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January 3, 2018

Massive 'Red Flag' Alert! Globalists Move To Permanently Silence Independent News And Slay Their Latest Victim - Remember What Hillary Clinton Adviser Said Before Election: 'Websites Such As Breitbart And Infowars Have No Right To Exist'


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

For 9 years, the independent website Red Flag News had been aggregating and publishing the kinds of stories that 'the gatekeepers' never wanted Americans to learn about but as we learn in the final post upon their website as seen in the screenshot above, Red Flag News is no longer, the latest victory for the globalists in their move towards global tyranny. 

As their notice tells us, despite having over 10 million readers who visited their app and website, building a community of trust and loyalty with their readers, that was not enough to sustain the onslaught of suppression by google and facebook following the 2016 election, which by all accounts, the independent media helped President Trump win.

As Susan Duclos reported on ANP back on December 23rd, the war upon independent media has reached a fever pitch in America and Red Flag News going out of business is a perfect example of what happens when a battle in that war is lost on the road to global tyranny. We've lost another truth-teller. Why does it feel like a death in the family? From Red Flag News.

After 9 years of being a pioneer and leader in alternative news aggregation, will be closing its doors on December 31, 2017.

With more than 10M readers who visit both our app and website, we have built a community of trust and loyalty in online news media; something rare to find in 2018; nevertheless, it was clearly not enough to sustain the onslaught of suppression by Google and Facebook after the 2016 election.

To our amazing community, thank you for your generous support and daily visits over the years. It was a good run with you by our side.

In addition to our 2018 app that you can download here, thousands have asked us where we will be getting our daily fix. As you continue your journey of seeking both balance and truth in your news diet, we strongly recommend the following two independent and trusted news aggregation websites. In the end, independent thinking is a battle that we cannot afford to lose.


While websites such as snopes and the southern poverty law center can use their connections to corrupt globalists such as Hillary Clinton and the 'deep state' to raise millions of dollars online in days in an attempt to silence the truth for the those same globalists, websites such as Red Flag News are pushed out of business, forever silencing their online voice, to the delight of the globalists upon whom independent news websites such as Red Flag regularly speak out against.

And with at least 81 journalists around the world 'permanently silenced' as Mac Slavo reports in this new story over at SHTFPlan, while the 'Clinton body count' keeps going up here in America, it wouldn't be too much of a stretch to suggest that the globalists will do everything in their power to shut down independent, alternative thought, especially seeing how speech is being criminalized in parts of Europe while California prepares to imprison a man for an anti-Muslim facebook post.

We'll also remind you here that prior to the election, Hillary Clinton's deputy communications director Christina Reynolds claimed that websites such as "had no right to exist". Vowing to destroy websites such as Breitbart, just imagine what might have happened to independent news outlets such as the Drudge Report, Infowars or ANP had Hillary been elected! 


Another perfect example of the left attempting to shut up anybody who speaks out against it are the tactics used by 'antifa'. Allegedly 'anti-fascists', why do they act just like fascists, attempting to stifle the words of anybody whose words they disagree with? 

We'd offer them and globalists such as Christina Reynolds and Hillary Clinton some advice:

“While I may not agree with what you say, I will defend to the death your right to say it.”

If the so-called antifascists, the MSM, the state of California and Europe would start embracing that long-stated quote, and begin protecting the rights of the people to speak freely, then we might be able to call them anti-fascists but instead, they've given us proof of what they are, they are the totalitarians, and they want to all just to shut up...and as one wise ANP reader recently mentioned to us in an email, it sure seems like they want us all dead. Why? 


According to this new story over at the Daily Mail that the Drudge Report linked to on Tuesday morning, the social media giants such as facebook, google and twitter are 'giant wild beasts that are devouring freedom' with even the world's biggest youtube stars now seeing a massive slowdown in subscribers and video views on their channels. 

With the nation of Germany launching a Nazi-style purge against websites such as Infowars, ANP and others who report upon the European migrant crisis and the very real dangers of totalitarian Islam, is America only one presidential election away from joining California and Europe in cracking down against those who speak out against Sharia law, who speak out against the evil of Islam, a terrorist-supporting totalitarian political system, masquerading as a religion? 

While ANP promised ourselves when we launched that we'd never ask for reader donations, as we see from websites such as the Daily Caller, the Daily Signal, Govt Slaves and the Guardian now doing so, such donations may be the only way to keep such websites online in the future with a full-scale war against independent thought and opinions and crackdowns happening now against those same qualities across the planet.

With even President Trump adviser and friend Sheriff David Clarke recently having his twitter account shut down for violating their terms of service for allegedly advocating violence against CNN by tweeting a meme of he and President Trump taking down CNN in the wrestling ring, it's easy to see where this is headed.

In closing, we thank all of you who have donated to ANP. You are a huge part of the reason why ANP is still online and not joining 'Red Flag News' on the sideline, just the latest globalist kill and another trophy on Hillary's wall. May God Bless You All. 

While this final video below is from 2015, we've decided to run it again just to remind everybody where we were not too long ago and where the globalists would be happy to see us now, with websites such as the Drudge Report, Infowars, Breitbart and ANP permanently silenced for standing up to globalist tyranny. "Those who don't learn from the past are destined to repeat it"


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