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November 1, 2016

Panicked Rats Jumping Ship - Clinton Allies 'Livid,' Withdrawing Support Citing 'Constitutional Crisis' As Clinton Campaign Admits To Corruption


By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

Lifelong DemocRATS, Former Bill Clinton campaign pollster, Hillary Clinton supporters and allies and even Mr. 'I feel this thrill go up my leg' when Obama talks Chris Matthews, all publicly provide reasons why voters should not vote for Hillary Clinton.

The pièce de résistance here, is even the Clinton campaign has now publicly acknowledged that Hillary Clinton is corrupt.

DemocRATS across the board seem to be having some type of meltdown since FBI director James Comey announced that further emails have been discovered during the course of an investigation into Clinton's top aide Huma Abedin's husband, Anthony Weiner's,  sexting scandal where thousands upon thousands of additional emails relevant to the Clinton email server investigation had been discovered, but we are seeing a number of die-hard Clinton supporters jumping ship.


Lets start with the panic within the Clinton campaign first, evidenced by a tweet a campaign worker decided would be a good idea, posting an article from a liberal website originally titled "How to Choose Between the Most Corrupt, Least Popular Candidates of All Time," with the message "A guide to help you make your choice for president."

Screen shot taken by Stefan Stanford, November 1, 2016:


We know it was a campaign worker that posted the tweet because personal postings by Clinton always include an "H" after them. The purpose for posting it is because the website in question listed a number of reasons to not vote for Trump and only lists one to not vote for Hillary, stating "1. Poor email server management."

On of the first responses pretty much says it all, by Cassandra Fairbanks, stating "Hahaha oh my god whoever is running her account admits she is corrupt. Another user reminds Slate that they forgot quite a bit on the Hillary corruption side of the list, offering up the following three images:




No matter what Donald Trump has been accused of, he has never held public office, his decisions never endangered American lives, and never jeopardized national security, hence the backlash against Hillary's campaign for linking to that Slate article.


Another die-hard DemocRAT and rabid Clinton supporter, Chris Matthews, on October 27, 2016, offered commentary on his MSNBC show 'Hardball' to which provided a variety of reasons why voters should not vote for Hillary Clinton.  

Because the clip in question did not offer the context of Matthews' statements and no date was offered on the video for when this occurred, I spent a portion of the morning reading through the transcripts of the 'Hardball' shows to find it. Matthews was lamenting how Trump was complimenting Newt Gingrich on his exchange with Megyn Kelly where he told her she was "fascinated with sex," instead of making the case to the public that Matthews thought he should be making.

Matthews then presented the case that Trump should be making to the public, saying "Do you like the continued destruction of our manufacturing base, the jobs that went with it? Do you like the uncontrolled illegal immigration? Do you like the string of stupid wars from Iraq, to Libya, to Syria?

If you want to say yes to all that, you want to keep all this the way it is? Vote for Hillary Clinton. If you don`t like the way things have been headed, you got a chance to really shake the system to its roots.

If you wake up the day after the election, the same it is today, if it`s the same four, or five, eight years from now, remember you had a chance to change it but you were too dainty to do it. If Trump were to win this election, those would be the reasons that would be listed right at the top of the newspaper the day afterwards."


That wasn't all Matthews had to say on that show either. Earlier in the show, Matthews and his panel were discussing how the Clinton's have always used money to gain power and used power to gain more money, then Matthews reminded viewers of the Clinton's history within the White House, stating "You know what I think? I’m going to be more judgmental than Beth who’s a straight reporter. I’ll make a judgment. Every time I watch a politician engage in a certain pattern of behavior before they go to the White House, they continue to engage in that pattern afterwards. People don’t change because we swear them into the White House. They become that person big-time. And the Clintons were raising money like this hand over hand, hand over fist, back in 1996, using—we called it Motel 6. They were hoarding them in, pulling them in by train loads of contributors and then letting them sit in the Lincoln bedroom for a while and charging them by the hour. You can still vote for Hillary Clinton, but remember, you’re getting this as part of the package, because that’s been their pattern."


