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August 11, 2015

State Of Emergency Declared -  'We Are Ready For War' - Oath Keepers On The Scene, Armed And Ready


By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

A state of emergency has been declared in Ferguson, MO after rioters, looters, shooters and protesters gathered for the one year anniversary of the Michael Brown shooting and death.

On Sunday night, before protesters exchanged gunfire with police officers,  a tweet was sent out over the social media site Twitter of a video with protesters chanting "We’re ready for what? We’re ready for war." (Video below)

The mobs became so out of control over the weekend that by Monday morning, St. Louis County authorities declared a state of emergency. Stores were looted, rioters were throwing rocks and bottles at police and a #BlackLivesMatter mob shut down Interstate 70 in St. Louis on Monday. 

According to a Daily Mail article, the Oath Keepers have arrived on the scene, armed with assault rifles, prepared to protect a journalist from InfoWars  covering the events that are unfolding in Ferguson.

Armed patriots have been seen patrolling the streets of Ferguson with assault rifles in a move described by police chiefs as 'inflammatory'.

The four men identified themselves as 'Oath Keepers' as they arrived in the riot-torn Missouri city early on Tuesday morning.

But the presence of the group, which describes itself as an association of current and former U.S. soldiers and police who aim to protect the U.S. Constitution, was described as 'unnecessary' amid high tensions.

In the videos below, a couple of those Oath Keepers explain why they are in Ferguson.

(Article continues below the videos)

Activists from the #BlackLivesMatter mobs are correct, there is a racism problem going on in America, THEY are racists, THEY seem to think that black lives matter more than white lives, hispanic lives, ALL LIVES....... THEY are the problem and THEY are starting a race war.

They have forced Bernie Sanders out of a speech he was going to make, they have browbeat the spineless Democratic presidential candidate Martin O'Malley into apologizing for daring to say "all lives matter," they have deliberately stoked racial tensions to the point where another shooting has put yet another black man into the hospital, and they continue to push America one step further into a civil/race war.

Politically INcorrect Newsflash for those #blacklivesmatter mobs..... Black lives do not matter more than all lives. The very term "black lives matter" is racist because by implication it is saying that other lives do not matter as much.


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