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April 18, 2020

Get Ready For More Stupidity & Tyranny In The Days, Weeks And Months Ahead As Globalists Position Themselves For 'The Kill'

- Covid-19 'Weaponized For Tyranny' Much More Dangerous Than The Virus Itself

By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

According to this new story over at CBC, the Canadian federal government is now open to enacting a new law to fight coronavirus misinformation being spread online. Claiming that 'cranks are creating havoc' by spreading intentional or unintentional lies and that "extraordinary times require extraordinary measures and it is about protecting the public", the talk of criminalizing speech in Canada at a time when the mainstream media here in America and in Canada continue to echo the Chinese communist party propaganda line is alarming. 

With America and the world sure to never get any truth from China about the origin of this virus so any 'informed speculation' about it is not 'disinformation' at all but 'theories', as Zero Hedge reports in this new story, according to Professor Luc Montagnier, the 2008 Nobel Prize winner for Medicine and the man who discovered HIV was the cause of the 'AIDS epidemic', "the SARS-CoV-2 is a virus that was manipulated and accidentally released from a laboratory in Wuhan, China, in the last quarter of 2019".

While the msm here in America and in Canada continue to claim that any reports of this virus originating in a lab is a 'conspiracy theory', Professor Montagnier recently claimed in an interview: "Conspirators are the opposite camp, hiding the truth". With this Nobel Prize winner also claiming the purpose of China's work with this virus was to create an AIDS vaccine and there is no doubt that the virus was man-made, Professor Montagnier's warnings echo those given to us here at ANP by Dr. Francis Boyle in this February 10th story titled "Bioweapons Expert Warns ANP: The 'Nazi Death Science Biological Warfare Work' Going On In America MUST Be Stopped!". From this Zero Hedge story

According to Professor Montagnier, this laboratory, known for its work on coronaviruses, tried to use one of these viruses as a vector for HIV in the search for an AIDS vaccine!

“With my colleague, bio-mathematician Jean-Claude Perez, we carefully analyzed the description of the genome of this RNA virus,” explains Luc Montagnier, interviewed by Dr Jean-François Lemoine for the daily podcast at Pourquoi Docteur, adding that others have already explored this avenue:

Indian researchers have already tried to publish the results of the analyses that showed that this coronavirus genome contained sequences of another virus, … the HIV virus (AIDS virus), but they were forced to withdraw their findings as the pressure from the mainstream was too great.

In a challenging question Dr Jean-François Lemoine inferred that the coronavirus under investigation may have come from a patient who is otherwise infected with HIV.

"No," says Luc Montagnier, "in order to insert an HIV sequence into this genome, molecular tools are needed, and that can only be done in a laboratory."

According to the 2008 Nobel Prize for Medicine, a plausible explanation would be an accident in the Wuhan laboratory. He also added that the purpose of this work was the search for an AIDS vaccine.

And with no definite answer yet on whether or not this virus is natural or man-made, the Director of the World Health Organization involved in a long series of coverups and the msm and most government's still pushing the communist party line of China's government, and now talk of criminalizing misinformation about the virus in Canada when we'll likely never get the truth anyways, how long till members of the US government push for the same kinds of laws here with this 'crisis' already being 'weaponized' to the max by some? As Susan Duclos had warned in this April 15th ANP story, we're already seeing this 'virus' used to clamp down upon free speech and free expression and once one loses rights, it's very difficult to get them back with more and more tyranny likely soon to follow.  

So as we'll explore within this ANP story, with some tyrants outlawing gardening in America at a time of food shortages and food lines reminding some of Venezuela right here in America, and people in Montana and all across the country quickly growing restless and demanding an end to this shutdown soon, what happens if this thing drags out until Summer or Fall or even into Winter or 2021? In a worst case scenario, we might not even recognize America any more if the globalists get their way. 

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In an excellent comment recently left on this story by Michael Snyder over at End of the American Dream titled "What Will You Do If They Try To Extend Coronavirus Lockdowns Into Next Year?", one reader brought forth a theory that has become very easy to believe in 2020 with state governor's cracking down upon gardening and religious services among many other things, the impeachment of President Trump having failed and the globalists satanic agenda for America and the world failing.  

Since the entire point behind this hyped up flu season was to attack America in a 9-11 fashion, fully expect this to either come back (planned) or never leave. Their end goal is digital currency, mandatory government health care with tracking, and vaccinations. The "social distancing" manure was an obvious attack on the First Amendment. All this Chinese nonsense is akin to putting the fault for 9-11 on Saudi Arabians. Get ready for even more stupidity. The mission dictates.

