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June 3, 2022

With The Globalists 'Going For The Jugular', Taking Aim At Our Ability To Simply Survive, We Must All Stand Up Strong And Say 'Enough Is Enough' Or Suffer The Ominous Consequences! 

By John Scotto - All News PipeLine

Duplicity and phoniness are the two words which come to mind when describing this neo-liberal ideology, a dangerous ideology which is currently being unleashed upon the world. If not for double standards, liberals would have no standards at all

Why do some people always seem to fall for the Left's duplicitous nature and their so-called "good intentions"?

Leftists will always use the façade of good intentions in order to advance their marxist agenda, this tactic they constantly use we should all refer to as Obamaism 101. Former President Obama was the master of illusion, the creator of confusion and the facilitator of division and delusion. Obama promised he would change things for the better. But in reality he made things much worse. He was the epitome of the wizard of oz behind the curtain. Pretending to be all powerful and all knowing. However, when we look back at all the results of Obama's leftist policies, people can make the safe assumption that his presidency was a disaster.

The left bases everything they do upon good intentions. But we must always analyze the results of their so-called "good intentioned policies. "Leftists always seem to ignore the reality and negative repercussions of their impractical policies. The only thing that really matters to the politicians on the left is if they can get enough gullible people to buy into their ridiculous ideas. Most politicians on the left wish to instill a perception within the citizen's minds that their policies will have a positive effect upon their lives. Perception has become vital in advancing the left's maniacal agenda, it now trumps everything else. In today's world, the negative and damaging results of leftist policies often become ignored.

We all exist within a perception based world. An upside down world where the Democrats and the left have become the masters of controlling and manipulating all of our emotions, so we eventually come to accept their often disastrous and ineffective policies.

Leftists will use the marxist media to highlight and cheer on their warped agenda. The majority of those within the MSM can't help themselves in exalting all of the failed ideas and policies of the left. The liberals with much help from their friends in the media have created a rigged system. They have created this system by controlling just about every aspect of our society. Leftists have their claws within everything today, including The Public Education/Indoctrination System, Big Banks, Big Business, Big Pharma, Big Tech, Big Government, MSM/Social Media, Hollywood and just about everything else which has a major effect upon shaping a vast number of US citizen's overall perception. It seems that we are told by the majority within the mainstream media today that everything the leftists within government orchestrate on a daily basis is for our greater good.

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"Of all tyrannies a tyranny sincerely exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive." -C.S. Lewis-

We all need to closely examine the recent policies of these leftist politicians/lawmakers. Policies which appear to be reasonable to the average joe. But, in reality always result in causing irreparable damage to all of us.

Let's start with the greatest fraud ever perpetrated upon the American people: the climate change fiasco. I can't think of a more greater propagandist driven policy ever to be concocted by the leftist elites. IMHO, this climate change cult agenda was invented and instituted, in order to take down western civilization and the US middle class.

This climate alarmism has had a huge negative effect upon every facet of our society. From brainwashing our youth into thinking the world is about to end any minute, along with guilting adults into feeling bad about the cars they drive and the very lives they go about living. This climate change propaganda is being used as a tool to bankrupt all of us financially, emotionally and socially. The left has become very adept at using virtue signaling as a "weapon" in order to coax people into acquiescing to their unreasonable demands.

IMHO, Joe Biden is destroying our energy independence, we can all see very clearly the negative repercussions of his insane anti-American/America Last energy policies. Biden's stifling regulations which he has imposed upon the American fossil fuel industry are having a devastating effect upon middle class families. The extremely high gas prices and the potential for hyper-inflation are the direct result of Joe Biden and the left's war on US fossil fuels. Biden's unnecessary and ridiculous governmental regulations are now setting America up for a major depression. These demonic policies are causing every American citizen undue financial burden. The constant pandering to the radicals within the climate change cult is becoming very destructive to our overall economy.

We are losing a grip on the supply chain required to maintain our way of life. After many years of brainwashing and attempting to make people feel guilty about the planet's welfare, the left is now going for the jugular, an abrupt phasing out of American fossil fuels. How dangerous is this? Who would do something so egregious, without ever contemplating the devastating effect this policy would have on the average American family and their ability to survive?

Biden: “I Guarantee You We’re Going To End Fossil Fuel”

Leftist climate change policies are currently shaping the winners and losers within business and life in general. Every life's success or failure is now determined by our compliant actions with government and how well each one of us leads our life in accordance with so-called climate "justice."

From the big banks to big business to our energy industry, most entities now have to consider the effect that carbon emissions will have upon the earth, within every investment they pursue and just about everything else they do. This is the kind of disaster we encounter when a marxist government attempts to oversee a capitalist economy. All of us are now being forced to bow down to the nefarious climate change hucksters or become penalized. Made irrelevant or maybe even become deleted, if we don't heed to the outrageous demands of these green maniacs.

