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December 9, 2016

Shocking Pictures And Videos Show America's Possible Future - But One Shouldn't Have To See These Photos To Want To Avoid This Fate - WARNING: GRAPHIC


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

It has long been warned, only 9 meals separate civilization from anarchy...

The new story over at the Daily Mail on Thursday stopped us in our tracks. Called "Desperate Venezuelan fishermen slaughter one another and turn to piracy - while starving villagers are forced to eat soup made from seawater as country's economic collapse worsens", the shocking photographs show us not only a nation in complete collapse but give us a glimpse of the US's possible future should experts be correct and our economy implodes.

Reporting that dozens of fishermen have been killed by pirates as their economy continues its spiral downwards, we're told the fishing trade in Venezuela has completely collapsed as starving villagers are forced to eat 'seawater soup'.

With countless men and women in Venezuela turning to crime in an attempt to stay alive from one day to the next, the world's 4th largest tuna fleet and market has collapsed alongside virtually every other industry across Venezuela as pirates terrorize coast Venezuelan towns, we get another taste of what happens when an economy collapses here in the 21st century, and another taste for Americans of what our futures might look like in a worst case scenario. We shouldn't have to see the pictures of what much of Venezuela now looks like in order to want for America to avoid this same fate. Yet the US economy moves backwards, despite claims of a recovery: "The economy is in reverse."

"You hear piracy and you think of guys robbing container ships in Africa. But here it's just poor fishermen robbing other poor fishermen," said Sucre lawyer Luis Morales. "It's the same kind of crime we've seen in the streets, but spreading to the sea. Tomorrow, it will be taking over life on the farms or in the mountains."


And while life here in America is still tolerable for most despite the fall of the middle class, all it might take is one huge event for everything to come unglued and fall apart. As has long been warned, only 9 meals separate civilization from anarchy.

With crime now rampant and ordinary every day Venezuelans finding it almost impossible to find food, it's no surprise that those who've been imprisoned look like they've been living in concentration camps as their bodies are withered to the bone.

The photographs here are incredibly difficult to look at but show a reality that we pray never visits America yet unfortunately, is already here for those who've already fallen through the cracks.


Imagine going out to do your job for the day working in the food industry and not coming back to your family as you're robbed by pirates for the food that you're working with. As we've reported previously on ANP, people in Venezuela are slaughtering zoo animals and wild dogs, cats and birds on the streets for food.

Reporting that dozens of fishermen have been killed in the line of duty, we see in these photographs a world we'd never hoped to see in 2016 - and as we reported only days ago, a world that continues to grow bigger by the day with even US government forecasts expecting 'an unprecedented epidemic of food riots' as the world goes past the tipping point. 

And will those who've lost touch with reality label these photographs and this story 'fake news'?


How long until America undergoes the same pain as those in Venezuela right now? As we previously reported on ANP, experts expect a jump in food prices here of up to 400% or more in the next 8 years.

The videos below each speak to us of different aspects of life in Venezuela, from the first video showing us the conditions within prisons in Venezuela where prisoners are quite literally withering away to a huge medical crisis to go along with the food crisis there, medical supplies and medicines very difficult to come by. In the third video below we're told about the 'Maduro diet' in Venezuela as food lines continue to haunt the country, where residents spend hours and hours a day.

And if nothing else, these photographs and videos should be a call to all of those who 'prepare' for the worst to continue to do so. There but for the grace of God go we.

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