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August 4, 2020

The Covid-19 Lockdown Is Conditioning Americans For Tyranny: The Continuous False Alarms From The Chicken Little WHO Are Part Of The Greatest Medicine Scandal Of The Century

- What we can do to overcome the censorship, lies and disinformation 

By Professor Steven Ferry for All News Pipeline

(ANP: This is part 5 in a 5-part series on the entire Covid-19 deception and the resultant economic collapse, political and social turmoil and unfolding tyranny. The other 4 parts can be found below.)

Part 1: "The Covid-19 Global False Flag Showed How Easily 'The Masses' Can Be Manipulated & Controlled While Bringing Down Entire Economies And Leaving Freedom Hanging By A Thread - Thinking For Yourself Is The Only Regimen For A Full Recovery".

Part 2: "The Final Countdown Has Begun As The Globalists Tyrannical Agenda Transforms America Into 'Theater Of The Absurd' - The Covid 19 Global False Flag: The Psychological & Medical Attack Bringing The Population To Their Knees To The Authoritarian, Globalist System".

Part 3: "Connecting The Dots On The Covid-19 Deception: 'Withholding Information Is The Essence Of Tyranny While Controlling The Flow Of Information Is The Tool Of Dictatorship'".

And part 4: "This Is What Most Americans Are Missing: The Ties Between Bill Gates, The Covid 19 Vaccine, Digital ID's And The Full Implementation Of The Global Control Grid- 'Most Tyrannies Begin Because Men Have Moved Too Late'".

Continuous False Alarms From The Chicken Little WHO... 

 And so we come to the repeating effort by the WHO to bring about worldwide vaccinations through the machinery set up in 2004 for pandemic declarations:

1. A precursor was the 1976 Swine Flu : Believing 60 million Americans out of 221 million would be infected and a million would die, (the U.S. Secretary of Health, Education and Welfare had announced "We will see a return of the 1918 flu virus that is the most virulent"), the CDC  proclaimed 80% of the population would need to be vaccinated-money for which Congress provided immediately, anticipating good press for saving their constituents from a plague.

100-million flu vaccine shots were manufactured and administered to 49-million people, of whom 4,000 claimed damages for injury, including 532 partially paralyzed with Guillain-Barre syndrome, a rare neurological condition, and 32 dying before the government shut down the program after 10 weeks. In the end, despite the panic, only one person died of the Swine Flu while the drug companies made out nicely financially;

2. 2002-3, the SARS epidemic saw 8,098 sickened from what may have been SARS and potentially 774 dying (in the US, only 8 out of 29 possible cases were confirmed to have died of SARS). The WHO issued a global alert and worked to identify SARS and so find a vaccine. Since then, nobody has caught SARS. Of note is that the symptoms for SARS are similar to flu, which kills 290,000-650,000 each year and never has resulted in a WHO global alert;

3. 2004, WHO organized a board of experts to create pandemic guidelines ; these obliged governments to purchase billions of dollars of hastily manufactured vaccines whenever the WHO declaring a pandemic. Some of these board members had received consulting fees from drug manufacturers Roche and GlaxoSmithKline (GSK);

4. 2005, the avian flu H5N1 fails to materialize as a pandemic despite the flu czar asserting 150 million deaths would result worldwide and world governments dutifully forking over billions on vaccines that were not used;

5. 2009, The H1N1 Swine Flu was declared a global pandemic by the WHO: Two billion were expected to catch it and "several hundred thousand could die [in the US] if a vaccine campaign and other measures aren't successful." (Official Statement of Obama Administration-guided by Dr. Fauci at the NIAID-API, 24 July 2009). This WHO announcement triggered contracts with half-a-dozen major pharmaceutical companies to manufacture a vaccine for which they were paid about $40 billion by the taxpayers.

Most of these vaccines were destroyed because the H1N1 pandemic also failed to materialize (144 deaths worldwide after 11 weeks, way less than the annual flu mortalities), although 60 million (mostly children) received GlaxoSmithKline's Pandemrix and hundreds of them ended up brain damaged.

