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January 8, 2016

RADCON 5 Alert: Pittsburgh, PA - Officials In California Warn 'It's On The Brink Of Pandemonium'


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

The Nuclear Emergency Tracking Center declared a RADCON 5 Alert in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on Friday as seen in the screenshots above and below, just the latest sign of radiation in America. With officials in the Los Angeles, California warning 'it's on the brink of pandemonium' in referring to the methane leak spraying continuous poisons into our atmosphere for the 4th month straight, we have to ask why the mainstream media isn't paying as much attention to the horrible carnage being inflicted upon our environment by Fukushima radiation as the event in California? We're happy they have finally decided to cover now that the methane leak in California has been called a state of emergency.

We also learned about another horrifying story from ENENews that you'll notice the mainstream media continues to ignore, the heartbreaking deaths of 200,000 sea lions add to the massive numbers of sea life and wild animals that have perished in Fukushima's slaughter of our oceans. Telling us that most of the animals are starving to death, how long will it be till we remember that we, too, are only a part of the 'web of life' as are the countless number of dead sea lions, whales, starfish, tuna and the list goes on and on? We've long been warned what we do to the oceans and the planet, we do to ourselves, are we next in line?

All News Pipeline has been constantly following the Fukushima disaster and the never ending list of deaths of creatures that live in the Pacific Ocean or get their food from it plays like a broken record. While we're happy to see that the mainstream media has finally invested itself with coverage of the methane gas leak at Porter Ranch, they're still neglecting Fukushima which has clearly been much more deadly and going on for much longer than the methane spewing out of the Earth in California. Is that because we can see the methane billowing out of Aliso canyon while Fukushima's never ending fountain of death begins its trail thousands of miles away and is invisible?

Just ask the folks in Pittsburgh if they can see it right now! According to one ANP reader in the Pittsburgh area, there's nothing really out of the ordinary that they've noticed but did see chemtrails a few days ago. Yet we can see it on NETC. If radiation was visible like methane is, or it smelled bad or made us get nose bleeds would what's happening on our West coast and all across America due to Fukushima get any more coverage from the mainstream media? 

In the 1st video below, Arnie Gunderson, Chief Engineer of Fairewinds Associates joins the Sunrise Center in Corte Madera, California in a video called "World In Danger: The Fukushima - California Connection" to talk with us about how the 2011 Japan earthquake is coming back to haunt California, the west coast and America in a big way in 2016.


While radiation might not be visible, the deaths of millions of animals and sea creatures in the Pacific Ocean certainly is and quite tangible at that - the stories excerpted below tell us a small bit of what the mainstream media isn't telling us. This is not an environmental legacy we should be proud of. This is not a pretty picture. First, from the West Coast.:

Al Jazeera, Jan 6, 2016: In warming ocean, record number of seals and sea lions sicken and starve — Ailing or dead seals and sea lions washed up on California beaches in record numbers in 2015; this year could be worse… They are brought in with all sorts of problems: lockjaw, poisoning, cancer… But most of the record number of seals and sea lions washing up on California’s shores and being brought to a regional rescue center are starving… this slow-motion catastrophe is likely to continue.

Dr. Shawn Johnson, director of veterinary science at the Marine Mammal Center: “They were basically just skin and bones. Their liver, their pancreas, their intestines were basically shut down. And they were eating themselves from the inside to stay alive by the time we saw them

Laguna Beach Independent, Dec 18, 2015: With the lowest body weights ever documented, California sea lion pups are not only starving from lack of food, they’re infested with parasites and immune to antibiotics, said [Keith Matassa] the director of the Pacific Marine Mammal Center… A record number of emaciated and dying sea lion and seal pups is expected along local shores this winter.

Guardian, Dec 30, 2015: Unprecedented numbers of dead or starving seals washing ashore as Pacific Ocean warms, with experts saying they are ‘preparing for the worst’ in 2016.

Dr Terry Gosliner, senior curator of invertebrate zoology at the California Academy of Sciences: “We are entering a really interesting period where the observations we make don’t have a precedent… It could take decades for these ecosystems to stabilize again.”

Fukushima isn't the only thing reeking havoc upon the West coast as we shared with you a few days ago on ANP, an unprecedented catastrophe is underway near Los Angeles, California as methane gas continues to spew into the air. With Californians becoming more sick, we get this update from ENENews and a few mainstream media outlets who have finally decided to cover this massive unfolding tragedy in California.


Sadly, it takes a Los Angeles residential area to be 'on the brink of pandemonium' for the mainstream media to cover this story. The videos below explore what's happening now in Los Angeles and along our West coast in more detail.:

Los Angeles Times, Jan 5, 2016 On Monday, plaintiffs’ attorneys sent a letter to state regulatory officials [and] demanded that state regulatorsexplain what is happening with the petroleum now surfacing.”… “There is a complete lack of information in the well files,” their letter says, “to show where the gas and petroleum migrates underground and the risk for creating sink holes and geysers.

New York Times, Jan 6, 2016: Gov. Jerry Brown, faced with mounting public anger and no end in sight to the leak, declared a state of emergency… Mitchell Englander, the Los Angeles city councilman who represents Porter Ranch [said] “This is one of the most disruptive, catastrophic environmental events that I’ve seen. It’s a truly chaotic crisis.

Newsweek, Jan 7, 2016: Sally Benson, who runs an energy storage lab at Stanford University shares a worry of many in Porter Ranch as they deal with the mundanities of the leak: that the gas plume will somehow become ignited, leading to [an] explosion“They’re really fortunate that this one hasn’t caught fire,” Benson says… [The FAA] has imposed a no-fly zone above Porter Ranch “out of concerns that fumes from the gas leak could be ignited from the air.”

Bloomberg, Jan 5, 2016: The sulfurous scent of a natural-gas leak hangs in the air as mail carriers wearing gas masks make rounds… “This is the biggest community and environmental disaster I’ve ever seen, bar none,” said Mitchell Englander, who has represented Porter Ranch on the Los Angeles City Council since 2011. “Life there is not on hold — it’s on the edge and it’s on the brink of pandemonium."


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