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May 26, 2020

The Satan Worshiping Globalist Cult Jumped On The Pandemic Bandwagon Because It's Too Tempting For Any Tyrant To Ignore: Covid-19 Has Been Swimming In Lies & Disinfo Since Its Discovery

- Lock-down rebellion may be part of a plan to generate a larger body count

By Jolly Roger for All News Pipeline

In my last communique (on ANP titled "How 'Coronavirus Idiocracy' Could Lead To Nearly 20 Million Or More Dead Americans Following Collapse, Chaos & Starvation - The stupidity surrounding Covid-19 doesn’t end with those who’ll kill or be killed for toilet paper"), I stated that we’d need a few weeks for the then-infected, but still asymptomatic to start showing up in hospitals before we’d have any usable numbers to work with. 

Well the numbers are in, I guess, but for the most part they’re as useless as any other pack of lies, so any analysis of them is only a waste of time. If you’re hit by a truck anywhere near a hospital, they’ll drag your corpse inside and call it another covid-19 death, and be paid handsomely for doing so. We’ve seen so many acts of deceit being carried out in a desperate attempt to inflate the numbers that we can let their need to lie speak for itself.

Since lies rendered the numbers unworthy of discussion, we have to look at who’s lying, and who benefits from the lies. When we look in this direction, we see the usual suspects, rubbing their greedy little hands together in anticipation of huge vaccine profits, working hand-in-glove with those that seek to enslave all of humanity under their “New World Order”.

I’m not an extremist or a “virus denier” (soon-to-be-applied label). Please remember that when this began I supported a month of lock downs because separating people is the only way to prevent contagion, and at the time, all available evidence indicated that we were dealing with a highly contagious, and highly fatal pandemic. This virus was swimming in lies and disinformation since its discovery, but even with all of it set aside, I was convinced it was a deadly pandemic because I didn’t believe that China would shut down their economy for anything less.

We all knew that global economic collapse was inevitable long before this virus turned up, and I have to assume that most world leaders were aware of this too. They seem to have all agreed to participate in this virus hoax as a way of keeping their populations under control while their economic world crashed around them, or in some cases, just jumped on the pandemic bandwagon because it’s too tempting for any tyrant to ignore, just as they eagerly joined the bogus “war on terror” to seize a handy tool for terrorizing their own populations, too.

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Yes, the numbers are in, and everyone in our “government” has seen them too, so they’re all perfectly aware that they’re cashing in on a lie for the sole purpose of denying Americans their freedom. They obviously have sinister motives for keeping Americans locked in their homes, because now we all know that there’s no medical or scientific justification for doing so.

The disease and/or virus known as “covid-19" definitely does exist, it’s definitely killing people just as any other disease or virus would, and people should exercise a reasonable degree of caution to avoid catching it, but keeping any part of the nation shut down over this can only be an act of stupidity, or tyranny, and none of them are stupid.

We already have Sweden as an example of what happens when you let the virus run free, and allow the population to develop a natural, herd immunity. In the case of Covid-19 it’s the wisest course of action, but had it been a much more fatal disease, it would have been a horrible mistake. “Hindsight is always 20-20", as the saying goes, but now that we do know the wisest course of action, we also know that the continuation of any lock-downs is purely for the sake of tyranny.

We also have to consider that we may be being set up. Lock-down rebellion may be part of a plan to generate a larger body count for the second wave of infections that we’ve been promised, and this would give the mandatory vaccine proponents a lot of support. If this pandemic doesn’t scare us into submission, they may release a “virus mutation” that’s deadlier, but be assured that their plans are going to proceed one way or another. Our adversaries are becoming desperate because they’re losing control of the minds of the masses. They have to act quickly, or they risk losing their heads. 

Individuals or small groups can do anything, but the masses are entirely predictable and programmable. Rebellion can be inspired for the sole purpose getting some rebels killed, while simultaneously helping to scare the general population into submission. The second wave of this virus that we’ve already been promised may be a much stronger attack. If they decide to dump something on us via the chemtrails they’ll have any body count they want, and since you’ve already become accustomed to being locked in your home, why not just keep you there for good? You’ll starve to death out of sight, without organizing any members of your community into action.

And because we do know that mandatory vaccines and universal RFID tagging is part of their goal here, don’t think for a minute that this pandemic drama has ended. Alan Dershowitz has begun the public discussion on mandatory vaccinations, and you can be sure you haven’t heard the last of it. 

Any mandatory vaccinations are likely to result in violence, but that may also be a goal of theirs. Christians see this as the “mark of the beast” that was foretold in the Book of Revelations, so they’ll strongly resist being so marked. Everyone else just thinks is unwise to allow people who want you dead to inject poisons into your bloodstream. I will not be vaccinated, regardless of any Supreme Court precedents or new panic-driven laws, and I don’t need any courts or lawyers to interpret the Bill of Rights for me.

Referring to this tyranny as “the new normal” is just a way of saying “get used to it, you no longer have any freedom”. They’re slapping you in the face with the fact that you’re now just a peasant living under communist rule, waiting for your stimulus check that will buy less and less, until it can no longer sustain life. From Washington D.C., the televised drama continues to convince you that you actually have a legitimate government.

And no, the corona virus isn’t racist, and the fact of black people dying at a higher rate has nothing to do with any systemic racism in our society. People with darker skin absorb less vitamin D from the sun, and vitamin D is crucial to our immune system. If your skin has evolved to serve you well under the African sun, you may benefit from a vitamin D supplement if you’re now living in the northern hemisphere, where the sun is weaker, and your skin blocks what little sunshine there is.

Some useful info that’s been exposed is that a large percentage of deaths occurred in people who were deficient in potassium or vitamin D, but of course, no one employed by the medical mafia in this country would think to consider nutrition as a factor. Just stay in your house until we rustle up a crazy poison to shoot in your arm.

Everybody should load up on vitamins A,C,D, & E, and minerals selenium, potassium, and zinc, from food sources rather than supplements when possible, and don’t forget your parent omega 3 and 6 essential oils from raw walnuts. Avoid sugar and alcohol, and get out in the sun for some exercise. Your own immune system will do a much better job of eradicating this virus than any crazy vaccine, but you do have to give it what it needs to function properly.

And please remember; the world is being run by a Satan-worshiping cult who publicly stated (etched in stone, actually) their desire to reduce the Earth’s population to 500 million. You don’t want these sick bastards injecting anything into your bloodstream. — Jolly Roger

“Let food be thy medicine, and medicine be thy food” – Hippocrates.

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