Wolfgang Wodarg, chairman of the health committee of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe declared it a "false pandemic" and "one of the greatest medicine scandals of the century." The British  Medical Journal stated that "The WHO's credibility has been badly damaged"  in its handling of the swine flu pandemic, marred by secrecy and conflict of interest with drug companies-referring to the WHO's 2004 guidelines and at least one expert on the secret "emergency committee" advising the WHO on declaring the 2009 pandemic having received payment from GSK that year.

After the pandemic failed to appear, the WHO redefined (and then denied having done so) a pandemic could be declared even if no deaths occurred;

6. 2020, Covid-19: More of the same, as covered earlier.

The 2012 MERS epidemic (2,494 people confirmed infected and 858 dead in 27 countries) and 2014-2016 Ebola epidemic (28,600 cases and 11,325 deaths in West Africa) did not follow the same pattern, as they did not spark a pandemic declaration.

In each pandemic, the Chicken-Little WHO spearheaded efforts to force vaccinations on fearful governments and populations and pharmaceutical companies repeatedly obliged while fattening their pocketbooks.

WHO pronounced those blowing the whistle on the dishonesties, conflicts of interest, and dangers of vaccines to be a top global threat in January 2019.

In September, the WHO held the Global Vaccination Summit that established a plan, 10 Actions towards Vaccination for All, to manipulate citizens into vaccine compliance. In October, Event 201 was held and in November of 2019 their  call to action was issued at the same time that first Covid-19 case appeared in Wuhan.

WHO has tried a PR and grassroots campaign to overcome the misgivings citizens now hold toward vaccines, which is replete with false information - which makes YouTube's policy of removing any information that contradicts WHO particularly illogical and unjust, but certainly coordinated.

Qui bono (who benefits) from this drive to universal mandatory vaccinations? At the very least, pharmaceutical companies. But as the #1 donor to the WHO, Mr. Gates is not without influence over the organization and certainly benefits.

The pharmaceutical companies take us back to the Rockefeller dynasty, as mentioned above. This whole pandemic was predicted in the 2010 report by the Rockefeller Foundation, Scenarios for the Future, of a virulent pandemic closing down the world economies and citizens gladly agreeing to lockdowns, face masks, temperature checks, lauding the authoritarian Chinese approach, with loss of sovereignty, privacy, and rights in exchange for their own "safety."

Except, of course, after the initial shock, the citizens were not quite as sheepish in 2020 as expected, especially as after a while, Covid-19 failed to materialize as a pandemic, with reports of it mutating within a month into something much less dangerous, and the number of deaths tanking (daily deaths on the 21st of: April, 2,214; May, 1,296; June, 627).

The amount of effort and finances being expended to bring about mandatory vaccinations shows it to be central to the greater agenda; the level of destruction considered acceptable to forward the agenda shows a deadly serious intent that can only be countered by individuals and organizations thinking for themselves, valuing their liberties and lifestyles, and being brave enough to fight back. If we are to preempt the next onslaught, we need to disempower these special-interest groups and individuals, as they represent only about 7% of the world-and that will take a large number of citizens becoming active.

We may have some hotels and resorts starting to come back to life for now, our lives creeping back incrementally, but if we do not take some action, however small, to improve the management of this civilization, we will return soon to a Dark Age simply because high-tech, materialistic, social-control societies cannot do otherwise than blow themselves up for lack of any humanity or spiritual guiding force. The result of such a techno-society is unwilling participants in a slave culture and nobody left who cares. It is doomed to fail ultimately for one and all.

It is only another decade roughly before we will have human cyborgs (humans with some robotic elements) and artificial intelligence robots that do much of the work. Humans becoming increasingly redundant in such a world.

In actual fact, the goal of artificial general intelligence is not achievable, even though billions are being spent on it, because the software architecture that software companies are addicted to, is too complex to create really intelligent robots-only robotic robots. This is a story for another article, but this barrier to a true techno-society does not detract from the tsunami of robotism and the convergence of humans with robots that is coming, and the need for us in hospitality to reassert the humanities in this increasingly materialistic world.

