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January 7, 2016

Is The World Ready For This? Countries Across Planet Prepare For Crash Landing As Critical 'Make Or Break' Event Is Happening Now


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

Scanning over the headlines of today's hot stories linked on the Drudge Report and Steve Quayle offers us numerous reasons to believe that the moment of financial reckoning has finally arrived for America and the world and provide us with more proof that the year of 2016 will be unlike almost any other that most Americans alive today have ever experienced. In the 1st video below, Gregory Mannarino tells us that a critical make or break event is happening now.

Over at King World News we read that the collapse is accelerating and worldwide panic is increasing as the historic super-bubbles burst. John Embry told Eric that he found the fact that the opening day of trading in 2016 was the worst since 1932, Embry also reminded us that year didn't work out so well. Over at All Self Sustained we get an answer to the conundrum that today's financial world brings us from Ron Paul: "Be Prepared For The Worst".

With nearly 63% of Americans now only one emergency away from possibly living on the streets as shared in this story from Market Watch and US stock futures yesterday having plummeted in sympathy with China and oil we see that the recent announcement that China will do away with market 'circuit breakers' as shared by CNBC could be the step that starts the tumble as the market opens in China on Friday.

Over at Drudge Report we get a triad of collapse headlines; George Soros warns "it's 2008 all over again" while over at we hear the markets are at the 'beginning of crisis' as 'trillions vanish' as the worst start to a stock market year since 2000 is extended into a 4th day. If what we're witnessing now is only 'the beginning,' do we really want to see what 'the middle or the end' will look like?


We also take a look below in the 2nd video below at the new Economist magazine issue 'The World In 2016' in which we see some fascinating symbology including some 'two sun' symbolism that has some believing it could be a warning that a 2nd sun has returned and with a vengeance. Kev Baker does an excellent job decoding the 2016 Economist cover as outlined and seen in the pictures below. What do those who created this cover and video know that we don't know? You can see the full Economist cover in full size below videos at the bottom of this story. 

The Economist is 50% owned by the Rothchilds, and that in itself should be reason enough for us to take some time out to see just what it is they are predicting for the year ahead, and just what else they have encoded into their encrypted pictorial view of 2016.

We get into why some people are in black and white & some are in color, and some are mixture of both – but what is it that the Economist are trying to hint at?

Hillary Clinton is the only 2016 Presidential candidate to appear on the front cover of the magazine and we discuss whether this is a hint that the Rothchilds have picked their puppet for the next 4 to 8 years ahead?

We go over some of the more interesting characters to appear in the image and then get into the strange iconography, symbols and occult messages that are hidden in plain sight throughout the image.

One image that caught my eye is the sun dial at the top. There is a butterfly and if you are to count round the dial, it appears between the 3 and 4 – could this be some kind of “transformation” or “metamorphis” of the sun due to take place? Or with this being a Rothchild publication and concerned with economics, could it spell some turmoil or change in the money world?

I also went and watched the beginning of The Economists video that goes along with the article and what i found in the opening sequence is truly fascinating. The still image (seen below right) that shows what can only be described as two suns! Whats more intriguing is the fact that at the time it appears, the commentator is talking about “big stories in the year ahead”!

Are they hinting that we are finally going to discover that we are in a binary star system? Could it be to signify an incoming planetary body? Who knows, but it makes for great discussion!

You can read the rest of Kev's breakdown of the Economist cover here while in the 3rd video below, we hear Sgt Report being joined by Bix Weir to break down the Economists 'World In 2016' in its entirety.

fulleconomist2016.jpg yearin2016.jpg

For those who may want to dismiss the Economist magazine we'd like to remind you that back in 1988, the magazine predicted a global currency by 2018. Having arrived within 2 years of that time, are they now making the final moves necessary to transition us over to that global currency? The 4th video below shares with us another warning that bail-ins have begun and banks that are in trouble may soon be forced to shut down, leaving unprepared Americans out in the cold while in the 5th video, we learn how Chinese markets recently lost 590 billion dollars in only 7 minutes.  Directly below we'll close with a dire warning from Bix Weir to America.


Back in September of 2015, Bix Weir at Road to Roota gave America two choices telling us we've clearly reached the point in time when a decision must be made - which way will America decide to go? We will close with Weir's column from September that offers us a glimpse at the two possible futures ahead of us. One brings sure death and destruction as liberty and the human spirit are crushed. One offers all of humanity a new opportunity, if tempered by knowing there will be very difficult times ahead. At ANP, we know which road we choose.

We have arrived at a point in our nation's history that will define how our future will unfold. There are now only two Roads left to take:

The First Road continues our relentless pursuits of power, control and manipulation that can only spell destruction in our future: destruction of our liberties, destruction of our prosperity and destruction of our moral compass. For too long our CONTROLLERS have lied, cheated and stolen their way to the top only to discover that WE THE PEOPLE have been left behind in the process.

The Second Road completely destroys the global fiat monetary system erasing all forms of false wealth, false power and false governance. It is truly a Creative Destruction Event that has never been witnessed in the history of mankind. All paper and electronic debt forms of wealth will evaporate in the blink of an eye completely leveling the playing field in order to rebuild our monetary structures from the ground up. It is a lesson to be learned the hard way but it is a necessary lesson in order to create a new future for our country. A future built on hard work, complete honesty and good will towards others.

Down this Road our Founding Father's ideals patiently await our return...

"We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness."

Our Country is standing at the Crossroads…the only question left is which Road we will Choose?

May the Road WE choose be the Right Road.

Bix Weir


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