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August 24, 2020

The Democrats Plan To Whip The Masses Into A Frenzy Using MSM Election Night Lies That Lead To Blood Flowing In US Streets So The Globalists Can Institute Full-Scale Martial Law In America 

While working as a letter carrier for over 7 years in the Washington DC area, one thing I learned about the US Postal Service is that most of the workers and management there were highly 'political'. With the large majority of the 70+ carriers working at the office I worked at not only members of the National Association of Letter Carriers union but many of them also 'activist Democrats', it's very easy for me to understand how the 'chaos' surrounding a 'vote-by-mail' scenario in the 2020 election President Trump is now warning of could come to pass, especially knowing that some unscrupulous letter carriers would be happy to 'lose' their mail collections if it furthers their political agendas. 

And while President Trump recently warned it could take weeks or even months for the final election results to be tabulated should Americans voting by mail be the majority of votes in November, one highly likely scenario that we have to explore within this story is the very strong probability that the mainstream media will announce Joe Biden/Democrats the 'winner' on national TV on election night. With such a calculated move being made long before the final votes are tabulated in an attempt to further infuriate the Democratic base and whip them into a frenzy, imagine their furor when it's announced days, weeks or months later that President Trump was the 'final winner' once all votes were counted! 

With the Attorney General of Louisiana recently warning that violent crimes in America will likely reach epidemic levels in the coming months, we're already witnessing explosions of pockets of violence between the left and the right in Portland, Oregon, Beverly Hills, California, Denver, Colorado and elsewhere across America giving us a peak of what's likely ahead. And as Mike Adams warns in the 1st video at the bottom of this story, one US Veteran is warning of blood flowing in America's streets after the election, with leftists already busting out bloody guillotines while burning American flags and unveiling their new Democrat logo: "Death to America"

The excerpt directly below comes to us from this new story over at Natural News before we continue with a look at why we should all be preparing for the very real possibility of absolute insanity in America as we get closer and closer to November. Especially with more and more pockets of exploding violence across America, Democrats trying to 'cancel out' the police and 'law and order' and the very real possibility that we won't know who actually won the election for months afterwards. From this Natural News story

Now the mask is off and the Democrats are telling us exactly what they have planned for America. In Portland, left-wing rioters — all of whom support Joe Biden over President Trump — brought a blood-splattered guillotine to the riot and put it on display while they burned American flags and held “Black Lives Matter” signs, demanding an end to America. 
Their message couldn’t be any more clear: They seek to burn America to the ground and murder anyone who gets in their way. They are violent left-wing lunatics who respect no law, no freedoms for anyone else, and no rules of civilized society. They nearly all support communism and Joe Biden, and they promise to burn down America’s cities and murder people in the streets if they don’t get what they want. 
America is in a hot civil war, and these left-wing terrorists will not stop until they are engaged with force 

What has become abundantly obvious to anyone paying attention is that America is already in a hot civil war, and radical Leftists are carrying out relentless, violent and sometimes deadly attacks against innocent people because no one has stopped them. 
At some point — and hopefully soon — law enforcement and the American people will realize that if you don’t engage these terrorists with force, they will burn down your cities and destroy your nation. 
That’s why law enforcement nationwide need to be given the green light to shoot all terrorists on sight. It’s easy to spot the terrorists, of course: They’re the ones wielding pro-terrorism signs like “Black Lives Matter,” which is a domestic terrorist organization founded by convicted terrorists who bombed government buildings (and got caught). 
If America continues to stand by and do nothing while these terrorists destroy our cities, assault police officers and attack innocent bystanders, then the arrogance and aggressiveness of left-wing terror groups will only grow. They will carry out exactly as much terrorism as America tolerates, and if they are never stopped, they will overthrow the United States government and usher in a radical left-wing communist regime. This is their stated goal. 
That’s why sooner or later, America has to draw a line in the sand and declare Black Lives Matter and Antifa to be active domestic terrorism organizations, then hunt down and arrest their leaders. When left-wing terrorists assault police officers in the streets, they should be shot on sight. Only when the radical Left is engaged with force will they learn that “No” means “No” (something their helicopter parents never taught them, which is part of the entire problem here). 

As Adams warned in his story as US Navy Veteran John C. Velisek also spelled out within this recent ANP story, if Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are somehow successful at 'stealing' the election in November (with the help of the mainstream media/deep state establishment), Biden and Harris will help antifa and blm 'burn America to the ground' and almost ensure blood spilling on US streets with the left seeking 'reparations' of one variety or another. While should President Trump win in November, just imagine the total insanity that 'Trump derangement syndrome' afflicted Democrats will unleash! 