Whatever the who and why behind all this may be, while we may appreciate the constant refrain that our safety is of great importance, socially inclined  individuals do object to having the truth hidden in order to push an agenda which claims to, but does not on further research, actually include the short- and long-term health and well-being of the peoples of Earth.

"I predict future happiness for Americans if they can prevent the government from wasting the labors of the people under the pretense of taking care of them." - Thomas Jefferson

If one were to screw up one's courage and go deeper down the rabbit hole, one would find that Gates and Rockefeller (Foundation) among quite a few others consider the world to be overpopulated and in need of drastic reduction in numbers. Their actions in the health sphere can be seen to contribute to achieving this goal, as well as the "chemicalization" and alteration of agriculture through GMO crops and seeds that are having negative health and environmental effects the world over, and even the ongoing aerial spraying of toxins around the world for 3-4 decades.

You don't need to go down this unpleasant rabbit hole in order to roll back this latest attack upon our rights and liberties and so regain the life we used to know. But it would certainly broaden your understanding of the game being played by these influential individuals and groups.

"No one is an unjust villain in his own mind. Even-perhaps even especially-those who are the worst of us. Some of the cruelest tyrants in history were motivated by noble ideals or made choices that they would call 'hard but necessary steps' for the good of their nation." - Jim Butcher, Turn Coat

We do not have to accept their solutions of greater control and harmful programs for the simple reason that they are not optimal solutions. If they were the first to say, "We are overpopulated, and I offer myself up for voluntary death," or if they said, "I am happy for my child to have these 50 vaccinations with toxins in them," then we might mistake their actions for altruism, at least, even if misguided, but this is not their view.

It is important to maintain our own sense of dignity, even for those who have fallen as far off the track as the Rockefellers and Gates of this world. There is room for them in the world, too, but not their badly-thought-through solutions.

Nobody likes to see family, friends, colleagues, students, clients, and neighbors being forced into situations that do not benefit them. And certainly not when the entire world population is suffering as a result. Just because it is that way right now does not mean that we have to sit back and allow it to continue so: We can do something about it, and just knowing there is a way out of the mess is half the battle won.

What to Do

For those who believe this virus to be a lethal calamity and the end of the world is at hand, remember President Roosevelt's inaugural address in 1933: "The only thing we have to fear is fear itself."

"Silent acquiescence in the face of tyranny is no better than outright agreement." - C.J. Redwine, Defiance

It is evil people who make life seem hostile. Left to their own devices, the vast majority of us get along just fine, seek the truth that will improve conditions, act with a good dose of common sense-all while enjoying life.

This short video makes a very good point: With all the talk of minorities being unfairly treated, we forget to look at the majority, and most importantly, to define what the majority is. Saying that a minority is based on color, religion, gender, country, sexual orientation or whatever is simply to agree to false divisions created to divide the majority. What is the real majority?

People who care about others and want them to do as well as we would like to do ourselves. They respect others and their views; they do not try to tear them down in one way or another or label them as bad or worthless. The majority are the 93% who are straight with you, do not say one thing and mean or act otherwise; they try to be constructive, not destructive or particularly, pretend to help while actually harming.

So how do we end the prospect of continued lockdowns, loss of livelihood, and forced vaccines, as the media and some government bodies keep threatening? As a majority, by launching a tsunami of public indignation and demanding sensible and effective management from our elected officials regarding this pandemic that seems primarily to have been designed to bring about forced vaccinations worldwide and to build on the 9/11 security measures to gain greater control over citizenry.

"No one rules if no one obeys."  - David Icke

Which is to say, the only real resource any manager has is the willingness of the employees. As soon as they become unwilling because the manager mistreats them, takes them for fools, the manager has nobody to manage.