Douglas E. Schoen served as a pollster for President Bill Clinton, as well as worked for for Hillary Clinton's 2008 presidential nomination campaign and later became associated with the People United Means Action movement of disaffected Clinton supporters who refused to support Barack Obama. (Source) Schoen is political analyst for Fox News and has consistently supported Hillary Clinton for president.

Schoen shocked Fox News' host Harris Faulkner when he publicly withdrew support and his endorsement for Hillary Clinton, on live television. Schoen expressed his deep concern that should Clinton be elected the United States would "have a constitutional crisis." 

Following his statement on live TV, Schoen then wrote a column which first appeared at The Hill, where he highlighted his reasons for not being able to support Clinton any longer.

I say this because regardless of what Secretary Clinton did or didn’t do or what her aide, Huma Abedin, did or didn’t do or even what Anthony Weiner did or didn’t do, I am now convinced that we will be facing the very real possibility of a constitutional crisis with many dimensions and deleterious consequences should Secretary Clinton win the election.

In the best case scenario, there will be at the very least a criminal investigation of President-elect Clinton. And there will be a criminal investigation of Huma Abedin, which is apparently ongoing. Furthermore, there will be potential investigations into the actions of the Justice Department and most of all the FBI and its director, James Comey.


However, in good conscience, and as a Democrat, I am actively doubting whether I can vote for the Secretary of State. I also want to make clear that I cannot vote for Donald Trump as his world view and mine are very different.

I remain a Democrat and proud of the work I did for six years for President Bill Clinton between 1994 and 2000 and I write with extreme sadness. But I cannot in the waning days of the election make the case that Secretary Clinton should be elected.

I still share her worldview and am much closer to her approach to policies than I am to Donald Trump. That said, with America facing a potential constitutional crisis after her election, I am not able, under the circumstances we are now facing, to vote for Secretary Clinton.


On October 28, 2016, The Hill also quoted other Clinton allies saying DemocRATS are "paying the price" becaise someone should have "told her no" meaning Clinton on her judgment about her private email server.

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Via The Hill:

And they worried that Clinton’s unconventional email arrangement had finally caught up to her and might imperil her presidential bid less than two weeks before Election Day.

"I'm livid, actually," one Clinton surrogate told The Hill. "This has turned into malpractice. It's an unforced error at this point. I have no idea what Comey is up to but the idea this email issue is popping back up again is outrageous. It never should have occurred in the first place. Someone somewhere should have told her no. And they didn't and now we're all paying the price."

Another ally called the campaign’s mood something akin to "paralysis," and blamed Weiner’s behavior for railroading the campaign.

One strategist said the developments would further cement the notion that Clinton has something to hide.

"It’s made people think there’s always going to be something around the Clintons, some investigation, some inquiry," the strategist said. "It never goes away."


On October 29, 2016, John Kass over at the Chicago Tribune, wrote a column stating "The best thing would be for Democrats to ask her to step down now. It would be the most responsible thing to do, if the nation were more important to them than power. And the American news media — fairly or not firmly identified in the public mind as Mrs. Clinton's political action committee — should begin demanding it."

He then admits that Clinton won't step aside, saing "She'll stick and ride this out and turn her anger toward Comey. For Hillary and Bill Clinton, it has always been about power, about the Clinton Restoration and protecting fortunes already made by selling nothing but political influence."

Kass explains the reaction to his column and expands on why he thinks DemocRATS should ask Hillary to step aside below in an interview with Neil Cavuto.


None of the people quoted above are Donald Trump supporters and all but Kass are on record as active Hillary Clinton supporters... or former supporters, which should speak volumes to voters nationwide.

These are people, for the most part that have spent over a year defending Clinton, attacking Trump, offering up reasons why Clinton should be president, and now we see them highlighting Clinton's past, reminding viewers of the Clinton antics back when Bill was president, offering up reasons why voters should not vote for Clinton and telling the public in no uncertain terms that a Clinton presidency would cause a "constitutional crisis."

As I said above, DemocRATS seem to having a meltdown and whether they are just acting and speaking rashly due to panic or whether they are truly having an 11th hour change of heart, last week seems to have been a turning point for many and they are jumping off Clinton's 'Titanic' campaign as fast as they can.


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