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February 15, 2021

Signs That Tell You When To Bug Out, And For Those Sheltering-In-Place, When To Hunker Down To Ride It All Out (Bug-In)

By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

As we watch the events happening nationally, we see that contrary to what the media has been preaching, the out of control thuggery by groups such as Black Lives Matter (BLM) and Antifa, is getting worse, not better now that Joe Biden occupies the White House.

BLM attacking law enforcement in New York, while on the other site of the country, Antifa groups blocked police from responding to calls in Seattle, and Portland protesters hit cops with snowballs, and broke businesses’ windows.

That was in just the last week.

It is pretty safe to say that the civil unrest within America is still growing to the point where the media treat it as if it is almost normal... it is not.

We'll take on the media in another article, these two stories, along with other signs, lead us to think that it won't be too much longer before decisions need to be made by individuals as to when the right time to "bug out" is, and for those that plan to shelter-in-place when all hell breaks loose, when should they start planning for long term hunkering down.

Politically the U.S. has never been more divided, where death threats toward political "enemies," have become an every day occurrence on social media. Civil war is being mentioned by both sides now and the media uses the term far more often than usual.

Economically, after the pandemic lockdowns (some which are still being implemented in liberally run cities), millions are jobless, hungry and many forced to go to food banks just to feed themselves and their families.

Now hundreds of thousands have just been rendered "non-essential," as Biden revokes the permits for the Keystone Pipeline.

The point here is a lot the boxes that generally point to the need to hunker down and ride out the mess, or to bug out and get to a safe location, are checked and more checks are coming. Sometimes leaving isn't an option, so having the means to bug-in, should be part of the plan as well.

Economic issues, hunger, civil war,  Stasi-like liberal leaders exerting massive control over their constituents regardless of their constitutional rights, election rigging, and planned gun control measures, are all signs that it is time to prepare to bug out, or hunker down.

These are all news events we are witnessing right now.


One of the the major issues, whether from economic collapse, or a catastrophic disaster, an EMP, or any other type of attack, is civil unrest. As civilization breaks down, or to phrase that more accurately, as conditions on the ground deteriorate, civil unrest follows.

Because civil unrest is the one common denominator for nations suffering any type of collapse, it is a great indicator as to whether it is time to start battening down the hatches, or for bugging out, to grab what is needed and get while the gettin' is good.

Civil unrest includes riots, looting, mass panic, and a breakdown of civil order, much like we have been witnessing in Portland, Oregon and Seattle Washington, and all the way to the other side of the country as seen in New York recently.

The truth is we are closer to a mass breakdown of civilization than ever before in recent history, and the media is downplaying it and in some cases simply ignoring it completely.

Other than natural disasters, it is a pretty safe bet that when rioting, food fights, and a breakdown of all civil order occurs, it may actually be too late to get out. 

Your instincts should tell you if things are so far gone and getting worse in your general area as to whether it is time to shelter-in-place (bug-in) or bug out.


Unlike bugging out, when one bugs in, whether it is because they do not have a safe bug-out place or they simply are in no condition physically to leave home, there are some benefits to sheltering-in-place.

Shelter from the sun, harsh winds, rain and even snow,  are just a few of those benefits, even if one loses electricity, having four walls and a roof, can be the difference between life and death.

Other benefits for bugging in include a healthier amount of supplies, because if bugging out one generally has to limit what they can carry or bring with them.

Water and sanitation are also some benefits of staying home and riding out the storm. More on the importance of water and sanitation can be read by Stefan Stanford in a recent article titled "'The Truth About It Is Dirty, Unpleasant, But Something For Which You Absolutely Must Plan' - Lack Of Clean Water And Sanitation Will Cause Countless Horrific Deaths When TEOTWAWKI Arrives."

With bugging in one also has the home advantage, including operational security, familiarity of surroundings and knowledge of the community.

For bugging in, some of the basics needed are emergency survival food, water (just in case something happens to the water system), first aid kits, books for knowledge of basic medical skills, generators, lanterns and other basic necessities.

What many forget is when staying home while civil unrest is surrounding them, it is critical to defend the home, not just physical defense but rather preemptive measures. Those can be as small as just putting garbage bags over the windows so people cannot see in, or if electric is out, so folks cannot see your lights, knowing then that you have light and heat sources.

Another overlooked example comes from a past prepping article where a reader suggested to get a few outfits that are oversized, so if you have to leave home during a period of civil unrest or food riots, etc.... your clothes aren't tight showing that you are eating well. That is a good way to get someone to follow you home to steal your food.


 The basic, minimal items needed to bug out include, food, water, shelter such as a tarp, a tent, along with the necessities to put your shelter together. Sanitation and hygiene items are also very important, because disease will kill more people in the aftermath of a disaster, than the actual disaster itself.

Lighting source, fire starting equipment.

A location should be preplanned unless one is prepared to live outdoors. That location should also be stocked beforehand.

Make sure the bug out bag has enough supplies to get you to where you are going.


As we watch the power-grab by power-hungry politicians across the nation, the civil unrest and riots by groups of Antifa and BLM thugs, as the media continues to do everything in their power to divide the nation even more, the cold civil war that is heading rapidly toward hot, the food shortages, hungry Americans forced out of work during the pandemic and more from Biden killing the pipeline, and the planned gun control actions the Biden is planning, we think it is time to make sure all your i's are dotted and T's are crossed in your bug-out/bug-in preparations.

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