And while much of the blame for now is upon China for either the virus originating there or having been created there, as we asked within this April 14th ANP story, would you really put it past the 'globalist/deep state apparatus' (which also has access to coronavirus weapons here in America at Fort Detrick) to have launched this thing in Wuhan as a 'last chance opportunity' to put an end to President Trump's 'America First Agenda' and freedom in America? We shouldn't put anything past the evil capabilities of those who have been lying to the American people for years. From Michael Snyder's story.: 

We are seeing a massive backlash against the coronavirus lockdowns all over the United States, and it is likely that the protests against these lockdowns will only intensify in the days ahead. But some elected officials are doubling down and are insisting that “shelter-in-place” orders will remain in effect in their jurisdictions for quite a few months to come. I honestly do not know how that is possibly going to work, because after just a few weeks millions upon millions of Americans have become deeply frustrated with these lockdowns. Trying to confine people to their homes for the foreseeable future is likely to spark tremendous explosions of anger, but that appears to be exactly what authorities intend to do in some of our largest urban areas. For example, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio just told Fox News that he expects his city will be shut down until July or August

"New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio joined Bill Hemmer today on FOX News Channel."

"The mayor told Hemmer he does not expect New York City to open until July or August."

Does he honestly believe that New York City residents will put up with being confined to their homes for another three or four months?

Over on the west coast, California Governor Gavin Newsom recently told the press that there probably will not be mass gatherings in his state “until we get to herd immunity and we get to a vaccine”…

“The prospect of mass gatherings is negligible at best until we get to herd immunity and we get to a vaccine,” Newsom told reporters at his press briefing.

“Large-scale events that bring in hundreds, thousands, tens of thousands of strangers … [are] not in the cards based upon our current guidelines and current expectations,” he said.

It is exceedingly unlikely that we will get to the point of “herd immunity” in the United States this year, and most experts do not anticipate a vaccine until some time in 2021.

Would he really try to keep his state locked down for that long?

(For those wanting to grow their own food but are unable to get seeds or garden supplies, this recent story by Susan Duclos on ANP titled "Food Shortages And Seed Companies That Cannot Keep Up With Demand, As Prepping Suddenly Becomes Popular With The Masses" has plenty of ideas, links and suggestions.)  

With any attempts to mass vaccinate the masses sure to lead to more tremendous resistance, especially with the prospect of a vaccination even working being incredibly low due to mutations of the virus as was reported in this Fox News story, and the very real possibility that more people will die from starvation and the chaos unleashed by civil unrest than covid-19 should this thing drag out into 2021 or 2022 or even longer, as one Wisconsin Sheriff recently pointed out, 'dire lifetime consequences' may be ahead for many. 

Racine County Sheriff Christopher Schmaling issued a statement Friday saying his department would not enforce Gov. Tony Evers' safer-at-home order and said the "overreaching measures" would have dire consequences.

Evers on Thursday extended the safer-at-home order until May 26 in an effort to continue to slow the spread of the coronavirus throughout the state. The decision was met with opposition from Republican leadership in the state Legislature.

"The overreaching measures taken by State government will have dire lifetime consequences for businesses, homeowners, and families," Schmaling's statement reads.

"I took an oath to uphold the constitutional rights of our citizens and I can not in good faith participate in the destruction of Racine County businesses or interfere in the freedoms granted to all of us by our Constitution," he continued.

With food shortages already being experienced all across America as meat processing plants are shut down due to covid-19 infections, food banks running dry due to so many people being unemployed and out of money while tons of food is insanely thrown away due to restaurants no longer being in business, it's been warned over and over again that our civilized society will turn to total anarchy should food no longer be available because everyone needs to eat to survive. 

As Susan Duclos had reported in this April 13th ANP story titled "Get Ready! Food Riots May Be Only Weeks Away If Lockdowns Not Soon Ended As Food Shortages Already Hitting Tens Of Thousands Amidst The COVID-19 Crisis - And Now We're Warned Of: 'Severe, Disastrous, Repercussions For Many In The Supply Chain'", between meat processing plants shutting down and food shortages happening already, America is closing in on disaster. 

Both the first and second videos below from 'Ice Age Farmer' take a look at what's now happening with meat processing plants closing, food shortages unfolding and supply lines drying up with his video descriptions for each of those videos directly below.

Smithfield warns of meat shortages after closing their Sioux Falls plant indefinitely, offlining 7+% of USA hog production capacity. Our food production is being systematically dismantled in a controlled demolition of the life support system of civilization. NOW is the time to start growing food for your family and community and spread the word -- NOT cede total control of our food supply! ALIGN with local farmer/ranchers & producers (and become one!). Support community operations however you can. Start learning and growing now.

Gabe Brown of Browns Ranch -- a pioneer of the soil-health movement and regenerative practices -- joins Christian to discuss regenerative practices and soil health as the bottom line solutions to the myriad problems we face. We discuss the Covid19 pandemic and what we can learn from it, how healthy living soil helped Brown's Ranch weather the difficult, cold and wet 2019 season in North Dakota -- and can do the same for you! Producers from homesteaders/gardeners to larger farmer ranchers can start improving their operations immediately without huge capital investment. Gabe also describes how they have actually been getting a boost in sales due to their direct-to-market approach. And of course we describe the 6 rules for building amazing soil and growing lots of food!

And in the final video below from Mike Adams over at Natural News he warns that tyranny surrounding this lockdown is more dangerous than covid-19, especially if the globalists and 'enemies of freedom and America within' are able to use it to take down freedom and our country as they've long been trying to do. 

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