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September 7, 2021

Only 'We The People' Can Stop This 'Slow-Burn Genocide': A Call For 'Committees Of Correspondence' Across America To Unite Americans To Fight Back Against Medical Tyranny! 

By W Gelles for All News Pipeline

The American Revolution, which led to the creation of the United States of America, got a tremendous boost from the Committees of Correspondence. Operating in all 13 American colonies, these spontaneously organized Committees built solidarity, kept open lines of communication, and galvanized united action against British oppression.

Now America faces an unprecedented crisis against a much worse form of oppression. Only a united response by millions and millions of Americans will save this country. We urgently need a new Committees of Correspondence in all 50 states to help resist and defeat this evil.

The Powers That Be are mandating harmful, often lethal genetic cocktails mislabeled “vaccines” on everyone they can jab. These so-called vaccines have killed or permanently destroyed countless people, as the official data from the US, UK, EU, and around the world overwhelmingly proves. Yet the complicit mainstream media remains silent, and Big Tech censors or smears anyone who questions the kill-shots, which do NOT provide immunity and do NOT prevent transmission of the virus.

The PCR test that’s used to diagnose COVID-19 is a total sham, as the CDC and WHO now quietly admit. The fraudulent PCR test, supported by Bill Gates and Anthony Fauci, can’t differentiate between COVID-19, seasonal flu, and the common cold! The PCR test is incapable of diagnosing for any disease. And it’s been rigged to yield false-positive results—JUNK DATA—up to 97% of the time.

Yet this JUNK DATA served as the pretext to declare a fake “pandemic” and to impose useless, counterproductive lockdowns, masks, and deadly “vaccines” on the people. All this was supposedly done to combat a virus which is less deadly than the seasonal flu. The virus has never been definitively proven to exist; it’s all based on computer modeling.

This huge hoax, imposed on the United States and then on the world, has destroyed the middle class, wiped out small businesses, caused massive unemployment, hunger, isolation, despair, and pulverized civil society.

In reality, there is no excess mortality, and there is no pandemic. The “vaccines” have nothing to do with health. They are all about authoritarian control, the restructuring of society, and depopulation. The CDC is already building FEMA-style concentration camps to isolate and imprison anyone who refuses the “vaccine”.

All the genetic Covid “vaccines” should have been taken off the market by February 2021 when their disastrous results became obvious. Thousands of respected mainstream doctors and scientists have called for the immediate cancellation of these kill-shots. Their voices have been silenced by Big Media and Big Tech. Meanwhile, employees, government and health-care workers, police, firefighters, teachers, students, union members, airline pilots, and even the US Armed Services are being forced to get these dangerous genetic injections or face dismissal.

This is insanity. It’s suicidal, immoral, illegal, and unconstitutional. It violates all ten points of the Nuremberg Code of Ethics which evolved from the trials that convicted top Nazis at the end of World War 2.

Only We The People can put an end to this slow-burn genocide. The genetic-modification agents (“vaccines”) all need to be withdrawn immediately. They are causing catastrophic harm, spreading disease, creating new variants, and making matters much worse.

Inexpensive, effective treatments that defeat COVID-19—in wide use around the world—have been suppressed by the U.S. Government and denied to the American people. The truth needs to be spread far and wide. The perpetrators of this genocidal global crime must be identified, arrested, and punished.

Committees of Correspondence, active in all 50 US states and in many cities and towns, could help coordinate the growing protest movement. If you don’t like the name Committees of Correspondence, you can call it the Citizens COVID Network or Veto The Vaccine, or whatever.

So far, resistance in America to the rapidly escalating medical fascism has been scattered—nothing like the huge protests taking place in United Kingdom, France, Germany, Austria, Italy, Ireland, Netherlands, Spain, Greece, Israel, Finland, Japan, Australia, Thailand, and other countries. has launched a campaign to “Just Say No—Stop Unamerican Medical Mandates,” calling for nationwide demonstrations against forced lockdowns, masks, and vaccines on September 25.

Millions Against Medical Mandates (—a coalition of doctors, scientists, organizations, and activists—filed a petition along with Robert Kennedy Jr.’s group Children’s Health Defense urging the FDA to prevent the licensing of the deadly Covid vaccines.

The North American Law Center issued a bold call for a nationwide strike starting Labor Day to shut down the country until our freedoms are restored.

Sporadic “End The Mandate” rallies have sprung up. Other groups like America’s Frontline Doctors, Doctors For COVID Ethics, and Make Americans Free Again are doing great work.

These efforts need to be vastly multiplied with the involvement of ordinary citizens at every level of society. Every company, every union, every PTA meeting, every religious congregation, every civic body, every town hall meeting, every community association, every sports team needs to make this issue their Number One focus of debate and discussion.

In Sydney, Australia, truck drivers decided to take back their country from the draconian Covid Police State through a blockade of highways and ports. Their goal: To end what they term the “disgusting” mandated lockdowns and Covid vaccines. Their ongoing blockade is being heavily censored by the Australian and international news media.

If America’s truckers have the gumption to follow the Aussies’ example, America’s courageous truckers could bring the corrupt CDC/FDA to its knees in just a few days by paralyzing the US economy while awakening people to the US government’s criminal vaccination program.

This is just one example. Please use your imagination and get involved in any way possible, legally and peacefully.

The do-nothing politicians, the scumbag health bureaucrats, the coercive employers, the lying media presstitutes all need to answer to We The People. Consider this: Not one member of Congress has called for an end to the Nazi-like medical experimentation on children being conducted by the Covid vaccine manufacturers with the complicity of the CDC and FDA.

Every single member of Congress is 
bought-and-paid-for by Big Pharma, Big Medicine, and other special interests. They do not serve us, they serve their paymasters.

We The People are the only ones who can stop the suicidal “vaccine” program, the lockdowns, masks, health passports, and other coercive measures. No politician is going to do it for us. No governor, no senator, no representative. NOT Donald Trump either, he’s a moron when it comes to the “vaccines” which he takes pride in rolling out at warp speed. If you’re waiting for Trump to save you, you’re doomed.

This is NOT about Republican vs. Democrat, or liberal vs. conservative. This is about humanity—330 million Americans, 7.9 billion global citizens, versus a tiny group of super-wealthy, super-powerful individuals who are behind the lab-engineered virus and the lethal “vaccines”.

Many M.D.s know the score but they remain silent, choosing profit and career over our health. The TV pundits are lying to you 24/7 with fake statistics and fake stories. Brainwashed Hollywood celebrities have no idea what’s going on (or if they do, they keep their mouths shut).

No one is going to save us, except We The People. There’s not much time left to stop the encroaching medical tyranny and fascism.

Let Committees of Correspondence be formed in all 50 states to unite the American people and defeat this evil.



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