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Let's take a quick look at this previously mentioned story by Mac Slavo over at SHTFPlan before we continue. As Slavo reports, Louisiana's Attorney General Jeff Landry recently told Fox News that America is quite near a tipping point and there's a very real potential of major violence in our nation ahead. And with the election on the plate just 70 days away at the time of this story's publishing, and that election alone possibly unleashing nationwide chaos, Landry's words are a warning to all Americans who are awake and paying attention to what's now happening to this nation. 

The attorney general, Jeff Landry of Louisiana says that violent crime is going to reach epidemic levels in the United States soon. Landry warns that crime in the U.S. will get worse before it gets better, and we are going to reach a tipping point soon. 
Given the current state of affairs in cities across the country, the economic terrorism committed against every person on this globe, and the constant division being propagated by the mainstream media over an election they have already promised us will be disturbing at best, things are not set to get better. In fact, the worst is yet to come. 
In a phone interview with Fox News, Landry said that while he has tried to be tough on crime in his state, he realized years ago that in other parts of the country there were signs that crime would reach “epidemic” levels. Humans are being backed into corners by the very people responsible for cracking down on crime, so it stands to reason that once they cannot be pushed any further, they will lash out. This is likely what the ruling class is waiting for too. They want violence so they can enact martial law, treat people like cattle to be owned, and force everyone to comply. 
“When I became attorney general back in 2016, one of the first things that we tackled was we took a very proactive fight against crime,” Landry said. “I predicted four and five years ago that this country was headed towards an extreme violent crime outbreak, that it was going to become an epidemic.”

So while we'll continue to pray that 'law and order' and peace prevail in America and our country returns to 'sanity', more and more signs of division and trouble ahead are absolutely everywhere with even President Trump recently warning of danger ahead as was reported in this story over at Reuters.

"If our opponents prevail no one will be safe in our country," Trump told conservative activists in his first speech since the Democratic National Convention ended late on Thursday. 
"I'm the only thing standing between the American dream and total anarchy, madness and chaos," Trump said. 
In a preview of what Republicans will argue at their own convention next week, Trump hammered at the law-and-order theme he has embraced in response to anti-racism and police brutality protests in U.S. cities including Portland, Oregon. 
He said police had been weakened in "Democrat-run" cities and cited a spike in murders in Chicago, Minneapolis, New York and Philadelphia. He urged Americans to turn back "radical left socialists and Marxists." 
He called protesters in Portland "crazy." 
"So the future of our country and indeed our civilization is at stake on Nov. 3," he said in the speech in Arlington, Virginia, to the 2020 Council for National Policy. 

And while Democrats and the mainstream media across the country might call President Trump's remarks about our entire civilization being at stake 'fake news', the Democrats/globalists war upon Western Civilization is very real and the fact that they're now supporting domestic terrorists over 'law and order' is indeed a dire sign of where America is headed should Joe/Kamala somehow steal the election in November and be allowed to usher in the Democrats new Communist agenda. 

With globalist outlets such as the AP, Reuters, CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS and even increasingly Fox News heavily pushing a leftist/democrat/globalist agenda, as a new poll has found, Americans trust in the media is now at near-record lows. While Gallup polls had reported back in September of 2019 that Americans trust in the mainstream media was a pathetic 41%, as Gallup and Knight found in an even more recent poll of more than 20,000 American adults, even more found a deepening pessimism and further partisan entrenchment about how the news media delivers on its democratic mandate for factual, trustworthy information

Many Americans feel the media’s critical role of informing and holding those in power accountable is compromised by increasing bias. As such, Americans have not only lost confidence in the ideal of an objective media, they believe news organizations actively support the partisan divide. At the same time, Americans have not lost sight of the value of news — strong majorities uphold the ideal that the news media is fundamental to a healthy democracy. 

So while a majority of Americans now believe they can't trust the media, imagine the absolute hell that the media could unleash upon America on the night of November 3rd by falsely reporting that Joe Biden had won the presidency when nowhere near all of the ballots had been counted due to US mail delays or other issues. 

And with Democrats likely going to all lengths to ensure that President Trump has no way of winning again in November, with Barack Obama calling such a scenario 'an apocalypse', imagine what happens to America should Joe Biden win and the Democrats/globalists have the opportunity to complete their satanic agenda for America which included labeling 72 types of law-abiding Americans as potential terrorists in official US government documents, including Conservatives, Libertarians, Christians and gun owners as well as those opposed to: abortion, globalism, Communism, illegal immigration, the United Nations and 'the New World Order'

So whatever happens on the night of November 3rd we can be nearly assured, all hell will likely break loose in America soon afterwards, making what we're witnessing now in pockets of violence across America seem like mere child's play. And with the dividing line between 'America first' and 'globalism' never more visible than this contest between President Donald Trump and Joe Biden, Americans should prepare for the worst because the globalists/democrats have shown us what is coming if Biden/Harris win.  

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