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November 18, 2015

Did Obama Just Hint At Massive False Flag For His Final Year In Office? Sleeper Cells Being Brought Into America In Preparation Of Ultimate Takedown


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

"Whoever says ISIS has no connection to Islam...Is a Liar -- ISIS is Islam, Islam is ISIS." Syrian Nun Sister Hatune Dugan

Since news broke Tuesday that a Syrian refugee in the Louisiana area was suddenly missing combined with word from a refugee resettlement group that 'we don't track them' anyways, Louisiana state leaders and American citizens have every right to be infuriated with those who are not only allowing but pushing this well-planned 'invasion of America'. While Barack Obama continues to downplay this invasion, Syria's Ambassador tells us that possibly 20 percent of the Muslim 'migrants' may have ties to ISIS.

If everything else we've been reporting upon recently isn't bad enough, we also learned Tuesday from the Washington Times that Barack Obama says 'gun control' should be the top issue of his 'final year' and in the story, he drops a hint that a massive and sustained false flag attack might be in the works for the end of 2015 that just might carry into 2016.

With word that obvious 'sleeper cells' are being let into the country via the Syrian refugees as shared in the 1st video below from Alex Jones featuring Steve Quayle, we learn we're now witnessing the unfolding of the globalist plans for global war and global civil war as Americans and those living in western nations are being set up for the ultimate takedown.

Asked by interviewer Bill Simmons of HBO if gun control will be the “dominant” issue on his agenda next year, Barack Obama replied, “I hope so.

“We have this weird habit in this culture of mourning and, you know, 48, 72 hours of wall-to-wall coverage, and then … suddenly we move on,” Mr. Obama said. “And I will do everything I can to make sure that there’s a sustained attention paid to this thing.” (Sound familiar?)


Since the FBI now announced that they are bracing for holiday terror from ISIS in the US, we realize we are witnessing a well planned invasion and attempt to overthrow America and the west and as Steve Quayle tells us in the 1st video below in his visit with Jones and Infowars, we're now being set up for the 'ultimate takedown of borders, language and culture.'

Yahoo news told us Tuesday that the United Nations is warning European nations about 'backtracking on migrant commitments' and we have to ask WHY the UN is pushing potential terror upon Europe and who gave them the authority to 'warn' Europe in the 1st place? Is this more proof of global government? The UN clearly needs to be put back in their proper place yet our own Secretary of State John Kerry recently let his true feelings be known about terrorism and the mass slaughter of innocent human beings when he said this.:

Secretary of State John Kerry suggested on Tuesday that there was a “rationale” for the assault on satirical French weekly Charlie Hebdo, unlike the more recent attacks in Paris.

“There’s something different about what happened from Charlie Hebdo, and I think everybody would feel that," Kerry said in Paris, according to a transcript of his remarks. "There was a sort of particularized focus and perhaps even a legitimacy in terms of — not a legitimacy, but a rationale that you could attach yourself to somehow and say, OK, they’re really angry because of this and that.

Did John Kerry REALLY just say that it was ok to kill cartoonists based upon their drawings and that 'everyone would feel' that 'the terrorists anger towards the cartoonists' is ok? Remember, 12 people were slaughtered over drawings of someone who lived thousands of years ago and suddenly our own Secretary of State thinks that the cartoonists slaughter was done with a 'rationale'. With a 'slip of the tongue' like that from Kerry, we have to ask, where is this leading? 


We quickly get our answer to that as governors from more than half of the states of America are now revolting against the federal government and Barack Obama's orders for states to take Syrian refugees, we see what could soon be a full-fledged war playing out on the political front between states and feds and no one knows where this war might lead. With Obama now saying that Republican anti-terrorist rhetoric has to stop as it has become a 'recruiting tool for ISIS', what do you call it when the President of the United States himself is allowing terrorists to flood into the country? Treason?

'Obama the destroyer' even had the gall to call Republicans opposed to 'widows and orphans' being let into America 'scared'. Remember, this is the same man who said 'ISIS was contained' hours before the Paris attacks! Meanwhile, we see almost nothing but fighting age men in the Syrian refugees. If Barack Obama thinks that these people are 'widows and orphans', he clearly doesn't have a clue. He also lashed out at requests that more Christian refugees be brought into America while so far, 53 of the Syrian refugees in America have been Christian while 2,098 of them have been Muslim. ISIS continues their war on Christians unabated.

Is Donald Trump correct when he suggests we could be witnessing the biggest trojan horse in history and the assembling of a potential 200,000 man terrorist army in America? If Trump is right, why would Obama be enabling this unless he was working to bring down America? Are these the kinds of moves by Obama that would require the US military to intervene and remove him from office as was suggested by two former US Generals? Why are the mainstream media and Barack Obama continuing to say that Syrian refugees are no threat when Paris has already PROVEN otherwise?


Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush differs from the rest of the Republican candidates and believes we should continue to take refugees in despite the very obvious risks with ISIS promising attacks upon America. Donald Trump says a 'big, beautiful safe zone' should be built for the refugees... in Syria. Trump also argues that Obama is sending the Syrian refugees to Republican states. Why?

Along with everything else going on in the world now, we see that the 'master plan' of ISIS has been having great success not only organizing terror but recruiting new terrorists as well and while Obama continues to avoid using the words 'Islamic terrorists' together, Syrian Nun Sister Hatune Dugan tells us in the 2nd video below what Obama isn't telling us.:

"Whoever says ISIS has no connection to Islam...Is a Liar -- ISIS is Islam, Islam is ISIS."

Steve Quayle joins Alex shortly after the 5 minute mark in 1st video and stays for a couple segments of the show.

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