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August 7, 2016

Putin's Scathing Warning To Hillary And The Globalists: 'Using Terrorists For Political Gain Is Dangerous' - What Does Putin Know That We Don't Know? 

Hillary And Globalists Preparing American Public For War With Russia


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

With the current administration's 'propaganda war' with Russian President Vladimir Putin kicking into full gear as outlined in this story from Zero Hedge, we take a look at several recent videos below including Putin sending a grim and very loud and clear warning to Hillary Clinton and the globalists in the brand new 1st video below, "using terrorists for political gain is dangerous."

What does Vladimir Putin know that the American people don't know? 


With the entire world now learning that Clinton armed the ISIS terrorists that are now slaughtering Americans and other innocent human beings elsewhere around the world, we see that 'terrorist war-criminals Clinton and company' are kicking open the door to a deep American antagonism toward Putin and Russia and are now in the process of seemingly readying the American public for World War 3 and possible nuclear annihilation. From the Zero Hedge story.:

In what has become an old fashioned American pile-on, President Barack Obama, Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, the Democratic Party and what seems the entire political establishment as well as the MSM, have united to undermine Putin as if to prime the American public for war with Russia.

War is, after all, more successful when the people have been thoroughly programmed. For instance, for a war-weary American public ‘we are bombing civilians out of a humanitarian necessity’ may work well. If necessary, a little hysteria wouldn’t hurt but most of all, a necessary requirement is to efficiently tutor the public consciousness to despise the adversary. In this case, Clinton has identified Putin as the adversary and that he is one evil reincarnation of Adolf Hitler.


We shouldn't be surprised that war-criminal Clinton, who has done such a good impression of Hitler that she's garnered the nickname 'Hitlery' all across the internet, would attempt to turn the tables on Putin and Russia and make it look like it's their nation that is the root of all evil when Clinton and the globalists have been the people largely responsible for enabling ISIS to launch their 'rein of terror' throughout the world. Hitlery's war crimes alone should land her at the Hague

It's no wonder that ISIS is salivating at the thought of a Clinton presidency - they'd have full rein to kill anybody they want, and likely with 'weapons from' and the 'full permission of' the 'terrorist-in-chief' if Hitlery is elected.

As we hear directly from Putin in the 2nd video below and read in this story from Prepper Fortress, the 'global elite' are planning on crashing the global economy and as Trends Forecaster Gerald Celente has often warned us, "when all else fails, they bring us to war". As we learn in the 2nd video directly from Putin, we may now be closer to a global, world war 3 than we've been at almost any time in recent years and certainly the closest since the cold war.

Why would Hillary arm the ISIS terrorists who are now going around the planet slaughtering innocent human beings and maybe more importantly, what lengths would the globalists go to to hide their war crimes from America and humanity?


As we read in this story from Helenas Tales, a recent mysterious tweet from Edward Snowden has sparked fears that he is either missing or dead and that his mysterious Tweet was a 'dead man's switch'. The fact that almost immediately after the Snowden tweet was released, at least 8 large torrent websites were taken offline suggests something very evil and sinister at play, especially considering Snowden's previous cryptic warning: "It's time".

Would 'Hitlery's crime crew' kill Edward Snowden to prevent the truth about Hitlery arming ISIS from coming out? With Hitlery's 'body count' growing by at least 5 names in the last 6 weeks it's clear, the evil war criminal will do anything in her power to keep her war crimes hidden, including making sure that anybody standing in her way of arriving at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue is 'taken out'.

However, Hitlery and the globalists may very well be on their last legs if events play out the way they are now lining up. With Americans now 'awakening en masse' to the fact that something is seriously wrong with Hillary, who believes herself to be 'above the law' and Americans mere 'peons' to be 'eliminated', Hillary has been 'short circuiting' more than once recently as has been shared in this story from Infowars and as this story from Susan Duclos at ANP proves to us, Hillary is clearly unfit for duty

Imagine her hands on the nuclear buttons when she is quite obviously suffering from brain damage or something worse. If the globalist puppets who have been working for many years to 'neuter' America really want to see 'nuclear annihilation for America' and 'the end of the world' to hide their war crimes and crimes against humanity, Hitlery is the one they want in office.

As Putin tells us in the 2nd video, most Americans do not feel the 'sense of impending danger', and that deeply worries him. Putin's warnings here should be ones that all Americans pay attention to...they very well may be our last.  

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