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May 30, 2018

'Red List Round Up' Warned Of By Courageous Police Officer Would Be Part Of Globalists 'Final Solution' For America: Huge Orwellian Nightmare Waiting If Globalists EVER Regain Control    

- One-Way Street From 'The Left' Is a One-Way Street Into Tyranny  


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

While the mainstream media and SPLC have continuously called 'global government' a 'conspiracy theory', all the way back in 2004, one of Arizona's most decorated police officer's, Jack McLamb, gave the speech we've embedded directly below in which he warns Americans of a plan to bring in a totalitarian, one world government to replace our Republic.

Warning within his speeches of FEMA camps and 'red lists' and 'blue lists' and that a huge luciferian faction of the federal government (we now know as the corrupt faction of the deep state) was sure to declare martial law before instituting their 'end game' of mass round ups and 'termination squads', McLamb was labeled crazy yet his warnings of unfolding globalist tyranny in America from over a decade ago have been materializing ever since before our eyes. 

As we reported on ANP back on March 22nd, the 'final blocks of tyranny' were being cemented into place in America and around the Western world and while we haven't quite yet arrived at the point in time McLamb warns of where those on the 'red list' are shot on sight, for the globalists to complete their takedown of America and institute their global government tyranny, they'll have to get rid of the 1st Amendment and the 2nd Amendment before they're able to fully gut the US Constitution.

And we've seen signs of moves in both directions with former presidential candidate Ron Paul warning that the Democrats and Republicans are now teaming up for a federal gun confiscation bill while attacks upon the independent media continue unabated. Does what McLamb says in this video sound like the rantings of a madman or the words of a man who has done his research? And while countless masses are content with their loss of freedom, those who support the 2nd Amendment and the US Constitution are data based, with even bloggers and videographers tracked by the DHS, in this total surveillance state gone mad.  

With a hattip to Steve Quayle, the 'red list' would largely consist of those who are strongly opposed to the 'new world order' and government tyranny such as many libertarians, conservative and Christian videographers, survivalists, independent news outlets and other 'social media influencers' while the blue list would be 'the masses' of 'eternal slaves' with a 'green list' in between containing the names of those who haven't quite made the 'red list' yet but are rapidly awakening. And we've seen the 'indexing' of Americans through technology that has happened ever since McLamb's 2004 speech.

McLamb joins in at shortly after the 1 minute mark with much more below including a look at the laws that have been implemented here in America that could nearly instantly allow such a 'worst case scenario' for humanity to unfold here. 

As we reported on ANP on May 28th, the Orwellian-style imprisonment of Tommy Robinson in the UK gives us the latest proof that England has already fallen to rapidly expanding totalitarian Islamic tyranny and terror that is also enveloping much of Europe. With Robinson's jailing the beginning of the end for free speech in Europe and just the latest attack upon the independent media, we must remember that Robinson was reporting upon truthful events, in Tommy's case the massive Muslim child-grooming gang in the UK and how it was being covered up by the British government.

Helping to show that Robinson's case was not an exception but the new 'rule', Paul Joseph Watson reported recently that a man in Sweden now faces 2 years in prison for a factually true Facebook post he made pointing out that many Somalis have a low IQ's, a post confirmed by the website IQ Research which confirms that the average IQ of a Somali is 68.

Just the latest indications that truth is treason in an empire of lies, as Dutch politician Geert Wilders recently warned, Tommy Robinson is absolutely the victim of sharia law  in the UK and just the latest victim of out of control government attempting to silence the speech of those speaking out against the dangers of Islamic tyranny and unfettered globalism.

What dangers  of unfettered globalism a liberal might ask? In a recent interview between USA Watchdog's Greg Hunter and award-winning journalist Alex Newman of the New American blog, Newman speaks blunt words of truth that we'd wish every American, Democrat and Republican, could hear. From this story about the interview by Mac Slavo over at SHTFPlan.: 

"The target of the globalists is America, and the number one target is the “America First” president, Donald Trump". Award-winning journalist Alex Newman recently sat down for an interview with USA Watchdog‘s Greg Hunter, and he revealed that the New World Order is “freaking out” about Trump.

“This has come through loud and clear, and they have made clear America, as we patriots understand it with “self-evident truth” and our Founders said we were “all created equal” and “we were endowed by our creator with certain inalienable rights,” is not going to fly with their little vision of a New World Order,” said Newman.

