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June 27, 2020

Modern Day Events Across The Planet Show Us The 'Perfect Storm' Is Upon Us But We're Witnessing Just 'The Tip Of The Iceberg' - So We Should All Prepare, Now, While We Still Can As We Are Running Out Of Time

By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

Upticks in earthquakes, locust swarms destroying entire farms, pestilence and pandemics, economic collapse, civil unrest, all events that could cause massive pain, suffering and death across the globe individually, and yet we are seeing headlines across the world of all of things, at the same time.

Recently Michael Snyder for 'End of the America Dream' published a piece describing "really bizarre," things that are happening around the globe right now in present day.

From the uptick of earthquakes in California and Nevada in the last week, to the COVID-19 pandemic and the civil unrest we have all been watching across America, with the global economy "imploding," to the locust swarms that have devastated South Africa now being reported in Argentina and heading towards Brazil, destroying farms in its path, we are witnessing a time like no other.

For details, head on over to End of the American Dream to see just how many things are occurring at once across the globe.

Before moving along, I would like to highlight one more Snyder piece because kudos go to him for the "perfect storm" in my headline, as he explains why every person in America needs to become a prepper in the second half of 2020.

It has been on my heart to write this article for a few days, but I knew that it wouldn’t be easy to write. 2020 has already been one of the worst years in modern U.S. history, and it looks like the next six months are going to be extremely challenging as well. But even though most Americans are expecting that things will return to “normal” in 2021 and beyond, the truth is that the “perfect storm” that we are witnessing is only in the very early stages. All of the old cycles are ending, all of the bubbles are bursting, and we are starting to experience the consequences of decades of incredibly foolish decisions. So even though the remaining months of 2020 will be chaotic, the truth is that things are going to get progressively worse as the years move along. That means that you should use this period of time to prepare for what is ahead of us, because at some point the window of opportunity to prepare will be closed for good.

I have seen commenters speak to having a heavy heart as they watch events unfolding here in America, and just one look at the news on any given day, offers insight into why the world collectively feels like it has been irrevocably changed, to the point of "feeling" broken.

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The first thing I see at the moment when I open Drudge is that the democrat party's presumed presidential candidate, Joe Biden, is actually bragging that if he is elected he would violate every Americans constitutionally protected right of "freedom of Expression," by mandating Americans be forced to wear masks.

Democrat governors are already trying to implement this mask mandate, but certain state Sheriffs are not only rebelling, but they are telling Americans "Don't be a sheep."

Washington state:

"Here's what I say," Lewis County Sheriff Robert Snaza told the crowd outside a church Tuesday, carrying a megaphone and sporting his green and beige uniform but no face mask. "Don't be a sheep."

Few of the people cheering on Snaza covered their faces either, according to video of the scene taken by the Daily Chronicle of Centralia, Wash. Indeed, the words on a billboard above the crowd seemed to capture their feeling about the pandemic: "Oh, no! A virus. Quick - burn the bill of rights."

Of course the My San Antonio article made it a point to highlight that the Sheriff is a Republican and that the governor in question, Jay Inslee, is a Democrat.

We thank them for acknowledging that some Republicans are still fighting against this type of unconstitutional tyranny, while many Democrats are finally letting their inner dictator and tyrant shine through.

Washington state is not alone in seeing infighting between law enforcement and Democrat governors.

 Nevada and North Carolina:

He is not alone. In Nevada and North Carolina on Thursday, multiple sheriffs said their Democratic governors' mask requirements were "unconstitutional and unenforceable." 
After five California counties ignored a similar directive, Gov. Gavin Newsom, D, threatened to withhold state funds. Another Washington state sheriff called Inslee an "idiot."

As they battle through viral Facebook posts and appearances on local TV and radio, these mostly Republican sheriffs have effectively blocked their governors' orders. If they refuse to enforce their rules, it is unclear who else will.

Some states are shutting down beaches again, others are ordering curfews, as mayors and/or governors once again demand a type of  "medical martial law," be implemented in their cities and states.