Because of these unnecessary climate policies/regulations, America is now becoming beholden to rogue dictators within communist countries. We now beg other nations for dirty oil, despite having the capacity to produce our own clean energy. Becoming more dependent on corrupt dictatorial regimes is never a good thing. Especially if the products they are supplying us with are vital to our health and well-being.

The last forty years of globalist policies have turned America into a weaker nation, which unfortunately has become dependent upon the rest of the world for its very survival. When you become the number one consumer country in the world and you then shut down your nation's ability to produce anything of real value, the situation becomes dire. We all then wake up within a dystopian induced wounded nation, a country that only Joe Biden and Barack Obama could be proud of.

These limousine liberals who claim to be such guardians of the planet's well-being seem to have no problem jetting around the world in their private airplanes. They are oblivious to the fact that many of these greenies leave behind mounds of garbage at their climate "justice" rallies. Duplicity and phoniness are the two words which come to mind when describing this neo-liberal ideology, a dangerous ideology which is currently being unleashed upon the world.

How about gun control, something the left always seems to push upon all of us, as if on cue, right after every shooting? Telling all of us that the violence and killing will all just suddenly disappear, that is if we only just eliminated the second amendment and let the government take away all our guns. Big government will ensure our safety, how illogical and nonsensical is a statement like this? Do they take all of us for fools? What logic is there in confiscating private guns from law abiding citizens, especially when you consider the fact that criminals will always have access to guns?

But here again we see the leftists "good intentions," they claim it's all about saving the children and keeping everybody safe. According to the left, gun confiscation is the only way to make America a safe place to live. Their policy is not based upon logic, evidence, statistics or facts. If it sounds good, this is all that apparently matters in America 2022. And, of course we know elite politicians aren't going to give up their armed body guards, no matter what happens. RULES FOR THEE, BUT NOT FOR ME!

"So much of left-wing thought is a kind of playing with fire by people who don't even know that fire is hot." -George Orwell-

Are open borders really a good thing? After all, the only reason we are allowing illegal immigrants entry into our country is because they are escaping the serious dangers within the impoverished and corrupt countries they come from? They are all basically just asylum seekers, who desire a better way of life, right? Wrong!

This is just another ploy by the leftists to bring people into the USA, who don't wish to assimilate or learn the language. It's all about illegal aliens who take advantage of government handouts/subsidies, and then have anchor babies and increase chain migration. But more importantly, become future Democrat voters. Voters who will eventually become womb to tomb, cradle to grave, in essence, future government dependent serfs. Foreigners who will ensure that all future elections become completely meaningless and that Democrat One Party rule will remain forever etched in stone. The left will always manipulate our emotions into having us all ignore open borders, because they claim only racists and xenophobes would dare object to illegal immigration. Again, it's all about the left's "good intentions," we must have compassion for the children coming here who are seeking better lives. Everybody should just ignore everything else, including all the numerous negative repercussions of a wide open border/illegal immigration.

Another relatively recent happening, which the left has manipulated to their advantage under the guise of goodness, has been the government's handling of the Covid 19 pandemic. Forcing upon the vast majority of the citizenry an experimental form of gene therapy, all being facilitated through a massive leftist media driven "vaccination" campaign.

Here we witness the left incorporating their same old, "the sky is falling" tactic, only this time using a different phrase. Instead of screaming the world is going to end because of climate change, they now trumpet that massive amounts of deaths will occur, if everybody isn't complicit in taking these experimental "clot shots" and endless boosters. Injections which in many cases have been shown to cause debilitating side effects. "Vaccinations," which many doctors who are not on a government payroll, say could possibly cause a long term erosion of the immune system.

Just a few articles on Covid for your perusal below:

Covid Truths: Dangers of the “Vaccines” Are Increasingly Revealed

Hundreds of TV, radio and newspaper outlets profited from Biden’s $1 billion vaccine propaganda campaign

The left's pro-choice agenda apparently only applies to women who choose to have abortions. Choice never applies to a citizen's right to own a gun. Nor, according to the left will choice ever apply to somebody who chooses to decline an experimental gene therapy injection. The duplicity of the left is always on full display for all of us to see. If not for double standards, liberals would have no standards at all.

This illogic of the left is basically destroying the American dream. Their destructive policies and ideas seem to always come back to haunt the average American citizen. Leftists have basically become the devils in disguise, the wizard of oz narcissists behind the curtains. Chameleons who will say anything to become elected. But once they're elected, they begin to wreck havoc upon our country and instill unnecessary pain and worry within us all.

"The trouble with our Liberal friends is not that they're ignorant; it's just that they know so much that isn't so." -Ronald Reagan-

Why do American citizens continue to fall for this perception driven agenda that leftist politicians continue to sell us all? When will we all finally wake up and demand accountability for the negative results that these disastrous policies of the left cause? Time is running out, we must all finally stand up and say enough is enough, or suffer the ominous consequences.

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