“They need to eliminate that idea, and they make very clear they are coming after that. What we see in their actions and what we see in their words is they are trying to break down this idea of America. . . . It’s very clear their vision for the New World Order is totalitarian to the core. . . .They really can’t stand this whole agenda articulated by President Trump. We are going to put America first. We are going to stop globalism. We are going to get out of these so-called trade deals that undermine our sovereignty. You can tell they are freaking out about this, and it came through in the speeches at the World Government Summit most recently.”


Mentioning the world government summit that took place back in February in Dubai, the mainstream media continues to call 'world government' a 'conspiracy theory' and as Hunter pointed out in the video with Newman, the mainstream media didn't have a word to say about it. Why does the MSM still run cover for global government? From our March story:

As Newman also tells us, it’s very clear that their vision for America within this 'New World Order' is totalitarian to the core and the entire 'America First' agenda being pushed by President Trump has completely triggered the globalists. Newman also tells us that they're now openly pushing their agenda, an agenda we can see very clearly with their attacks upon President Trump and his supporters and attacks upon the rights of Americans in general, especially Christians, Conservatives and Libertarians. Again, from Mac Slavo over at SHTFPlan:

“This World Government Summit, which was the sixth one they have had, which takes place on the Arabian Peninsula . . . is all out in the open. It did not get any coverage in the American media, even though Sky News and CNN have cosponsored this event. . . . You had the heads of all these UN agencies, the Head of the IMF, the Head of the World Bank, you had top globalists and executives from social media companies, very senior government officials and the head of the United Nations last year.

So, this is very serious business. They told us what their agenda was. They came out with an official press release and said we need to realign our institutions to get ready for the New World Order. It’s not a conspiracy anymore because a conspiracy requires secrecy, and they are in the open now. It’s not a theory, it’s a fact and you cannot argue with the facts. They just haven’t told the American people their agenda.”

With the attacks upon Roseanne Barr recently for saying that Valerie Jarrett looked like a cross between the Muslim Brotherhood and the planet of the apes proving the hypocrisy of liberals who'll happily call Christians all mentally ill or call Donald Trump an 'orange baboon', the one way street we see from the left is also a one way street into tyranny.  


While the global-Islamic tyranny unfolding in Europe and around the world might seem far away to most Americans, only a Donald Trump election win in November of 2016 stopped the globalists from unveiling their 'tyranny with a smile' here in America, what would certainly have arrived here with a Hillary Clinton victory. Yet as we see detailed here, Barack Obama paved the way for tyranny in America by inviting the Muslim brotherhood into the White House, stacking his administration with Muslim apologists and loading up the 'deep state' with people such as John Brennan and James Clapper, loyal to Islam, not freedom nor America. 

While Obama's friend Bill Ayers of the Weather Underground once claimed that nearly 30 million Americans would have to die if they weren't able to be 're-educated' in 're-education centers', how might they kill off that many Americans? And as we've since learned via, those numbers could now be much, much higher if their 2025 forecast for an America of only 100 million people is correct. For those keeping count, that's a 217 million drop-off from our 2017 population. 

With tyranny seen every day here in America with the unfolding surveillance state, the all-seeing-eye that watches Americans every move, as we asked within this ANP story back on May 28th, will autonomous killing machines one day hunt down those who are opposed to global government tyranny and a boot stamping upon a human face, forever? "Tyranny is here and we are the last free people standing". 

And every day we get more and more indications they're trying to put a final end to this experiment in freedom called America with the attacks upon the independent media and the 2nd Amendment and as see in the final section of this story above the videos below, the globalists have long prepared for their attempted 'final takedown' of America.  

As we've warned before here on ANP, the independent media here in America is the 'canary in the coal mine' of tyranny for should suddenly and without warning, independent media outlets such as the Drudge Report,, Zero Hedge, SHTFPlan, Natural News, Infowars, ANP and many others be shut down, Americans will know our nation has fallen to tyranny and the 1st Amendment no longer applies here. 

And should a 'final solution' be instituted by the globalists for the free people of America, we're forever thankful to the wisdom of our founding fathers who granted the wonderful free people of our nation the 2nd Amendment to forever protect our nation and our families from tyranny. 

Yet in this extremely important story by Jon Robberson over at the Hagmann Report titled "Tech Tyrants Collude With Homeland Security: 'Media Influencers' Are The Target", we see why even the 1st Amendment is in danger. Referencing this story over at Bloomberg titled "Homeland Security to Compile Database of Journalists, Bloggers", Robberson tells us the decision of the DHS and big tech to monitor the independent media is another sign of the direction we're headed as also heard in the next video below, an April video from the Hagmann Report. First, from Robberson's must read story.

