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May 2, 2019

A Look Into The Eyes Of Madness: Colleges Today Creating A Generation Of Mentally Ill, Easily Triggered, Snowflakes


By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

The image above is a screen shot from a Steven Crowder video, taken during one his "Change My Mind" events, where he sets up a table and sits down with random people that line up to speak with him, states his position and says "change my mind." The discussions are generally civil, just a respectful debate he then posts to his YouTube channel.

Of course there are always those that want to protest his events because they don't like his opinion, which usually leans conservative and they certainly don't want to see any type of true debate and dialogue if it doesn't match their own opinions.

As you will see in the video below titled "Crazy MAGA-Hat Stealing Protester Shut Down by Cops!," Crowder was having a discussion with a student at UT Austin campus, and the girl pictured above joins the crowd surrounding Crowder and the person he is debating, when she notices another student wearing a red Make America Great Again hat, and with police officers right there, decides she has the right to try to rip the hat off the guy's head.

Watch the video below, Crowder shows this scene more than once..... note her crazed eyes.

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At another Texas college, a female grabbed  MAGA hat off of a guy, then started to walk off with it. The guy grabbed hold of her backback and asked for his hat back. The police were on the scene and told her to give the hat back, she dropped it, then kicked it, then the MAGA hat owner started filming, and the video below shows what occurred from that point on. (More at Campus Reform)

Watch it carefully all the way to the end, because while both these examples are from students triggered by a MAGA hat, what followed gives a great look at how out-of-control college campuses have become, as not only was the girl arrested, but according the campus police, a total of four people ended up being arrested, including two dressed like Antifa, in black with their faces covered.

One might be thinking, what the heck is going on at our nation's colleges? Students seem to think that if something offends them, or triggers them, they have the right to grab a hat off another person's head, or grab a camera/cell phone out of someone's hands, or interfere as police are arresting someone, and destroy property. As can be seen at the end of the video above, one of those four arrested followed the police with their handcuffed prisoners into the building, then caused trouble enough to get herself arrested, wailing like a banshee the whole time.

From the whining, screaming, crying and other antics, it appears more like a daycare center than a college campus, and that is the fault of the educational system today, where activism and "social justice" has replaced actual teaching and education, where professors that declare "Whiteness is terrorism," are kept in the classrooms, spewing hate and filling student's heads with it.

A look at both the Campus Reform and College Fix websites shows a number of eye-opening stories that rarely makes it even to the local news, which in turn prevents Americans from seeing how bad things have gotten at college campuses across the nation.

A University of Georgia teaching assistant is in hot water for lying on his application, but one has to wonder why he was even allowed near students at all given his social media presence and statements like the ones quoted by Campus Reform, shown below:

In addition to saying “some white people may have to die for black communities to be made whole in this struggle to advance to freedom," Osei-Frimpong made a remark on Facebook claiming “we have to dismantle the institutions that make crappy white people. Their churches, their schools, their families” after the 2018 midterm election, a remark for which the social media giant suspended him.

The TA had also compared Southern whites to “autistic kids” and “sociopaths” and suggested that white individuals who post photos to social media in which they are carrying guns are “terrorists.”

These are the type of "authority" figures our educational systems have influencing U.S. college students. The result of liberal, socialist and communist professors influencing those students, can be seen by the antics of students, their demands and their audacity.


Here are a few examples of trouble-making students and whacked professors:

• A smoke bomb was set off outside a pro-life speaker's event at the University of Texas at Austin.

• Mass. student group demands reparations, segregated housing, and even more money.

• USC reconsiders pick for president after no finalists are women.

• Prof on free speech 'sh*tlords': 'Fire them' and 'hound them from restaurants.'

• A University of California-San Diego professor compared human fetuses to parasites.

• Protesters attempt to shut down Jeff Sessions speech...while he talks free speech.

Those are just a few examples from the front page of Campus Reform. A look at College Fix brings us a few more examples of not only college campuses but in one case a high school.

• High school may erase mural of George Washington: ‘traumatizes students.’ (Reminder: In March Hofstra University students demanded Thomas Jefferson statue be removed.) 

• Protests, racial unrest engulf Trinity College over students’ pro-Western Civ Churchill Club.

Berkeley protester seizes pro-life display and throws it off a bridge.

• Prof who compared MAGA hats to KKK robes says ‘bigots’ should not get campus ‘platforms.’

• Keynote speaker at Harvard diversity conference says Christians should be ‘locked up.’

• Men ‘don’t deserve opinions,’ tweeted new director of gender relations.

Those few examples out of many, many more, should be enough to see the pattern of out-of-control professors creating out of control students, who are then woefully unprepared for life after college

The end result? Researchers are now declaring that "anxiety" at college campuses is now "a national epidemic." In late 2018, it was reported that anxiety, depression and panic attacks were all on the rise among U.S. college students.

You think??? That was always going to be the result of treating college like a daycare center, rather than an educational endeavor. They baby triggered students with coloring books and crayons, safe spaces, napping rooms, etc...... then they wonder why students graduate and then have to go take an "adulting" class.


The girl shown in the image at the top of this article, showing the "eyes of madness," is the result of radical professors using the classroom to radicalize their students, who then think they have the right to assault others because they are "uncomfortable," or offended or outraged at some imaginary slight.

In real life, away from campus life, that childish college student will end up getting her butt handed to her.....and deservedly so.

Colleges today are creating a generation of mentally ill, easily triggered, snowflakes.

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