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May 26, 2017

Sucker-Punch A Conservative, Body-Slam A Journalist - What Is The Difference? Middle America: 'Maybe The Media Deserves It'


By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

In the eyes of the snowflakes on the left, it is alright to walk up to a conservative man in the middle of giving an interview and to sucker punch him in the face, all because he espouses a difference ideology and said snowflakes have labeled him a "Nazi," creating memes, with liberal outlets asking "is it ok to punch a Nazi," while claiming that punching a Nazi is a time honored tradition, yet a man body-slams an obnoxious member of the fake news media, then goes on to get elected to a political office, and according to the same progressively liberal snowflakes, it is utterly unacceptable.

ANP has long maintained, in articles and in our comment section, that violence should only be utilized in defense of self, family or community, but we have observed time and time again that violence from the liberally "progressive" is acceptable in their eyes to shut down free speech, to riot when they feel "offended" by free speech, and one of the most egregious examples of their acceptance of violence for ideological differences was when a conservative, Robert Spencer, while on the extreme side of the ideological spectrum, was sucker-punched live on camera while giving an interview.

Spencer has predictably been labeled a "Nazi" by progressives because his ideology is different from theirs, so when the incident occurred, we saw a ton of major "news" outlets asking "Is it ok to punch a Nazi?," with the Mother Jones website even headline a piece titled "The Long History of "Nazi Punching." A website was created called "" and  another called "," consisting of the a GIF image of Spencer being punched, with the answer "YES." Memes were created, videos published to Spencer being punched to the lyrics of famous songs, called "Punched to music." The website even titled a piece "The Best Video Remixes Of That Nazi Guy Getting Punched In The Face."

The point being, liberals and the media, not only attempted to justify sucker-punching a conservative in the face, they celebrated it as righteous.

Now we have a journalist that gets body-slammed by a conservative politician, Greg Gianforte, in Montana, a day before he was elected as U.S. Representative for Montana's at-large congressional district.

Unlike the case with Spencer and the reaction from Democratic politicians, the media and liberals, Republican politicians and conservative news hosts spoke out against body slamming the journalist, condemning the violence, but the reaction of the media directly contrasts with their reaction to violence against a conservative, as they lament that it is president Trump's fault, that "Republicans broke American politics", saying this should "horrify" people.... and on and on and on they go, from the very same people that thought it was cute to ask if it was ok to punch a "Nazi," and those that never once spoke out about being "horrified" over Spencer being sucker punched in the face due to his political leanings.


The media is also trying to spin Gianforte's win on the fact that 70 percent of the vote were from early voters before election day, but according to journalists and radio talk show callers, it seems that even after the journalist was body slammed, some voters that waited until election day think "reporters have it coming." One CNN journalist claims she was told "You're lucky someone doesn't pop one of you."


A caller to the Rush Limbaugh show even took it a step further and said he would be willing to donate to Republicans until he went bankrupt if more candidates would body-slam reporters.


What the media howlers, crying over the body-slamming of the journalists just cannot comprehend, is that they have turned themselves into the enemy, not just an opposition party to the President of the United States, but as the opposition party to America and all those that voted for Donald Trump. The opposition party to all readers that want the truth rather than a reporters politically ideological opinion every single day in the headlines. The opposition to truth. The opposition to the safety of the American public.

Harvard- Harris released a very telling poll recently where "Nearly two-thirds of Americans say the mainstream press is full of fake news." That includes 80 percent of Republicans, 60 percent of Independents and even 53 percent of Democrats.

In other words, it is not just a majority of "Trump" voters that see the media as the enemy at worst, or as liars at best, but even those that did not vote for President Trump in November.

As ANP recently reported, public testimony in Congressional hearings, has confirmed that the intelligence community leaks, are endangering national security and American lives, and who is busy reporting those "leaks" while not bothering to confirm their veracity? The Media, yes, that is who.

Tucker Carlson had a very insightful segment on this issue, where he condemns violence as a means of "disagreement" in politics, he also highlights how the media and the left have continued to encourage that type of violence and only speak up when it is aimed at them. Dana Loesch joins him towards the middle of the clip below and points out how the media and the progressive left are culpable and responsible for making violence the norm in today's political landscape, yet want to complain and duck their own responsibility for encouraging violence. Loesch describes how many called into her radio show and said "well, maybe the media deserves it."


If I could ask these establishment journalists a couple of questions, they would be; 1)"What is the difference between sucker-punching a conservative and body-slamming a journalist?"

2) "Why do they excuse, justify and even celebrate a conservative, who is answering questions on camera, being sucker-punched, yet condemn the body slamming of journalist that couldn't accept the answer that was given to them about a question and kept pushing?"

Either be consistent in condemning violence or sit down and shut up about it.

The bottom line here is the MSM and progressive bloggers better wake up really fast and realize they have alienated the majority of America, to the point where regular, every day voters that have watched them encourage liberal rioters and Antifa thugs, celebrated violence to stifle free speech, praised sucker-punching a conservative, witnessed the Gianforte incident against a journalist and said "maybe the media deserves it."

You reap what you sow, so maybe you should stop sowing discord and violence, then you won't be on the wrong end of it.


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