Consumers of New Media news content should not rest easy. The platforms that you rely on to counterbalance the perpetual fake news and relentless false narratives are being systematically silenced, bled dry by lawfare and now those of us who work endless hours to parse through the news, brainstorm the programs and frame the content are being scrutinized and added to lists of “influencers.”

It is my sincere hope that each of you reading this are getting angry and with all due respect, I fervently pray that your blood cooks to boiling temperature. Need I point out that said “media influencers” have broken no laws? As in, zero? This far supercedes the relinquishing of our basic civil liberties that the Feds mandated and we willingly gave up, post 9/11 when men who consider themselves brave inhabitants of the land of the free effectively said “yeah, that’s cool. You can look at my wife and daughter naked. We need to get on the plane and get to Disney World.”

It is called the Overton Window. Without undue discourse on where the name comes from or the history of the concept, it breaks down to this: the controllists know full well that in order to move society to their ultimate endgame goal, the easiest way to do so is to move the sheeple three steps toward tyranny and then allow a minor victory that appears to organically motivate one step backward, thus keeping the torches and pitchforks at home. The problem, the evil genius of the Overton Window, is that the flock is still moved two steps in the direction that they did not want to go. History is also replete with one war after another that had to be fought in order to move a given society back to the natural state of law and man, as created by God.


While the mainstream media will call you a loon if you talk about 'red lists' or 'blue lists' or round-ups to internment camps, before he mysteriously died, US Supreme Court Justice Anton Scalia warned that internment camps would definitely be coming back to America. What did Justica Scalia know that we don't know? "In times of war, the laws fall silent" Scalia warned, and just think, if the globalists get their way, we'll be in eternal war.

While Scalia died nearly 2 years after this February 6th of 2014 story at the New American, the words of warning shared within this story cannot be overemphasized. And while the mainstream media will surely call it 'conspiracy theory', with their constant and never-ending barrage of fake news, can we ever again trust anything that they say? From this New American story.:

Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia (shown) made headlines nationwide this week after bluntly telling law students at the University of Hawaii that internment camps to detain Americans would eventually return.

The Obama administration even claims to have the power to secretly murder Americans with no trial — and, in fact, it has done so in at least several cases that are now known publicly. A Justice Department memo leaked in 2013 outlined the outlandish legal rationale purporting to authorize Obama serving as judge, jury, and executioner. When asked by the Huffington Post whether the administration should tell the public when it secretly murders an American, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi said “it depends.”

However, despite efforts to downplay the clear statements made by Scalia, countless Americans believe there is good cause to be concerned — and not just because history conclusively proves that the U.S. government is capable of lawlessly interning citizens. In 2012, for example, a leaked military document dubbed “Army Field Manual 3-39.40: Internment and Resettlement Operations” provides guidance on interning Americans on U.S. soil. It even teaches how to identify “malcontents, trained agitators, and political leaders” and how “to reduce or remove antagonistic attitudes.”

Of course, there have been countless reports about internment facilities all across the United States set up under the aegis of the Federal Emergency Management Agency — so-called “FEMA camps.” In 2006, a Halliburton subsidiary was even handed a $385-million contract to build a vast network of “detention centers” for the Department of Homeland Security. Officials downplayed the news, saying the camps were simply meant to prepare for a potential massive influx of immigrants.

Stories and fears about “FEMA camps” are often dismissed by the establishment and even some credible researchers who have investigated. The centers, however, along with countless videos claiming to show camps across the United States, have fueled strong suspicion all across the political spectrum. Meanwhile, even a cursory review of the so-called “executive orders” issued over the last century shows that the executive branch believes it can seize virtually total control of the nation in the event of an “emergency” declared by the president.

At the very bottom of this story we have embedded FM 3-39.40, the U.S. Army Internment and Resettlement Operations Manual, a document which videographer Storm Clouds Gathering goes over in the final video below. 

And while America clearly dodged a bullet with President Trump's election and this brief reprieve from European-sharia-style globalist tyranny being unveiled here, the next presidential election is just over 2 years away and the non-stop attacks upon our duly elected President and the rights of free, law-abiding Americans continue unabated. Where will this lead?

We pray that America gets through this time of trouble and division peacefully and thank courageous people such as Jack McLamb for speaking out against this tyranny despite being criticized and mocked by the mainstream media. RIP good Sir. 

And we can assure you, as long as we are able, ANP will continue this peaceful fight against tyranny. We owe it to the future of humanity. Susan and I thank all of our readers for your amazing support. We wouldn't be here without you.  

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                                 FM 3-39.40 U.S. Army Internment and Resettlement Operations Manual by kingofswords on Scribd

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