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July 15, 2017

CNN Employees Running Scared, Locking Down Their Social Media Accounts - #CNNDirt Goes Viral As Phase Two Begins In The CNN Vs The Internet War


By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

Brief Recap: CNN has had an unbelievably bad couple of months where they have been busted publishing fake news, forced to retract, delete and apologize for one of those "stories", three employees have been forced to resign, another false story had to be changed, re-headlined because the information one of their "sources" gave them was completely wrong, Project Veritas posted undercover videos of CNN employees admitting the "Russia" narrative was BS, and a "nothingburger," and then to top it off, they decided to hunt down some random internet user who created a meme that President Trump tweeted out, threatened to reveal his identity if his "bad behavior" continued, which saw the creation of a viral hashtags #CNNBlackmail and #CNNMemeWars.


After their apparent threat and blackmail of a meme maker, now there are hundreds upon hundreds more memes, videos and GIF images still being created as the Internet fights back against CNN's lies, attacks against the internet community, Trump Derangement Syndrome, and their "Russia" fixation.

As a result of such negative publicity and CNN's self-inflicted wounds, their ratings tanked and they went below even Nick-at-Nite, taking 13th place, a campaign against their advertisers is still ongoing and their "reporting" has delved into the category of "pathetic," with a strange focus on how President Trump shakes hands with people, with a "second-by-second analysis of the Trump-Macron handshake," and the "never-ending handshake between Trump and Macron," in which they dedicated two separate articles on, by two different so-called journalists. (The links are to the pages, so CNN won't be getting any traffic)

The fallout on social media has been brutal, every Facebook post, every tweet by a CNN employee, has seen the comment section taken over by those images, GIFs and memes, all worse than the originally WWE meme that offended them so badly they had to hunt down the anonymous creator and threaten him.

Another aspect of CNN's so-called reporting of late has been their desire to be the story rather than just reporting news, as evidenced by CNN's Jim Acosta constantly whining about a lack of video and cameras being part of the White House press gaggles, posting pictures of his socks as a means to complain that they can't video tape some of the briefings, and when the cameras are on, his making a spectacle of himself disrespectfully screeching questions while other reporters have been called on, basically trying to make sure he is the focus, rather than the briefing itself.

They just got their wish..... they are the story now.


Last night, phase two was kicked off, resulting in another trending viral hashtag, #CNNDirt, where social media users have been delving into the social media accounts of CNN employees. The launch of #CNNDirt appears to have been started by Jack Posobiec, Author of Citizens for Trump, filmmaker, and recovering political operative, who highlighted CNN journalist Rashard Elijah, showing his prior tweets about date rape, anti-white racism and more, linking to his Medium post which showed those tweets.


And so it began.......

FAIR WARNING - Some of the examples that have been dug up as part of the #CNNDirt campaign are offensive and use some extreme language, but they come directly from CNN employees.




Those are just a small sample, more can be found at Medium and Gateway Pundit.

Within hours Mr. Elijah had set his Twitter account to protected where only confirmed followers could read his tweets, then he deleted his Twitter account totally, shown by Posobiec, with a note stating "Memed out of existence."


Elijah is not the first CNN journalist to "break up" with Twitter as CNN anchor Alisyn Camerota announced last Wednesday, amidst the fallout from CNN's blunders, threats and blackmail attempts, that she would no longer being using the platform because people were being "mean" to her. Just like the strange obsession on President Trump's handshakes, once again CNN published an article as to her "break up" with Twitter, as if that was "news," turning CNN into nothing more than a tabloid.

Elijah was just the first of many CNN employees having their "dirt" exposed since Posobiec launched phase two of the pushback against CNNs declaration of war on the internet, President Trump and his supporters, as other CNN employees are seeing their tweets exposed, and while they are being shown out of context, seeing the offensiveness of the content coming from employees of what used to be a major news organization is what the #CNNDirt campaign was launched for.

For example, senior photo editor for CNN, Clint Alwahab, as recently put his account in protected mode after someone exposed a tweet of his saying "too bad your d**k isn't being f**king blown right now. b*tch."


Twitter users are only too happy to remind these CNN employees that are setting their accounts to private that according to Twitters terms of service, an account cannot be "verified" and private. Verified users must be open to the public, but CNN employees are running scared at this point as #CNNDirt is trending, and more and more of them are locking down their accounts after having their previous statements exposed.



Other interesting comments from CNN employees that are being highlighted:




Much, much more over at #CNNDirt.


Normally I would not be supportive of digging through peoples social media accounts, or comments, to look for offensive content because context matters, almost everyone that comments anywhere online has cut up and had some fun and said things that taken out of context would look bad, but CNN deliberately, and with malice, hunted down a random internet user, not someone who chose an occupation or career that exposed them to public scrutiny, then proceeded to go through his social media posts and highlight what they called his "bad behavior on social media," then threatened to expose his identity if that behavior continued, after acknowledging they were withholding his name out of concern for his personal safety.


So, they started this war against half of the internet by digging up dirt simply because someone made a meme that hurt their feelings, so seeing the tables turned against them in this way is poetic justice.

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