Other topics in the headlines include the civil unrest across America, the tearing down and erasing of historical monuments, therefore reminders of our own history, good and bad, forcing the federal government to step in to protect those monuments.

Closing Drudge we note that whatever the aggregation website we choose we see much of the same.

Steve Quayle highlights the continued persecution of Christians as Instagram labels Christian worship as "harmful." also found on Steve's site is how the UN wants a body of "global governance," which we assume means they want to take away American sovereignty and much, much more.

Heading over to Memeorandum, we see a tie from Russia to Afghan militants (Rumors of war, yet another sign of where we are), Nancy Pelosi channeling Joe Biden by demanding a "federal mandate" to force Americans to wear masks, more civil unrest in Minneapolis as their council members approves a measure to "abolish police," while at the same time having their own private security to which taxpayers are paying for. Washington Post is now going after George Washington in this latest attempt to dredge up history to claim America is racist.

All that and more in just the top half of the page.

The pattern noted here is the overabundance of increasingly disturbing level of bad news, omens showing a scary future and a segment of America making it clear they hate the very nation that gave them so much.

Instead of moving to a country led by a tyrannical dictator, they are trying to make America into one.


A reader comment pretty much sums up the attitude we hope everybody is starting to understand is needed.

Comment by Deplorable Susie:

I think we all know that this is not a "protest", and hasn't been since maybe one day of actual protests !!! So what now ?? Get stocked up on anything and everything, prepare the defenses, and stop (or at least slow down) what you can !! I do not have cannons, or whatever :-), but I'll do whatever I can to prevent these communist revolutionaries from being "successful". This all must be stopped !!!!!

She is absolutely spot on. We should try to stop and slow down what is in our power to, but people need to prepare for things to get exponentially worse in the coming months.

We at ANP, along with many others in the Independent Media, were encouraging readers to stock up and prepare when the MSM was still pretending the COVID-19 pandemic didn't exist.

Sure enough it didn't take long at all once the MSM decided to catch up with the Independent Media before emergency survival food companies started running out of stock, started issuing warnings on their websites stating that due to high volume of demand some orders could take months to get.

Despite a "second wave" being reported on, although many of us believe we are still seeing the first wave and while people should be careful and take precautions, the government, local or federal, should not be "mandate" dress or actions of Americans.

There is too much happening at this very moment in time to ignore, and watching events get worse each and every day, tells us that our level of preparedness for those dubbed preppers, should be increased, and those that have continued to put off on stocking up, should stop procrastinating and get serious, because when the rioting comes to your neighborhood, you do not want to be heading into the midst of it because you needed something you should have already had.


As some stores are still limiting the purchase of certain types of meats, and other high sought after products, the recent food shortages are nothing compared to what will becoming. It is not hard to see the writing on the wall as stores start finally breathing and getting some items restocked, there is a limit to what is available to even them.

Cattle was destroyed and will not magically come back to life to be processed. Farmers and ranchers were already seeing losses from previous flooding and early freezes last year.

Economic collapse is starting to look a lot more likely with many states deciding they may need to re-close their states, preventing groups from gathering, restaurants from opening, bars from allowing patrons inside.

When and if this happens, we will see runs on the stores that will make the last round of shortages look like a walk in the park because they are still not totally back in stock of many items.

As readers have expressed their appreciation for the research to find items that are now back in stock, or still in stock, for delivery, we have continued to hunt and have a small list of items to stock up on.


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Paper Good and Cleaning Products:

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We are seeing chaos all across the globe, with an extended period of civil unrest here in America. Should the November election not turn out the way liberals want, we can expect to see an explosion of rioting, arson and destruction.

That is in November, but before that, we are seeing liberal state leaders trying to close down their states again, which is economic suicide that will affect every state even if it isn't closed down. Food shortages are still an issue, otherwise no store would be limiting the purchase of specific items.

Remember what I always say here.... if you are as prepared as you can be, then there is absolutely nothing to fear.

God bless and stay free!

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