Four basic steps:

1. Boost Your Immune System  - with such as Vitamin D3, etc. as covered earlier, while taking simple hygiene actions like rinsing with mouthwash to neutralize coronaviruses in the mouth and throat.

2. Neutralize the Next Wave of Fear Mongering

Review A, B, C, D & E below that apply any time the media blasts fear over the airwaves about Covid-19:

The current message is and will continue to be that the number of cases is going through the roof requiring another lockdown - while neglecting to mention:

A) More testing is being done, so of course more people would test positive;                                                                      

B) The PCR test is being used even though it is completely unreliable for testing viruses, giving many false positives because it cannot differentiate between Covid-19 or other germs;                                            

C) The positive diagnosis is based only on observation of symptoms (flu-like symptoms, shortness of breath); that could be the result of multiple causes;

D) The vast majority of those "cases" have no symptoms;

E)  The vast majority of those "cases" are not contagious.

The media is simply trying to alarm everyone by calling out those who test positive, even when based on an incorrect diagnosis, as "infected," even if they have no symptoms and are not infectious, and as "cases," a word that means a person  becomes ill with what is confirmed to be Covid-19. Thus they make it seem a second wave is coming when it is not and panic State authorities, desperate to open up their economies, into another deleterious shutdown.

For instance, the CDC saying antibody information collected shows the number of "confirmed cases" (meaning testing positive) is probably 10x more than earlier published figures, demonstrates that the media and related government agencies are twisting good news into bad news. Why? Because the more people who test positive, the lower the ultimate death rate and danger presented by Covid-19. In fact, the death rate never went exponential, indicating, as one study shows, that people have a resistance to Covid-19; another study showed that the T-cells of 40-60% of people who had not been exposed to Covid-19 are able to deal with it based on their ability to deal with the common cold.

The Wall Street Journal reported that the number of Covid-19 deaths was 75% lower in states that did not lock down, but the media ignores deaths and focuses on the only number that can be made to appear bad: The number of positive tests that they pretend are accurate and are increasing as more people are tested, which they then escalate into "infections" and "cases."

The WSJ article began with a statement that betrays the true nature of the media: "GOP governors have faced enormous media pressure to lock down their states in solidarity with Democrats..." The media are meant to report news, so what is this "pressure" other than propaganda - applying relentless pressure to make people think a certain way for political or other ends? A good reason to disconnect from them and seek responsible reporting that unearths facts because it respects the right and ability of individuals to think for themselves.

More examples of the early-to-open States being targeted by the media for panic generation: 71% of South Carolina hospital beds were reported to be in use already as COVID cases keep increasing, yet normal occupancy is 69%-70%. Comparing Covid cases/deaths in the Bronx (3,346/234) with Houston (567/7) makes it obvious that Houston's population of 7.1 million is doing a lot better than the Bronx's 1.5 million.

And to top it off, the new definition of cases includes anyone who has had some contact with anyone who later tests positive. No tests on them even, just quarantine and counted as a case-which explains the sudden surge in cases at the end of June that is being used to push for a shutdown until a vaccine can be brought to market.

No doubt the threat of wars, riots, destruction, political shouting matches, and Covid-19 alarm will jockey for the lead position on the airwaves until a vaccine finally appears; and when it does, don't be so knocked about that you forget to dig through the trials to see what they really showed, because the media will only publish the glowing PR and skip over the adverse reactions.

Likewise, don't close your eyes to the illogical contact tracing and enforcement of self-quarantining for 14 days just because a person has been exposed to someone who has tested positive for Covid-19. Apart from the personal injustice and unnecessary imprisonment - as a positive test means little-to-nothing - it will make it impossible for businesses to stay open if every time one person tests positive (usually without symptoms), the entire business has to quarantine for two weeks. Two weeks later, another round of testing shows one person testing positive and the business closes again.

Before this irrational program is implemented is the time to be alert to the irrationalities and to point them out to those who can reverse them and adopt a sensible strategy: Taking precautions for those individuals at risk; and at work, if someone is actually ill, they simply call in sick and stay home until they are better while everyone else is free to continue working. Managing this normal-level outbreak, as with the annual flu, does not require governmental intervention nor enforced medical lockdowns and treatments.

