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July 22, 2019

The Radicalism Behind The 'Racism' Charge - Over-Played And Over-Used, Media & Dems Screams Of 'Racist' Ring Hollow For All But Their Own Cheerleaders


By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

As practically anyone with internet access, a television or that reads liberal rags like New York Times or Washington Post, knows by now that President Trump unloaded on the "Jihad Squad," otherwise dubbed the "four horsewomen of the apocalypse," and the "hateful four," namely Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY), Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-MI), Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN), and Rep. Ayanna Pressley (D-MA), for their constant attacks on America, their push for socialism, their anti-Semitic tropes and their basic hatred against "whites."

The liberal media establishment collectively lost their ever-loving minds claiming the attacks, which never once mentioned their skin color, religion or ethnicity, RACIST.... over and over and over, literally thousands of times in the last week alone, all because the four Democrats are "women of color," as they remind us ad nauseam.

Nancy Pelosi, who just days before President Trump criticized the "Jihad Squad," was being accused herself of targeting those same "women of color," with the implication being she was racist to criticize them, suddenly became their champion, while the entire Democrat party allowed the President to force them to back the very women that had been targeting many of their own "moderate" members for primaries and constantly criticizing them in interviews and threatening to put them on "a list," if they didn't toe the radical progressive line.

Why the media and Democrats think that accusing President Trump of racism, after they did the exact same thing from the day he announced his presidency in June 2015, and failed to stop him from becoming elected, would work this time, is beyond me. The discussions among other pundits as to whether the President is "playing 3-D chess," or is simply following his instincts, truly doesn't concern me in the least, because it isn't Trump's tactics that is the focus of this article.

It's the media and Democrat party's tactics we are going to delve into.

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The tactic of screaming "racism" against conservatives by Democrats is old, worn out, and rings hollow to anyone that isn't full of Trump Derangement Syndrome and members of their own cheerleading squad.

Let's take a quick trip down memory lane.................

As pointed out by

• In the 1980s it was Ronald Reagan that was called a racist for calling calling a woman he called a "welfare Queen," after it was exposed that she had "a Cadillac limousine and a plethora of luxuries, obtained through welfare fraud. Reagan was also accused of racism over his "war on drugs."

• George H.W. Bush was called a racist for his Willie Horton ad.

• In the 1990s, House Speaker Newt Gingrich was branded a racist fro "cutting taxes, pursuing welfare reform and pushing back the racial preference system Democrats had put in place." The accusations ranged from the GOP being "worse than Hitler," to being "Republican Storm troopers."

• George W. Bush was a racist because of the allegedly slow response of the Federal Emergency Management Agency to Hurricane Katrina’s devastation in New Orleans, a majority black city. Of course, it couldn’t possibly be that the gears of the gigantic federal bureaucracy grind slowly and incompetently and that New Orleans’ well-known corruption and mismanagement left the city in terrible shape. No, it was Bush secretly slowing everything down specifically so more black people would die.

• Sen. John McCain was accused by the media of running "racially tinged attacks," and "running crypto-racist ads," and called "patently Islamophobic."

• Gov. Mitt Romney was called racist because he wasn't to repeal Dodd-Frank, which former Vice President, now presidential wannabe Joe Biden told a heavily black audience would "put y’all back in chains."

Read about those and more examples in the article titled "Democrats’ Long, Sordid History Of Falsely Charging Racism Explains Today’s Big Shrug."

Quote: "Today, 99 times out of 100 in politics, the word “racist” is used purely for political reasons without any regard to whether something bigoted was actually said."

While that could have been written in response to the latest media radical "racism" meltdown, it wasn't. That was written in 2014, by John Hawkins at Townhall in a piece titled "7 Things Liberals REALLY MEAN When They Cry 'Racism'."

Headline: "No, liberals, not everything is ‘racist,’" written in 2016 by NeverTrumper Jonah Goldberg at the New York Post.

Headline: "Democrats, the party who cried racist," from December 2016 in a CNN op-ed.

Headline: "Why the Left Can’t Let Go of Racism," WSJ in August 2017. Key Conclusion: "The great problem for conservatives is that they lack the moral glibness to compete with liberalism’s “innocence.” But today there are signs of what I have called race fatigue. People are becoming openly cynical toward the left’s moral muscling with racism. Add to this liberalism’s monumental failure to come even close to realizing any of its beautiful idealisms, and the makings of a new conservative mandate become clearer. As idealism was the left’s political edge, shouldn’t realism now be the right’s? Reality as the informing vision—and no more wrestling with innocence."

While I could probably go on all day showing the pattern of behavior of when all else fails for Democrats they scream RACISM in an attempt to silence any criticisms, I will end the examples with the words of Robert Robb over at AZ Central in an article from October 2017, titled "Trump will win in 2020 if the left keeps calling him a racist."

Under the bullet point of "The left blames everything on racism," Robb wrote "Nevertheless, the left now interprets all of Trump’s actions through the prism of perceived appeals to white racism. If Trump were to tweet, “It’s a lovely day in Washington,” the left would denounce it as a dog whistle to white supremacists."



So with the constant fails in their attacks against "Teflon Don" using their "racist" hammer, why the all-out constant loop of "racist, racist" racist" over the President telling America-haters to love the country or leave it, at this particular time? It reeks of panic and that is because they are panicking.

The WalkAway and Blexit movements are growing, ignored by the media with their 'pretend it isn't happening therefore it isn't happening' mentality, like a child laying in the middle of the room, covering their face and thinking no one can see them, along with the recent polls showing that race relations are actually improving under Trump, are all eating away at a few percentage points of multiple voter demographics that Democrats seem to think they "own."  The media understands that a Trump re-election is possible, and if the economy keeps growing, could be considered probable.

After four solid years of the media's overwhelmingly negative coverage of Donald Trump, they failed to prevent his election, they failed to turn the majority of his supporters away, they see support for Trump coming from even some former NeverTrumpers, and that even a small percentage of traditional Democrat voters are being peeled away to support a Trump re-election.

Forget racism fatigue, it appears that a significant amount of Americans are suffering from the "outrage fatigue," because when everything is treated like an outrage, nothing is outrageous anymore and more and more Americans are just tuning out the constant flow of media propaganda.


The media has become just as radical as the "Jihad Squad," the America-hating freshmen congresswomen to whom President Trump called out for their own words, comments and radical policies, with the Democrat party leaders now standing staunchly side-by-side with them, making them the face of the Democrat party.

The options for 2020 are now set in stone.... Socialism or President Trump for four more years. Choose accordingly.

As the examples seen below at the beginning of the Greg Gutfield commentary, the President didn't target the "hateful four" because of the skin color, race, or ethnicity, but because he targets anyone and everyone that riles him. One can hate the style without misrepresenting the purpose, as the media and Democrats have done this past week.

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