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September 16, 2015

Reports: SNAP EBT Down Nationwide - Was This Another Deliberate Test To See How People Will React When They Can't Buy Food?


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

Thousands of reports flooded the Down Detector website last night of SNAP/EBT card outages from people who were unable to get access to food or other goods and while there were reports that this was a nationwide outage, ANP has currently only been able to verify outages in several different states though it made for much commotion last night. Interestingly enough, one of the states suffering the outages was Pennsylvania with a number of reports coming in from the Philadelphia area. Illinois and part of Maryland were also confirmed as having suffered at least partial outages. In the 3rd video below, Gerald Celente and Jim Rogers join Rick Wiles of TruNews to talk about what we're watching unfolding in our world today.



One commenter warns that he heard that in 2015, there would be a permanent SNAP/EBT outage while another asked if this had something to do with the end of Jade Helm 15 which 'officially' was supposed to happen yesterday on September 15th. While others shared how happy they are that they have jobs and didn't have to deal with being dependent upon the government, you could feel the angst and get a tiny taste of what it will likely be like when things all come crashing down.


One commenter warned of a BETA-test and a long, cold winter.


Meanwhile, all of this shows that our entire system is truly one step away from being completely broken. ANP reported back on August 29th another recent SNAP/EBT outage that led to one person asking if we had just witnessed a 'BETA test'. As another commenter mentioned last night, 'this is a deliberate test to see how people react when they can't buy food'. Another commenter warned how SNAP/EBT is turning everybody into zombies while rioting had already started in certain 'hoods'.


At ANP, we believe that all of these things are symptoms of a completely broken system hanging on by a thread...only time will tell when it all comes crashing down but all it needs is the right jolt. As the 1st video below from shows, the world is in trouble with a global stock market crash clearly ahead. In the 2nd video below from X22Report we hear that the financial bubble is about to burst. The third video is a treat as Gerald Celente and Jim Rogers join Rick Wiles on TruNews.


Reports flooded Twitter of this outage as well, one who warned that this outage was more widespread than the most recent one we reported previously on ANP.


A breakdown of the information contained in the 1st video as follows.:

- Global stock market crash ahead ►0:33
- The next crisis will be worse than the 2008 crisis ►4:35
- Will central banks try to stop the crisis? Will they be successful ►6:57
- Will the Fed raise interest rates? ►8:52
- Why are banks not lending their excess reserves out? ►12:17
- Will precious metals fall along with the stock market as they did in 2008? ►13:56
- Precious metal manipulation update ►17:03
- This time the crisis will be global ►19:23

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