like dried beans, peas, lentils, garbanzo/chickpeas, pearled barley, malting barley [what makes beer!], soft white wheat [cakes etc] and potatoes.
What this means for consumers is that dwindling supplies and record-high prices will soon affect foods like cereals, oatmeal, and granola bars, all popular breakfast items. 
Randy Strychar, president of Ag Commodity Research and, said Cheerios, the US' most popular cereal, is made entirely of oats. He said there's no substitute for the ingredient: "You can't make a Cheerio out of barley." 
General Mills, the maker of Cheerios and Nature Valley granola bars, nor Quaker Oats Company, the maker of oatmeal, among others, have yet to announce price increase of their oat products, but that could be imminent or at least create an illusion of stable prices through shrinkflation. 
As for Oatly Group AB, the world's largest oat milk company, they're able to source in the Baltics and other countries in addition to Canada to mitigate soaring prices. As for smaller North-American oat-milk producers, they could be forced to raise prices. 
Another popular breakfast food facing higher prices is sugary donuts, according to Krispy Kreme, Inc., who recently warned ingredients, such as flour, butter, milk, oil, and sugar, are forcing the company to raise prices.  
Along with the ZeroHedge that was emailed to ANP,  was another message explaining things from a commodity trader's perspective.

• In all my years [40+] in trading Agricultural Special Crops, I have NEVER seen a year like this one with so many shortages across multiple crops. Generally this year's harvests were poor to awful around the world.  There is a shortage of a lot of food stuff that normally comes from overseas as well.  Example:  Tapioca whey.  Only one country in the world is now exporting it to USA.  All others have quit due to shortages or because it is just pain in the *** to export/import anymore AND expensive.

A look at the 2021 USDA Annual Grains summary (PDF), the grain deficits are massive.

In another email we were informed "Hey, I was just writing to let you know, that the burger chain, 'Sonic', has been posting an announcement of nation wide shortages, since this past summer, on their computerized menu/ordering screen."

We have seen chatter online about Sonic in certain areas this month, and I am more likely to take this tip to heart because Sonic was one of the fast food joints that had "meat supply issues" back in 2020.
Another message from a reader in Florida stated "Went shopping today, found most shelves only one or two items deep. All the items are pulled to the front of each shelf with nothing behind. Scary."


The Augason Farms letter and note on their website should act as a red alert warning to folks that have been in denial about how much worse things are now than what was originally thought.

It should also definitely be a wake up call to those that continue to believe there is nothing wrong and scream "fear porn" at those warning of what is coming.


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