3. Become Further Educated if You Feel the Need

Knowledge is power, so educate yourself more if you feel you need more understanding than these three articles (and their over-300 links) provide in order to act.

Use the search engine, as unlike Google, it does not censor search results nor does it covertly track your searches. I wish I could refer you to mainstream media sources that might engender confidence in their information, but they have almost all long since been bought out by advertizers and intelligence agencies and now present propaganda and corporate lines as opposed to honest journalism. Obviously, try to separate opinions and agendas from the facts as you surf traditional and non-traditional sources, as they are not all accurate, by any means.

For relevant videos banned by YouTube and Vimeo and from other social media, and not findable on Google or most search engines:


The pandemic:


Dr. Dolores Cahill:

Dr. Judy Mikovits:

Dr. Buttar:

Aerial spraying:   (an example of a chemtrail operation)
Harvard University

"A single person who stops lying can bring down a tyranny" - Alexandr Solzhenitsyn, Soviet dissident and writer

4. Communicate and Organize to Nudge Governments into Acting Sensibly

Strength comes in numbers, so communicate and organize to build a huge volume of insistent demand for a) solutions based on common sense and b) science based on reality, not some hidden agenda that requires facts be twisted and hidden.

a. Relay this series of 3 articles or any specific links to people you know and discuss the issues with them;

b. Ask them to communicate to their friends, family, government employees, owners and managers of your hotel property, other businesses, anyone with influence over the situation, the media, and organize them to do the following:
  • End the lockdown in your area if it still exists and do whatever you can to restart your hotel and resort, as well as your vendors and surrounding business community. Bear in mind that the WHO stated those without symptoms rarely transmit the virus, so it makes no sense to close businesses when one person tests positive but has no symptoms or for anyone other than a person with symptoms to wear a mask, stand six-feet apart, and not congregate in larger numbers or risk being fined or even arrested;
  • In the US, use the protection afforded by the Constitution and related legal judgements to protect yourself by printing and signing the various documents listed on this page, and present to anyone trying to force you illegally in some way;
  • Research and join grass roots efforts to derail the planned vaccinations and any further lockdowns. This is a good example of how one lady addressed the issue of the lockdown and masks in particular.
  • Join organizations such as the Robert F. Kennedy Jr.'s Children's Health Defense, a leading voice exposing the dangers of vaccinations;
  • Support
  • In the USA, this organization stays on top of vaccination legislation so you can reach out to express your views and help influence the outcome;
  • This document parallels much of this paper, with some additional data as well as a good action suggestions offered at the end;
  • In the UK, support such as this group of lawyers who have determined the UK's Coronavirus Act 2020 to be null and void;
  • For Mr. Gates, the Italian member of parliament's call during a session recently for Mr. Gates be referred to the International Criminal Court for Crimes against Humanity would be a good first step. Write to your politician and build the groundswell for more countries to bring his suspect philanthropic actions to an end and put an end to the rule of earth by billionaires with a dim view of mankind and ideas that everyone (except them) should die for the greater good;
  • The WHO seems to be too corrupt to continue in its current form: Steps to dismantle it are given at the end of this article.
If we think for ourselves, help spread the word, educate politicians who will listen and are not too corrupted, and insist that we move away from this abyss of a police-state mentality protecting us from a supposedly hostile world, we can look forward to a relatively rapid return of the hospitality industry focused not on sanitizing and social distancing (although improvements in airplane hygiene and basic food safety everywhere would always be welcome, the author having been subjected to multiple serious food poisonings around the world through the years!) but servicing very happy and relieved guests.

If hospitality is to retain its essence, we need to retain an environment where the genuine smiles of free and happy staff are valued, rather than slipping into an East-Germany police-state climate (during the second half of the 20th Century), with its downtrodden, sullen, suspicious, surveilled, and coerced comrades.

The ball is in your court.

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