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January 23, 2016

Total Red Alert! Is New 'ISIS War Powers Act' Preparing For ISIS Or The Breakdown Of Society?   


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

As Gary Franchi of the Next News Network points out immediately in the 1st video below, this is a 'total red alert' as 'total martial law' powers are being attempted to be granted to Barack Obama under the new ISIS warpowers act. As Franchi tells us, Americans need to make sure that this news is spread far and wide or we could soon have troops on US soil. 

The story from Infowars tells us that now that the US and global economies are in freefall, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is trying to get a 'war powers' bill passed on the 'fast track' through Congress. The Bill would allow Obama to deploy 'boots on the ground' at any time or place of his choosing...including the USA. With 'the powers that be' now losing control as shared in this story from SHTFPlan and "everything falling apart everywhere", are we now approaching the moment that has been warned of, the economic collapse of America that would lead to boots on the ground in big cities and small towns throughout America to 'restore order' and 'protect life and property'? 

Susan Duclos clearly pointed out in this story earlier Friday that a huge chunk of America is totally unprepared for any kind of 'real' disaster such as a total economic collapse, EMP attack or anything else at all that would leave the sheeple at the mercy of the elements or reality. As we saw in our own nations capital with an inch of snow on the ground leading to 'road warriors' on the Beltway and store aisles cleared in grocery stores, there may be a very good reason that they're attempting to give Barack Obama the power by the US Senate to deploy the US military anywhere in the world on his command...including in our own backyards here on US soil.

With a very real economic collapse ahead that could leave Americans fighting each other to get their next meals, the DC snowstorm gives us a view of just how quickly things do break down. Store shelves and gas pumps empty quickly. Yet this is ONLY a snowstorm; what happens when there's no more food nor money? As All Self Sustained proved to us yesterday, the 'post collapse world will be violent and brutal'. This Tweet from @EzLeeInfamous speaks volumes.:

"If you don't have your food & groceries yet I feel sorry for you."


Mac Slavo at SHTFPlan puts together perfectly for us in the few sentences below comparing what we're seeing this weekend in the mid-Atlantic region to 'the big picture'. This tells us why Americans are indeed in trouble come collapse.: 

The Drudge Report is splashed with warnings to “shelter in place,” while reporting that food is running out, and grocery stores shelves have been wiped out. The East Coast is on the brink.

But should they be?

Here is a live exercise reminder that the system can and will break down in an instant. The population is simply not ready for a major emergency. Hopefully you are; but they just aren’t.

This is just a blizzard – it may be a worst-in-history snow storm driven by media frenzy– but it IS expected to pass through after a day or two. Aside from a few power outages and street repairs, things will hopefully be back to normal. It could get worse, but that remains to be seen.

Nonetheless, if these pictures of store shelves are any evidence, society is not equipped for even the most basic crisis.

What does Barack Obama have planned for America in 2016, the year that is supposed to be his last year in office? With the way things have gone in his first 7 years and promises within his staff of 'audacious executive actions' in his final year we should all be a bit concerned, shouldn't we? With one of the bill's co-sponsors being radical false-flag supporting Senator Lindsey Graham, this bill has all of the taste of martial law upon US soil in the making. 

Several videos below take a look at everything we're now watching unfolding from several different standpoints including Franchi looking at the new 'ISIS war powers act' in the 1st video and the total breakdown of the Washington DC food chain with panic buying in the 2nd video. In the final video below, Alex Jones from Infowars talks with Michael Snyder of the Economic Collapse Blog about the 'economic apocalypse' coming to America in 2016.

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