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May 27, 2016

One Graph Says It All! Target Market Cap Tanks Since Announcement Of Transgender Bathroom Policy - Hit Them Where It Hurts, Their Wallet


By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

Since Target's announcement on April 19, 2016 that they would allow people to use restrooms according to what gender they "identify" with rather than what gender they were born with, meaning allowing men into the women's bathrooms and women into the mens, they have come under incredible pressure, with boycott petitions topping 1.2 million signatures, and while they claim their new policy hasn't affected sales or stock, one chart belies their assertions and proves that the general public is hitting them right where it hurts.... their wallets!

Via American Thinker:

"....Target's natural competition comes from broad-spectrum discount retailers such as Walmart (WMT) and Costco (COST), which hold similarly sized market caps, and lesser so from other larger low-cost retailers such as Dollar General (DG) and Dollar Tree (DLTR).
The likely impact of the consumer boycott against Target can be determined by comparing its market cap performance for equal periods before and after the transgender policy came into force against that of its competitors.  As the graph below shows, Target's normalized market cap has declined far more than any of its competitors since April 19."


People lie, Target lies, (or they are just "in denial" as Franklin Graham recently  stated) but the numbers do not lie and by the numbers, people are not just "signing" boycott petitions, they are implementing the actual boycotts.

For example, from a comment on a previous ANP piece on this subject, reader Smilardog left the following message:

Last week my wife drove right past a Phoenix Target store and spent almost $300 at the kohl's next store to it. We had to buy our daughter a bunch of work outfits for her new job. Normally, they would of at least went into Target to see what they had, but "NOT ANYMORE". I was so proud of her. We always try not to shop at national chains, and prefer to pay a little more and shop mom and pop's. We probably only go to Walmart once or twice year, and when we do, it's because we had no choice, and we never buy anything else while in there.

Others stated they will never shop at Target again.

Other readers in that comment section emailed and left some very creative ideas in order to make a statement to Target in a manner that cannot be misunderstood. The first of which was sent via email to ANP, which I posted and featured in that comment section:

It is not enough for them to loose stock value or sign a boycott pledge. Need to show them what what it really is costing them. Here's how.
1. Call for a national event TO shop at Target during a designated shopping week so all who will can participate.
2. Shop for what you would use for a week, month, whatever including food products.
3. Take it to and run it all through the register. Make note of the total AND taxes.
4. Ask the cashier to call over the store manager.
5. Explain and show the manager the items that will not be bought because of their bathroom policy. Demand that the policy be changed.
6. It will cost them time and money to restock and pay employees.
7. If enough people do this, they may get the picture. It will reduce their ability to do good customer support in stores and it will drive other customers out of the store when they see what's going on.
8. The best part is that it does not cost the individual any money, only some time.
9. We have got to start figuring out ways to use there radicalism against them.
10. No one gets hurt on doing this but Target.

The next idea comes from reader "saywhat":

"Here is what we need to do to Target...everyone who is not old enough for a senior discount needs to fill their cart to the brim, go through the check out and after its all bagged, say you want your senior discount...when they say no, you tell them they are discriminating against you b/c you identify as a 65 you...then walk out."

The next is from Ricky and Julian:

"Susan, for those that are not idea is to go in and absolutely FILL a cart with stuff, and a lot of frozen food, ice cream and meat, too. Then, leave it in an obscure aisle with a post -it on it with something like...WHOOPS...I HAVE TO USE THE BATHROOM..GUESS I'LL HAVE TO LEAVE!!!!"

That is just a small sample out of over 350 comments in the previous piece, but shows that people are angry, disgusted and highly disturbed that Target has decided to endanger women and children with their irresponsible policy that does nothing to address how this policy could be used by pedophiles and sexual predators in order to assault women and children.

Another reader of ANP decided to makes his own statement, by going into Target, filling his cart, then leaving it with a note on top, stating he needed to use the restroom but was not comfortable using a transgender bathroom!


On May 15, 2016, a video made the rounds of a man who self-identifies as a Target manager publicly quits and then proceeds to very loudly shame Target in front of other customers over their bathroom policy.

Browsing through YouTube over the last week, brings us a few more people that are making some very public (and very loud) statements inside of Target stores:

Also those that are standing outside of Target stores, using their first amendment rights to explain to women about to enter or just leaving what Target's new bathroom policy is about.... after they learn about it, they also have a message for Target, as the last woman in the video says "Shame on you Target!"


The thing about boycotts and movements such as this is that people tend to move along to the next issue and forget, but at some point people find something so disturbing that they don't forget, they continue to make sure it stays in the minds of the masses, they follow through and it appears that Target's total lack of regard for safety of their cutomers is one of those issues.

After seeing how many are still unaware of the fact that if they bring their children to Target they may be forced to share a dressing room or bathroom with a member of the opposite sex or more dangerous, a sexual predator claiming they "identify" as the opposite sex, it is important to continue spreading the word.

Tell two people who are unaware of Target's bathroom policy, then ask them to tell two more who are unaware..... spread the word and we will see a national movement grow and grow until Target is forced to add a third restroom for the transgenders, or change back to a policy where those born men use the men's room and those born women use the women's bathroom.


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